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Itchy Baby Co. Review - Target Eczema Naturally and Win

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Itchy Baby Co.

Any parent who has ever experienced the anguish caused by the eczema experience within their own home, will know only too well that the condition, though common, is an extremely difficult one to treat.

The prevalence of eczema is quite rampant in babies and young children. Most will thankfully, eventually grow out of the condition, but some will not. Either way, it's a long journey for all involved along the way.

Sometimes bouts of eczema can be triggered by an environmental cause. Other times, there can be an hereditary link. Many times, (and possibly most annoyingly), there is simply no known reason for a flare up. From our own personal experience though, an outbreak of this debilitating skin condition is usually triggered by a combination of all of these elements that together, produce the dreaded redness, scaly patches and associated itchiness that mark the affliction.

Members within my own family have either suffered from eczema in the past, or continue to battle through this condition to this day, including myself!

We've had all kinds of eczema experiences over the years since becoming parents. Some triggers we identified as being initiated by allergies to certain foods in our kids. In other more serious cases, a couple of our children suffered through years of intense scaly patches along with skin thickening, deep crevices and bleeding. (Thank goodness that passed!) Less extreme but equally frustrating, are the scaly red patches that appear from nowhere and linger for extended periods with that intense itch that never lets up night or day. This latter form of the condition is basically where we're at now as a family at this time of the year, as we teeter on the edge of the colder months.

Given that our two youngest children and myself are still very much afflicted by this aggravating skin condition, when offered the chance to trial an entirely natural product to relieve our issues, it was an opportunity we couldn't pass-up.

There are so many products out there to treat eczema and certainly some very effective (though not so skin-friendly), pharmacy formulations too. Like most parents though, when it comes to our precious children, we like to go natural all the way, where possible.

The aptly named Itchy Baby Co. have a program of skin formulations designed to target the itch and flares of eczema via a series of soothing bath soaks, creams and oils. All Itchy Baby Co. products contain ingredients sourced from nature and consist of highly effective colloidal oatmeal and coconut oil bases.

Organic shea butter, organic coconut oil and natural colloidal oatmeal combine in this effective cream.

The Itchy Baby Co. was founded by a pharmacist and mother (Julia Simmonds), whose own toddler suffered from an extreme case of eczema covering 75 percent of his body. Her son's needs gave rise to the brand and it's one that has already impressed this family.

In recent weeks I had begun to experience patches of seasonal eczema on my forearms, so I was able to quickly put the Itchy Baby Co. products to the test. (Don't be misled by the product name, these work well on everybody.)

I am already stoked to share my results using the Natural Oatmeal Moisturiser with Organic Coconut (pictured above). I rubbed this cream into my newly-hatched eczema patches up to three times a day. By day four, there were no tell-tale red areas or itchy patches to indicate the eczema was ever there! Best of all though, I never needed to touch-up with cortisone creams either, (to calm the itch), so this result in such a short period of time really shines for me. I found the fine texture and delicate coconut scent very pleasant to use, and the constituents really did magically ease the itch.  

Itchy Baby Co.'s Natural Oatmeal Moisturiser with Organic Coconut is now in my mum bag as my moisturiser of choice for the winter season. A 150gm tube is priced at $21. Please feel fee to try it. It really works.

Another hurdle many eczema sufferers deal with daily, is an itchy scalp. My own family have this eternally annoying condition (all with thanks to mum!). I have personally battled this infuriating condition my whole life. When I received this bottle of product designed specifically to deal with this issue, I was very curious to put this one to the test!

So much of the eczema syndrome is simply about preventing moisture loss and this Natural Scalp Oil is ideal for doing just this, while effectively relieving the itch too. The oat extract within forms a delicate barrier on the scalp and this traps moisture beneath the formulation. The product offers instant relief from itchiness and gives hair a glossy finish while it does its job. (A bonus!) Natural Scalp Oil is also enhanced with calendula which has proven soothing and healing properties.

To use this product, just massage a small amount into your child's damp scalp after a bath.

I have personally found this to be very soothing on my own scalp condition and I am now using this regularly. It makes a fab hair mask which I like to apply before a hair wash too. My young children seem to enjoy using this product also.

Itchy Baby Co. Natural Scalp Oil 100ml $18.

For all-over eczema battles, Itchy Baby Co. have a series of effective bath soaks which are ideal for both eczema prevention and relief. Kids generally love a soak in the bath, so the delivery of these wonderful natural ingredients via a fun and reliable method is readily received by children of all ages.

Itchy Baby Co. Bath Soaks priced between $14-$16 a pack.

There are three, 200gm bath soaks available in the Itchy Baby Co. range: Natural Oatmeal Bath Soak, Natural Oatmeal Bath Soak with Goats Milk and Organic Coconut and Natural Oatmeal Bath Soak with Goats Milk. Each pack comes with its own spoon to deliver 2 heaped scoops of goodness to each bath.

The Itchy Baby Co. Bath Soaks work by leaving a film of naturally effective ingredients that trap moisture against the skin. The aromas are lush and natural. While we have tried these out on the kids (who at this stage are relatively eczema free), I am eager to see the full product effectiveness when winter hits shortly. For us, the colder months are a time of full-blown eczema breakouts. These soaks will no doubt be invaluable to us when this occurs.

