Monday, 1 May 2017

A SodaStream Mother's Day Giveaway Plus the Aussie Giveaway Linkup May...

It's May and for mothers everywhere, it's time to enjoy our big day! Mother's Day is just about here,  with Sunday the 14th of May only a couple of weeks away. Are you excited?!

Since becoming a mum way back in 2000, I have learned so much and also given an incredible amount of myself to my children. Through my own daily interactions with my family I have endured many times over, all kinds of life experiences via this one role. Motherhood is certainly one of life's greatest journeys and at this time of year, I feel incredibly blessed to have embraced this life wholeheartedly along with my husband of eons and our hoards of children. Together we've built an empire I am so deliciously proud of.

That said, Mother's Day for us all, is our day to feel special and boy, don't we all deserve it!

This Mother's Day, I will be enjoying all of the brilliance this day allows. There will be a breakfast in bed of my own choosing with no particular get-up time. There will be loads of cuddles, kisses and attention. (Love that!) I will be showered with adorable handmade cards from children of all ages complete with hilarious reflections that warrant these treasures becoming keepsakes.
And there will be gifts! Ooooh don't we all love the gifts!

This Mother's Day, SodaStream have put together a special Mother's Day Pack for mums-on-the-go.

Play features the new ‘auto-lift’ slider, which automatically returns to its original position after carbonation, making it quick, simple and easy to use. Plus, with a range of limited edition bottles and a bottle cooler (not usually included in any bundle pack) it’s perfect for busy mums on-the-go. Whether you’re packing your bottle to keep hydrated at the gym or work, or even bringing it along to the school drop off or family picnics; this pack is a fun and convenient way for the whole family to kick back and relax.

If you've missed out on all the fun of the SodaStream system, you can catch up on the fizz here on Six Little Hearts. We've eagerly featured SodaStream a couple of times already and you can read more here and here.

In short, SodaStream is a home carbonated beverage maker and it is easy to purchase, easy to use and easy on the environment in comparison to store-bought varieties of soft drink. Better still, SodaStream is always available to you in your home and with a huge range of flavours to choose from too. All you need is clean tap water to make as many carbonated beverages or waters, as you desire.

For busy mums, having the convenience of a SodaStream in the home is unmatched when it comes to hydrating both yourself and your family. We use ours daily and now couldn't imagine life without one. Just think about the joys of quickly making your own carbonated healthy drinks to take along when you're out shopping, visiting the gym or doing the school run. A SodaStream is simply brilliant!

For Mother's Day, SodaStream have put together an excellent deal which you can either gift yourself or send along to another as a big fat gift suggestion! The SodaStream Mother's Day Pack includes a SodaStream Play in a classy White, a twin pack of special Mother's Day pink bottles, plus a CO2 gas bottle and a SodaStream bottle cooler for mums on-the-go. The total value of this pack is RRP $130.90 but for a limited time, this SodaStream gift pack is available for just $79 with free shipping. Hurry though, as this special deal is only available until Mother's Day (Sunday the 14th May) or until sold out.

With thanks to SodaStream, we have an amazing Mother's Day Giveaway to share with readers of
Six Little Hearts:

worth RRP $130!

Total prize pool: $130.
Promotion ends 15th May, 2017.

Please be a follower of Six Little Hearts on Facebook
and fill out the Rafflecopter form below to complete your entries.
Please note - you must leave a comment along with your name inside your comment box to enter this giveaway. Game of skill. Entries without comments and names are unable to be matched and will be disqualified. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted Sodastream products in exchange for this feature.
All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I'd love one so that I could make my own soda water instead of buying it- what a great way to reduce waste!

    1. I love mine for this same reason! I used to go through bottles of the stuff and now making it is the absolute BEST!

  2. My mum has a serious soda water addiction. This would be a perfect Mother's Day gift.

  3. I love the idea of this SodaStream Mother's Day pack, a little more elegant than the usual and just for me. Perfect for me to have a bottle in my bag when out shopping or walking! Nicola James

  4. I'd love this it would certainly make my Mother's Day a bubbly one put some spring back into my step Shannon discombe

  5. I'm a big fizz drinker, especially on hot days, so this would be awesome on my kitchen bench as a permanent fixture :)

  6. Healthy homemade bubbly drinks are the way to go. So much betyer than buying the ones from the shops that are packed full of sugar, and so much cheaper.

