Thursday, 27 April 2017

Introducing Bobux Kid+ Shoes And An Exciting Reader Giveaway!

After 25 years of producing quality footwear for young kids, you'll be excited to learn that Bobux are now making larger shoe sizes!

On February 10th this year, Bobux proudly launched their new Kid+ range of footwear for bigger kids and we were so honoured to be a part of the big reveal at the official Melbourne launch a little way back.

Bobux Kid+ is an exciting new range of shoes aimed at kids in the 5-8 years age bracket, climbing up to the larger sizes of 27-33. The line caters to the more mature foot as well as offering design elements that are both flexible and protective for this more active age group.

Brace yourselves to be blown away for choice too - there are over 100 exciting styles in the new Bobux Kid+ range to choose from! There's something for even the choosiest of kids and their parents to delight.

As a Bobux Ambassador, we were chuffed to be invited to the exclusive Melbourne launch of the new line-up, which took place at the amazing indoor climbing centre Clip 'N Climb in Richmond. (What a fab place to begin with! For active kids and adults this is definitely the place to go for some fun family adventuring together. They even do birthday parties!)

Bobux had set up a unique space for attendees and provided some stunning party foods for all to enjoy. First things first though as families were happily ushered over to the Bobux shoe fitting area. Here, our kids were offered a selection of the new Bobux Kid+ range to try.

For our very youngest, some squeeful Bobux shoes we had selected prior to the event were waiting for her. Pictured below are the Bobux IW Misty Gold Trouble Shoe, which is an adorable leather sneaker with practical Velcro tabs for independence.
The face says it all - she loves them!

Our boys were gifted a selection of Bobux Kid+ shoes too. (More to come on these styles below.)
After a short welcome by Bobux, and a basic lesson on rock climbing Clip 'N Climb style, there was a buzz in the air as the hoards of Bobux-clad kids gleefully ditched their old shoes in favor of the new and got harnessed-up for their climbing adventures.

Our eight year old son tackled this enormous wall in style in his new Bobux IW Black Boys Trainers.

Our 10 year old son (seen below), was super chuffed to discover that he too could wear the new Bobux Kid+ range of footwear! At age 10, he could possibly be breaking some kind of Bobux Kid+ record, considering these are designed for kiddos up to the age of 8!

Scaling the walls in his Bobux Kid+ shoes - our 10 year old in his new IW Navy Boys Trainer.

Our youngest had a good go too. (She didn't get very far but enjoyed it all the same!)

The delicious spread at the Melbourne event. Apologies, I couldn't not share this image. (Too yummy!)

By the afternoon's end, we were gifted a seriously generous selection of gorgeous Bobux shoes from the new Kids+ range, plus an assortment of other lovely goodies. (And cookies! There were even Bobux shoe cookies and they were stunning!)

I think this above image really captures a snippet of my son's own excitement over his new footwear. He enthusiastically approves of the Bobux Kid+ range and parents of older children will know how choosy this age can be. #totalhit

We are all so thrilled with the new Bobux styles and feel very honoured to be able to share our experience of these fashionable and practical shoes for kids with you now, and into the future.

Bobux provided us with this little clip to share of our kids enjoying their afternoon at this event so please take a peek at all the fun.

The Bobux Kid+ range of footwear is available now and you can view the full range on their website.

For two lucky, loyal and fabulous followers of Six Little Hearts, we have a sensational giveaway to share with thanks to Bobux.

Win one of two vouchers to spend at Bobux shoes valued at $100 each!
Total prize pool $200.
Promotion ends May 18, 2017.

Please head over to the Bobux website and tell us which pair of shoes you would like to win and why in the comments below, then complete your entries on the Rafflecopter form below.

Please note: Entrants consent to being automatically subscribed to the Bobux newsletter and agree to their name and email address being shared with Bobux for promotional purposes upon entering this giveaway.
There will be a bonus second chance draw for all non-winners with thanks to Bobux!

Game of skill. You must leave a comment and your name inside your comment box in order to enter this promotion. Comments without names cannot be matched and will be disqualified.
Good luck!

