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Handbag Essentials For Busy Mums From Laser, Plus WIN!

Mother's Day is almost here and it's an annual event that sees most of us scrambling for gift inspiration. While you can go the usual trusted route when sourcing gifts and buy your mum flowers, chocolates or slippers, you could also try thinking a little outside the box to find some specific gifts for mamas who prefer to live life in the fast lane.

For me personally, when it comes to gifts I'd like to receive, tech-based ones are always a winner. I'm a bit of a self-described tech nerd and I enjoy keeping up to date with all the latest gadgets and electrical what-nots. Anything that can electronically streamline my already crammed-full day is a welcome addition in my life. That's a preference I think most time-pressed mamas will agree on.

Laser have some well-priced and highly useful gifting options for everybody - especially busy mums.
Laser's innovative tech products are ideal for taking along in your handbag or nappy bag and will help you to get the best out of your busy life.

Works with Apple devices using iOS 7 or higher and supported Android devices using OS 4.4 and above.

For mums who find themselves working up a sweat while regularly chasing kids or pets and losing their own valuable possessions along the way, try these Laser Trackers for locating all kinds of important items easily.

I already use one of these trackers on my key chain and I promise you, it is invaluable! These devices allow you to keep track of your can't-do-without items and work via Bluetooth in conjunction with your mobile phone. To use, you simply download the Laser Tracker App and sync the tracker with your mobile, then attach the device to the item you'd like to trace should the need arise. If you lose your property, the app will work within a 15 metre range to locate it for you using a map on your mobile. It will also sound an alert to let you know if you've left your purse or keys (or other item) behind at any stage and help you to locate them painlessly. Consider this must-have akin to a personal assistant!

Laser Trackers even work in reverse. If you lose your mobile, you can locate it again by pressing the button on the Laser Tracker itself. Each Laser Tracker device retails for $19.95 and they are available in a rainbow of colours. Batteries are fully replaceable and users can conveniently view their item's location history at any time to assist them to find their valuables.

For sporty mums, Laser have a range of Smart Sleeves which are designed to protect valuable tech devices from water, sand and dirt. These pouches come in a variety of universal sizes to keep mobile phones and tablets of all shapes and sizes protected. Seal your cherished tech within these reusable pouches when visiting the pool, beach or going camping. You can feel confident too, when your child asks to use your tablet PC or phone and it's safely covered in one of these! (There will be no damaging juice spills, sticky buttons or slimy screens in their wake.) You can still use all of your devices freely while they are sealed up safely within these protective covers.

One of my favourite gadgets by far, is this small yet robust Laser Power Bank 2200 which is a go-anywhere device that offers a power backup for when your mobile or tablet battery runs out. One of these in your possession is an absolute must! To use, just charge the device via the supplied USB and pop it into your bag. When you next need to recharge your phone or other device on the go, just plug it into the Laser Power Bank and it will charge it for you, sans power outlet. Never be without a power backup again!

The Laser Power Bank 2200 even has a built in torch to assist you when you need it.

You can browse the full range of innovative Laser products on the Laser website.
Find Laser products at Target and Big W.

WIN one of two Laser Packs of Handbag Essentials valued at $77 each!
There are two Laser prize packs to be won consisting of:
One Laser Rugged Powerbank
Two Laser Bluetooth Trackers
One pack of Laser Smart Sleeves in your own choice of size.
Total prize pool: $154.
Promotion ends 19th May, 2017.

To Enter
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Complete your entries on the form below.
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Good luck!

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Ever been caught without power for your mobile phone?
What Laser product do you like most?
*Disclosure: Items featured were gifted and all opinions are my own and genuine.


  1. I'd love the powerbank. My daughter has one and swears by it. The tracker would be awesome too

  2. I so need this in my life :-)

  3. Fantastic product. My son would love it!

  4. I would love the Laser Rugged Powerbank because it would be my worst nightmare to run out of battery on my phone when I am out and about! (Maree Gray)

  5. The Laser Powerbank. I am always put and about for work and use my phone constantly, so it goes flat so fast. This would be amazing and so so handy. Would save me having to constantly ask at meetings for a powerpoint.
    Samara McRae

  6. Laser Power Bank 2200 waiting for soccer practice and other kids events means I go low- a power backup would be a sanity saver.

  7. One of those pouches looks ideal for protecting the electronic recipe book (aka iPad) from sticky fingers as the kids test drive a new pancake recipe for Mother’s Day.