  7. I love my Sodastream. I tend to just make soda water and have it with a slice of lemon (from our tree) these days.

  8. How awesome to be able to make our own healthy fizzy drinks at home. Saving money and being health conscious at the same time. Winning!

  9. I would love this for my family because it's such a lovely treat. I like how easy it is to use and the delicious flavors. Kelly Sherwood Brown.

  10. Soda Stream makes water fun
    Perfect flavours for everyone
    A taste of bubbleis in every drink
    This is perfect for Mother's Day drink
    Adrienne Harries

  11. I was always so envious of the kids across the road when I was young, as they had a soda stream machine! I remember all of the kids in the street going to their house in summer to make them - it was like a magical machine that could make any flavour you could think of! I would love to recreate that again!

  12. My husband wishes he had shares in mineral water I've been drinking that much of it through this pregnancy love it with lots of ice, this would make the perfect gift for him and the kiddies to wrap up for Mothers Day
    Karen Edwards

  13. I love my fizzy drink and I think the kids would have a ball with this beauty

  14. I'm like that fish in Finding Nemo when I see someone use a Sodastream - BUBBLES!! I'd love to finally have my own to create some fantastic new bubbly drinks.
    Alicia Lollo

  15. This would be amazing! I've always wanted to own a Soda Stream, so fingers crossed! Who doesn't love a bubbly beverage! Yummo!

  16. I long to live in a world where streams of soda are abundant. Until that day, my house shall be the experimental utopia where my dreams are put in place. A little slice of effervescent heaven.

    Ben T

  17. save me lugging soda water bottles and soft drink from shopping up the stairs it would be here all the time

  18. We could create our own flavours and enjoy some mouthwatering drinks/mixes.

  19. I love fizzy drinks, oh yes I do,
    but they are not good for you.
    Soda stream would let me make my own,
    A cheap, lower sugar version made in my home.
    Anita Andrews

  20. So many yummy flavours to try.

  21. the grand kids would be coming over more to see us knowing we will have sugar free soft drink

  22. Love to win this for years we have been brought up with all the terrible softdrinks and to make a healthy alternative is amazing after all this time we love to try it out

  23. My children would love to be able to make their own bubbly drinks, which will save me from having to get them one, and hopefully the novelty will never wear off.

  24. A fizzy drink is just what I need when everyone else is boozing it up and I am sitting here with my very boring water.

  25. A soda stream would be so much handier than lugging heavy bottles of drink up the stairs to my house. You could prepare as much as you needed when you needed it making sure your drinks were always bubbly and never flat.
    With great flavours you could have so many varieties ready and waiting to go

  26. This would be great makeing up drinks to take away on day trips, to save money for longer holidays

  27. Takes me back to when I was a kid - i would love this for my kids and to avoid spending so much $$$ on soft drinks

  28. Takes me back to when I was a kid - i would love this for my kids and to avoid spending so much $$$ on soft drinks

  29. I've always wanted a Soda Stream, to make my very own fizzy drinks, such a cost effective way that the whole family would enjoy!

  30. What a great idea for a present, instant bubbles that you can flavour with anything you like. Heidi Donnarumma

  31. Soda stream always reminds me of my Nan. Every school holidays we would be shipped off to her place to learn the art of cupcake making and enjoy a fizzy drink. My Nan would do anything to save a buck, she wouldn't buy cheese or bacon, that was to expensive. She recycled everything, she even wash out the straws she would add to our drinks! Loved a fizzy soda stream drink at Nan's, just wish she could afford new straws

  32. So I can stop buy soda water at the shops and make my own at home and come up with some nice and healthy concoctions.

  33. I wold like to win it because it provides a healthier option

  34. I'd love own and try this beaut machine, so I can dream about fizzy fields, reducing waste and saving space, not to mention the great fresh flavours and taste!

  35. I love how you can make up your own drinks (just the way you like them).

  36. As Soda Stream will put the buzz and fizz back in my life with cool refreshing drinks by day and fruity cocktails by night.(kerrie smith)

  37. To make the kids some healthy treats to avoid the typical sugar laden soft drink.

  38. Because the amount of Woolies mineral water we go through a week is obscene, the bottles make me feel so guilty! We just moved into a house with a lime tree, so my go-to drink with dinner is a glass of sparkling water with fresh lime, delish!

  39. Easy drinks that the kids and I can make, being creative, making new flavours. Judith Senese.

  40. Mum has a soda stream, its so cool, I'd love one just like hers too!
    Eva Kiraly


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