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  1. My grandson is 2 and has the biggest feet for a little guy and is constantly tripping over them.....he'll probably need a whole cowhide to cover one foot (either that or the shoe box). The "pioneer caramel" would be perfect for his flipper feet

  2. STOMP CHARCOAL looks like a great quality pair of shoes. My son is rough with his shoes and these ones look like they would withstand the beating he would give them. He loves when we go shopping for new shoes and definitely needs a new pair. - kylie sneddon

  3. STOMP CHARCOAL looks like a great quality pair of shoes. My son is rough with his shoes and these ones look like they would withstand the beating he would give them. He loves when we go shopping for new shoes and definitely needs a new pair. - kylie sneddon

  4. Navy Stomp perfect for a weekend romp,
    Nimble and heavy clomp!
    With a comfy sole he can walk and run
    This beautiful design is lots of fun!
    They are well made, comfy and stylish delux!
    No kids shoes are better than Bobux!

  5. Love the Sway Bordeaux - So elegant and classy! I wish I was a child again.

    Christina L thank you

  6. Thanks for introducing us to this wonderful brand! Love so many styles.

  7. Range Navy are the best,
    Built for kidlets that just don't rest.
    But Mum also gets to have her way,
    As the kids look fab whist they play.

    Love that these shoes are made for comfort and practicality but oh so stylish at the same time. I struggle to find nice shoes for my girls that will match several clothes- Bordeaux have nailed this perfectly. Be gone glitter, squeakers and flashing lights.

    1. Congratulations Krystal - a $100 Bobux voucher is coming your way shortly! :D

  8. Rascal Gold/White Spot are a mothers dream,
    Comfy and easy to clean!
    Bobux shoes are great for my daughters feet,
    Less physio sessions and falls on the street!

    Thank you. Rita Farah

  9. Girls sway boots in toffee- A little princess born among 2 brothers, 5 male cousins and last baby in generation of cousin these boots will provide comfort and style when keeping up with the boys!
    Amanda Rhook (Norrish)

  10. What an incredible range! And the shoe names are as fantastic as the shoes themselves. Favourite has got to be the Blaze Plus Dragon Black because C'MON. DRAGON SHOES, PEOPLE!

    Antra Kalnins

  11. Beautiful shoes! I'd have to go a striking pair of ranch red boots for my daughter! Cheers Elisha Ross

  12. I struggle to get my kids to wear shoes. Maybe these ones will do the trick!

  13. My daughter proudly told everyone mum has mango bums!! Took me quite a while to sort out she noticed my bathers had flaMANGO's!! as she now calls them. She has flamingo's on her favourite dress and quite a few t'shirts and with her favourite pink tutu she's always showing me how she can balance on one leg like the flamingo's she saw on her favourite show. She would adore the Blaze plus hi flamingo pink boots.
    Natalie Murnane

  14. So in love with the SWAY BORDEAUX, as I would love a pair too. Everytime my daughter would wear these, i would be also reminded that mumma needs a wine

  15. Pound the pavement with Navy Class,

    Take on the world fast,

    Proper shoes make life a blast,

    Living life and exploring vast!

    Louise Rhodes Mack

  16. What a fab giveaway! I loved the Rascal Navy; would suit his new dungarees well.

  17. Blaze unicorn fuscia OMGoodness i hear her scream
    Shoes that fulfill her every dream
    Cute colourful and fun
    Perfect for our little one

    Adrienne Harries

  18. I'd love to win the Thunder Rose boots for my little one because her older sister has the Bordeaux boots in brown and she was so jealous when they arrived in the mail. She keeps stealing her big sisters boots and asking where her boots are, so I know she'd be delighted if a pair of Thunder Rose boots just for her showed up in the mail.

    1. Oh no! She will be happy that you can now buy her a pair of her own with your $100 Bobux shoes voucher! Enjoy!

      Thanks for entering everybody! x

  19. Master J would look super cute in a pair of Blaze PLUS Hi Dragon BLACK. He loves his toy dragon so with shoes to match he would be able to fly, if only in his imagination :) Maree Gray

  20. I love the Girls Sway Boots in Toffee. Not too girly, not too manly, it's just right!

  21. I wish they made these in adult sizes! They're so cute!

  22. Range navy look great-my nephew has problem feet(cheap shoes just fall off him and he trips over so quality is important
    Linda Hynson

  23. Running, running never stopping until he's dropping
    Little Ethan is a bundle of energy
    He's hard on shoes and always needs new ones
    I choose the Aktiv Plus White / Black Plus
    All those little diamonds, almost like stars
    For the little star in my life
    Who would squeal with joy at his new Bobux!
    Dianne Kitson

  24. Bobux's Blaze Plus Lo Zebra in Grey are perfect for my little one's next adventure. She is a horse aficionado so will do backflips.