  8. The Laser Powerbank looks so useful

  9. I have lost power on my phone whilst on the train, and it was the LOOOONGEST train ride ever!!! The Laser Powerbank definitely would have come in handy.

    I love the idea of Laser Bluetooth Tracker. I would use it on BOTH sets of my car keys, because I have misplaced and nearly put both through the washing machine on more than one occasion! πŸ™ˆ I don't know how many times I have gone looking for them and my meer male husband has (unhelpfully) commented "I'll call them for you"... well he won't be far off the money if I win this awesome Laser prize!

  10. What a great little invention and the perfect giveaway for Mothers Day. Thanks for linking up with the Ultimate Rabbit Hole xox

  11. Laser power bank with built in torch sounds amazing I'm always going flat and can never see anything

  12. I like the powerbank. Great for trips.

  13. I love the idea of the tracker. I am always losing my phone. Thank you so much for an amazing getaway. Happy Mother's Day
    Crissie Woolard

  14. I love this! Forever losing my phone, my daughter likes to hide it in her closet occasionally. The tracker would be a godsend!

  15. The trackers would be amazing! My 4yo is forever "looking after" my keys and yep, by looking after I mean hiding.. and come to think of it it would be handy to pop one in his pocket when we're out and about! He loves his hiding games and this would help in those moments when he decides to hide from me.
    Tmeeka Henricks

  16. I'd love a Laser Powerbank. My chargers are forever going walkabouts at the hands of my kids. It would be great to have a backup when I'm out and about.
    Sarah Light

  17. These would be so handy to have, with 4 kids I'm always losing my keys or phone and the chargers are constantly stolen😏

  18. These would be so handy to have, with 4 kids I'm always losing my keys or phone and the chargers are constantly stolen😏

    1. We know how that feels! Congratulations and enjoy your prize pack!

      Thanks so much for entering everyone! x

    2. Thank you so much!!!😊😊😊

    3. Thank you so much!!!😊😊😊

  19. Weekends away are so transcendental.
    A phone that's NOT lost? That's fundamental.
    So I love a solution that's reassures in a strange habitat...
    The Laser BLUETOOTH TRACKER solves all that!!!

    Jennifer Bush

  20. The laser tracker would be perfect for my daughters diabetes insulin pump she'd taken it off one afternoon after school and all 5 of us searched the whole house looking for it ended up finding it outside near the trampoline
    Karen Edwards

  21. Both of these would be awesome - I'm forever losing thing and my phone is almost always flat, I drive my family nuts :) Teena L

  22. Chantelle Roff, these would be great :)

  23. Me being me, I'm always heading out with a flat phone battery. The powerbank would save me in times of need. Like when needing to transfer cash on the go, or just in case the school rings and says ' come get one of your kids, they've just been sick!' You never know.! Ashley Beech

  24. The Laser Track would help me in my quest to find my keys that somehow get up and walk away from where I put them last!
    Alicia Bardsley

  25. Laser Rugged Powerbank for my iphone 7 would be amazing i like to spoil him because he is so good to me and I'd be lost without him luv my phone - deanne deluca

  26. Love the Laser Track, finally a way to find my elusive keys, lol! Thanks!

  27. I might stick one of those trackers to my hubby. He always runs and hides when the kids need putting to bed.

  28. If you've ever seen my toddler when the Ipad battery runs out,
    you'd understand why a laser power bank could prevent a universe blowout,
    it always seems to happen at the worst time of the day,
    like when your stuck in a large queue and can't get away,
    and when a 2 year old is screaming for an ipad and people stare in disgrace,
    I dream that I could plug that power bank in place.

    lexy hutchinson

  29. Laser Bluetooth Trackers - I positive my keys have a life I don't know about, they are never in the same place twice and they are never where I left them. Huh! with this I would never lose them a hogan

  30. Oh God I **need** that tracker so I don't have to keep asking my husband to ring my phone to locate it ��

  31. I'd love the Laser Bluetooth trackers, I'm wondering if I can attach one to each of my kids. The only drawback is the fact that it also works in reverse so they'd always be able to locate me too! Shannon Wotton

  32. The Laser Power Bank,
    It would give me lots of thanks!
    In case it's drained,
    The consequences are insane.

    Laura Scriven NSW

  33. I'd love a laser bluetooth tracker

  34. Smart Tracker would be a God send, I'm always looking for things, especially when I'm in a hurry!
    Eva Kiraly


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