For more information on the Itchy Baby Co. brand and products, please visit Itchy Baby Co. online.

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  1. I'd like this for my little godson, who suffers badly with eczema

  2. My son suffers from eczema. I find it worst im the cold months when we have heaters on. I use an oat bath soak to releive the red itchiness.
    Samara McRae

  3. I'd like to try this for my son. He has really bad eczema and cradle cap and I don't want to go down the path of using steroid creams but normal creams are ineffective
    Carmen Yu

  4. I wonder if the scalp oil and other products would help when my hives kick in and I'm itching myself silly all over?

  5. My son deals with severe eczema in the winter months, and I'm currently enduring a horrid case of guttate psoriasis (the itchiest most horrid rash over 80% of my body that lasts up to 3 months!)
    A cream that would help to sooth both of us would be a godsend as the cortisone isnt doing much and I dont like using it every day.

    1. Winner! Natalie, we hope this brings you both some relief! Do let us know how you find the products.
      Thanks to everyone for entering. Please do try this amazing product too on your own eczema issues. x

  6. My daughter suffers severe eczema and psoriasis, this would be wonderful to try. Thank you so much for the chance to win. Anything to help her skin is worth a try!

  7. We try to avoid terrible eczema by avoiding our triggers and keeping our skin hydrated.

  8. My 7month old baby girl has just started to get eczema, she always itches her neck where it is. Nothing I've tried has worked so far for her so I'd love to try this brand. Fingers crossed.

  9. My daughter is constantly itching her eczema and despite all the creams and Pinetarsol baths, nothing seems to soothe it. She is embarrassed by her skin and is forever wearing clothes that will cover it

  10. I just love natural products that help our beautiful children. These look amazing #teamIBOT

  11. Absolutely LOVE natural products. And everthing I've heard about itchy baby co has been such positive comments, it is quite amazing stuff. I would be completely over the moon to win this prize.
    - Brook Hanly

  12. Those raw red spots all over my little man break my heart but he handles them like a champ; he deserves some relief x
    - Pip Boyd

  13. I, Larissa Swanton, would love to win so I can test out the products on myself and my husband: we both suffer from stress-induced eczema (which is likely for a teacher and chaplain), and I'm trying to find a product that's natural and has minimal fragrant smell. (Thanks for directing me here!)

  14. I would like this for my daughter please

  15. I would like this for my daughter please

  16. I'd love to try this for my little boy who has very sensitive skin.

  17. I have been following the Itchy Baby Co. facebook page for a while now and have been amazed by the results in the reviews. My 18 month old daughter suffers from eczema flare ups on her face and I dread using steroid cream on her regularly. The only reason why I haven't made an Itchy Baby Co. purchase yet is because I couldn't decide which one to buy! This prize would be amazing, and I hope my gorgeous girl gets results like your daughter too.
    -Chloe Heatherill

  18. Eczema is something that runs through the family and when the flare ups happen, you hurt a little knowing what your little ones go through. It's great to see natural alternatives to the cortisone creams that things the skin and cause other skin issues.

  19. Look for soaps that are specially formulated for baby's skin that are free from irritants and contain only natural ingredients. Baby lotion is not a necessity when it comes to your baby skin care, but if your baby's skin is dry, look for a lotion formulated for babies based on the same criteria as your cleanser. Baby Safe Hair Styling Products

  20. I find that cream they stick on cows udders is perfect for eczema and natural soap

  21. Itchy, red & miserable too, sick of chemical sticky goo, for us natural is the way to go, from itchy baby co.
    Sue B

  22. Eczema is a thing that runs in our family and both my husband and baby have it bad and it just hruts so bad to watch them hurt

    Rebecca Pattie

  23. Cotton clothing, goats milk soap, leaves less scratching and a little bit of hope.
    Sarah Light

  24. My baby grandson has eczema. Please let us try your products. We'd spread the word.

  25. My little girl is so pale that all red marks show brightly. Too many people have wondered what have happened to her even though I try to stop it straight away
    Belinda Moxey

  26. So sad seeing kids suffering with itchy skin, be fantastic to find something that gives them relief, I know my daughter would benefit from this.

  27. With three children and myself all suffering varying degrees of eczema, I have found avoiding harsh soaps and perfumed products help along with using plenty of gentle moisturising lotions.
    Alicia Bardsley

  28. My partner was getting a shampoo that kept the eczema away from his scalp. It's disappeared from the shelves and the eczema has come back with a vengeance. I'd love to win this pack in the hopes of easing his painful itch.

  29. We make sure we dont use soap every day! by doing this it means the skin is able to release natural oils and breathe which prevents rashes and itchyness

    Kerryanne Bourke

  30. As a mum I worry about my family and the products that we use. As we all have dry eczema prone skin we use sorbolene body cream in the shower as soap and body washes are too drying. I would be so interested to see if the itchy baby Co products will be able to produce better results for my family, especially on my 7month old baby - Jordana

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