    Sharon Markwell

  25. I love TUNE NAVY.I love the colors and the design. The shoe looks very comfy.

  26. What a fun way to promote this product! Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 18/52 Next week: "My Mondays".

  27. AKTIV PLUS NAVY / WHITE HERRINGBONE; my 8 yo would rock these. He'd be like a mini hip-hop dude (he's just started showing an interest in dancing and beat boxing). The dancing is ok.... beat boxing not so much.

  28. I love the AKTIV PLUS WHITE / GREY HERRINGBONE for my little man.
    We would get as much wear out of them as we possibly can.
    They can be worn casual or dressed up.
    We would just have to keep them away from our pup.
    They would look so extremely cool.
    I'm definitely not letting my son wear them to school.
    Samara McRae

  29. I'd pick some stomp charcoal shoes for my little boy he'd absolutely rock the hell out of these he's that spunky

  30. What an awesome giveaway. We love these shoes. The boys each have a pair of their boots and I actually one a pair of funky dress shoes for my eldest. Thanks for linking up with the Ultimate Rabbit Hole xox

  31. Em Mahr - I'd love to win the ORIGIN - NAVY/RED shoes. These are perfect for my little one who is crawling and just starting to walk. I love that they are so flexible and have elastic at the ankles so they stay on his chubby foot.

  32. Om my gosh, the LUCKY MOLTEN GOLD toddler shoes would look adorable on my daughter, Bobbi!! Then I would use my left over $10 to put towards the "Trouble" shoes in white with gold spots when the come back into stock... even if I get into "trouble" with my husband for buying more pairs of shoes for our daughter who owns so many already hehehe
    -Chloe Heatherill

  33. Love the Aktiv, big on styling with great support for those little feet.

  34. I adore so many of them,
    And with quality stitching their feet will be zen! This is my pick,
    And unisex - fantastic.

  35. The vault silver, for my little wannabe astronaut 5 year old! She'd be on the moon (pun intended).

  36. My five year old and I would love the RED RANCH boots,
    they'd keep his ankles warm and protect his feet,
    they colour is funky and one he really suits,
    Bobux footwear is stylish and the durability can't be beat!

    Tanya Clarke.

  37. Sway BLACK boots. Fun, funky and attitude to match my little girl.

  38. BLAZE PLUS LO ZEBRA GREY, because that's the pair my little one loves, what more can I say?

    Melissa Kagie

  39. Stomp Army are the ones my little boy would choose,
    He's always running and climbing, splashing and playing,
    it's definitely a hard life to be his shoes!
    Tmeeka Henricks

  40. The Black Ranch little boot is beaut!
    Just what our Master 6 would love to wear and
    I'll know his feet are well cared for!


  41. My two little girls (2&4) both rock climb regularly and the Aktiv pink/black brush look gorgeous and would help them get up the walls and look super stylish at the same time :)Nicole Angus

  42. I'd love to win the Stomp Charcoal my little man would love these! He'd think he looks cool and I'd know his feet are protected.

  43. Charlie would love the Ranch black shoes,
    I know they're the ones he'd totally choose!
    They're stylish and look super smart,
    Bobux have style and comfort at heart!

    Hannah Baker

  44. Love the design on the Aktiv Plus Navy / White Herringbone. - Michelle

  45. The Ranch range especially is reminiscent of my childhood.
    It takes me back to when I was little. It's like when certain smells take you back to your childhood, these shoes remind me of all the fun times I had as a kid.
    Fun loving, adventurous, loving life kinda child.
    That's how I would like my little 3 year old to feel and maybe one day he'll look back at the memories of all the fun times and moments he had wearing his amazing BOBUX Shoes and doing nothing else but just loving life.

    Cathie Avraam

  46. We'd like the Activ White/Herringbone shoes. My son loves his previous Activ shoes because they are so soft and flexible. He's only 2.5 and already needs a size 27. I'm so happy Bobux is making bigger sizes!!! We went from barefoot only to total Bobux converts thanks to Six Little Hearts.

  47. I love Target as well! Ours is under a major renovation right now and I can’t wait to visit once it’s done. Right now it’s kind of a mess and hard to find things…but I know it will be worth it. Those flip flops are adorable! I almost always buy shoes in the kids department – both girls and boys section! kids shoes online

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