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Gardening Made Easy with Bosch!

Autumn is easily the best time of the year to get outside and stuck into the garden.
With the extremes of temperatures for a short time blissfully under control, currently around our home, it's all hands-on-deck to get our outdoors looking spiffy before the big chill sets in.

Sadly our yard is far from swish at any time of year. (Please feel free to conjure-up images of weeds, leaves, children's toys, muddy holes and general junk spread artfully across our quarter acre block - all with thanks to our kids.) Believe me when I say our garden is far from Pinterest-worthy! We are trying bit by bit, to get there though. Lately especially, we've been buying plants and tools and getting our kids involved in all things to do with beautifying our own piece of earth and it's working beautifully on so many levels.

With a new appreciation fostered within our kids for this space (our yard), things are truly heading in a positive direction for the first time in eons. We're seeing our kids outdoors more and even offering to help out. (Wowness!) They're actively cleaning up the mess beside us and taking pride (finally!), in the fruits of our combined gardening efforts.

I've got to give credit where credit's due for all this. A large part of our successful gardening endeavours to date are due to a new Bosch Blower Vac (the ALB 18LI) that arrived in our hands some months back. It's been a serious game changer in our effort to amazify our place.

Now there seem to be two camps of opinion where blower vacs are concerned:

Group one gravely embraces the idea that these gardening tools are designed for the 'lazy' person. They think the noise of these devices is unjust and the whole idea of 'idly standing about' while blowing nature to smithereens is way uncool.
('Just use a broom!' They typically think...)

Then there's the other lot who hold a different view altogether. This group are all for the idea of blowing stuff away with ease - real ease! ('Why use a broom at all?' Is the philosophy of this set.)

Admittedly, I was once steadfast against blower vacs when they first appeared in your average gardener's hands years back (whenever that was by the way). Then I developed a casual indifference; so many people were using them, maybe there was some kind of benefit I was missing here?

Finally, a few years back, I decided that I actually wanted and needed one of these snazzy gardening devices to speed up the tedium of gardening without so much effort on my part. Come to think of it, this was probably around the time we purchased our first home...
That justifiable hankering for one of these tools has since never wavered.

Well, I am so pleased to share that I finally have my blower vac and let it be known - I can't stop singing praises for this thing!
Seriously, what can't these amaze tools do around the home?!

Okay, I know that you know, that a blower vac shoots out a powerful blast of air that shifts everything in its path and adeptly throws it elsewhere, quickly and efficiently. (It's great stuff that.) Firstly, the fun factor of using one of these tools in no way compares to the awkwardness and dullness of sweeping the traditional way. Our Bosch is fast and furious by comparison and lifts an incredible amount of detritus in a far more effective manner than any broom we've ever used. Huge marks for power, efficiency and ease of use.

Our garden in ruins pre-blower. Beneath the leaves lies a forgotten path...
Now a little about the Bosch we're featuring here in case you too are growing excited about the idea of owning your own!

Our Bosch blower vacuum is the ALB 18LI model. (AKA 'Albie' as I have decided to call it.) The device is battery operated and uses a fully rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. (Just slide the removable battery onto the charger port and plug it into the wall.) The battery takes 3.5 hours to charge so it doesn't take long to get started on your garden. Battery run time is stated at 15 minutes but I have found it to seemingly last longer than this owing to the trigger operation. It definitely gets the job done quickly.

Setting up the appliance is easy too. It's just a matter of attaching the nozzle to the body of the appliance straight out of the box. This cordless tool with the battery attached remains very light weight at only 1.8kg, meaning you can operate it with one hand easily - or pass it over to your child to use under your supervision. Kids really love operating this appliance, so I am never short of a helper when it comes to cleaning around the yard these days! (I don't like to share Albie much though. It's just too much fun to use.)

Unlike some other blower vacuums I have heard, this model is not too loud by comparison and being battery operated, it also doesn't smell like its petrol-powered relations. It is extremely powerful though! I am always surprised at the ability of this a lightweight device, to shift the mountains of leaves, dirt and dust whenever we use it. (Which is daily by the way.)

If you're still not convinced that blower vacs are your thing, let me share a little about what I especially like about these devices over brooms.

This Bosch blower vac is extremely versatile. If there's a hard to reach place that needs cleaning, there is no need to move heavy garden pots, furniture or other items in order to do so. Just point the nozzle and press the easy to operate trigger to fire away. Its blast of air is strong enough to move just about everything from the tiniest, darkest corner. (The concentrated air blows at a whopping 210km per hour.)

Pet hair and cobwebs that can be hard to sweep the old fashioned way are blasted away with the power of this tool. We regularly use ours on outdoor walls and furniture to remove the dust and dirt. We have also found this tool to be incredibly helpful for blowing away years of dust that has built up between the boards of our decking. Tip: If you're about to paint outdoors, one of these is a must for the preparation stages.

Maintaining areas such as trampolines become a cinch with this Bosch blower vac. Even consider cleaning your car's interior with it. We've found it a whizz for blowing away the dust and muck that accumulates within our vehicles. (It works wonders on the odd bothersome spider too!)

You can even use this appliance as a virtual rake for tidying leaves and sticks from your ground cover plants, pot plants and bushes.  
Beat that brooms!

These days our broom is living a lonely and dusty life all alone on our balcony because our blower vac has seriously trumped it. All gardeners dedicated or not, should own one of these for simplifying their lives.

You can find a list of retailers near you who stock this appliance here. Otherwise, find this Bosch Blower Vac at Bunnings stores for $209. Worth every cent!

Are you a fan of blower vacs?
Do you own a blower vac or are you adding one to your wish list?

*Disclosure: Item featured was gifted.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.

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  1. My girls would get SUCH a kick out of using that (although they'd probably just end up blowing it in each other's faces!)

    1. Kids find the vac thrilling. Ours are only allowed to use the vac under supervision and they are all well aware of the not aiming at each other rule.

  2. We have a borrowed from his work one that the kids can't lift and I can't start.

    1. Oh no! Some of them are huge and heavy! Invest in a little helper like one of these. I seriously love my blower.


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