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Fashionable Jewellery For All Occasions...

As a mum, when it comes to wearing fashion jewellery, I'll be honest with you - I've always steered well away from it and felt destined to admire it from afar. Despite the gorgeous fashionable designs and varied looks statement jewels can give, quite frankly where motherhood is concerned, most of it just doesn't cut it in the wearability stakes. Kids, motherhood, (AKA house cleaner), and the plethora of tasks women face each day, for me just hasn't fared well when combined with fashion jewellery wearing.

I've never liked that fact either, but fact it is.

I do however adore fine gold jewellery and always wear my classy gold items when special occasions arise. I truly love my glamourous gold jewellery, including my pretty stackable rings. I find I can still do regular Mum things when wearing my sparkly rings. If not, I remove them while I work and pop them on when I go out.

An alternative to fine jewels can be found in Knotlace - best described as versatile statement jewels - or everyday jewels, and they heroically fill a gap in the fashion scene for women just like me.

Original Knotlace in Gold and Mini Knotlace.

Knotlace are distinctly unlike any necklace or bracelet you've ever worn before. Each Knotlace piece is a snake-like, 'bendy' metal cord which can be easily manipulated into any unique design you dare to imagine. You can tie a Knotlace into interesting knots, twist them and turn them into all kinds of shapes and sizes. You can even wear a Knotlace in your hair as a hair band, or fashion it into a belt or bracelet. The options for new looks are effortless and endless and the resulting effect is always guaranteed to be chic.

The lovely Eva, who recently took over the Knotlace business, kindly sent me some dazzling Knotlace items to play with and share with you here. I have been positively addicted to this jewellery since! The metallic colours of each Knotlace are amazing to behold and their durability means I am able to again wear statement jewellery that's not only quick and versatile to adapt to my daily routine and wardrobe choices, but hardy too, where kids, shopping and cleaning is concerned! #mumapproved

A Knotlace is the ultimate jewellery item for women from all walks of life, that will breathe a fresh look into your wardrobe classics for day or evening wear. Wearing a Knotlace is extremely comfortable due to its fluidity, and they are also very lightweight. Each Knotlace is crafted from tarnish-free and nickel-free, iron and stainless steel. I am normally sensitive to metals but so far, no skin irritations from any of my new must-have Knotlaces.

The Original Knotlace in Green Multi-Coloured.

On the subject of attention, if it's attention you're after, you'll be pleased to know that wearing a Knotlace will net you many compliments!

These are a real stand out piece against your everyday wear and I am very much enjoying the 'lift' I feel when I've gone that 'little bit extra' with my appearance and tossed on a Knotlace, even for the drudgery of the school run!

These jewellery items are pleasant to wear anytime. They don't budge from their molded designs and have no clasps, so there's no pesky slippage that requires constant adjusting. They don't seem to catch onto things either. A Knotlace never gets tangled.

Pictured are the Original Knotlace in Gold (RRP $33.95) which has a 6mm width and comes in a length of 90cms. Also, the Mini Knotlace (RRP $13.95-$15.95). Both make a stunning and glamorous statement when worn together. You can in addition wear the Mini as a bangle, hair tie, anklet or even twist it around the Original Knotlace to make a pendant of it.

The Original Knotlace in Green Multicolour is pictured above. This necklace has become a real favourite of mine and it looks amazing when I wear black. I am craving some new additions from this jewellery range already. These would make excellent gifts and are very affordable.

Knotlaces come in several different lengths and there are many fabulous colours to choose from to match absolutely anything. There are extra long Knotlaces available in six metallic colours (RRP $39.95), as well as a thinner version called the Miss Knotlace for a finer look. (RRP $25.95.) There are even Knotlace earrings.

All purchases from Knotlace come expertly gift wrapped and you can choose to use Afterpay for four easy to manage instalments if you prefer. Knotlace jewellery would make a wonderful gift for any mum this Mother's Day and would team well with the gorgeous collection of tassled scarves that are also available on the Knotlace website.

A Knotlace is a piece of elegant and practical jewellery that will always be in style and ready to add style to your day in under a minute. Best of all, one of these statement pieces will survive the multitasking throes of motherhood intact! Love it!

The sale of every Knotlace sees $1 donated to Beyond Blue.
Make it yours! Six Little Hearts readers
score 10% off all Knotlace Purchases!

*Disclosure: I was gifted a Knotlace collection in exchange for this feature.
All opinions expressed are my own and genuine.


  1. Have shared with my community <3

  2. Really very pretty. Loving your site too :)

  3. I love that Knotlace jewellery is so flexible - in both senses! I can feel like I am wearing a new piece every day!
    Jennifer Bush

  4. I'll be the first to admit I'm not much of a jewellery wearer but Knotlace had been on my radar for a while and I recently bought myself a rainbow mini Knotlace just to see it. I may be converted :)

    I like that I can fiddle with Knotlaces - I think that's what put me off of much jewellery in my life that it's so delicate and almost something to be scared of. Knotlace is durable and fun and looks way more creative than other plain pieces.


  5. I love that it's so funky and different from all the usual necklaces out there. This would be a total statement piece hanging around my neck! Karina L

  6. I love that they are so versatile and can be reinvented every time I put it on. I am guessing my eldest daughter would love it too. I have seen Knotlace around for a while, but never actually looked at the website before. They are definitely on my want list now :)

  7. I love that it is so versatile and unique. I can wear it anyway I want. It looks super glamorous as well.
    Samara McRae

  8. I love the individuality of them. The unique style could be dressed up or down.
    Sarah Light

  9. Love the unique style nothing else like them on the market

  10. can be shaped to suit individual tastes which is quite extraordinary

  11. Love it how you can wear it many ways. - Michelle

  12. My mummy had a similar necklace when I was a kid, I loved playing with it when she wore it. I'd love one so I can look like my mummy, and I'm sure my son would love to play with it too! Jordana 😊

    1. This jewellery is so much fun to wear and yes - it is quite retro too. Your son will love it as much as you! Cingratulations - a set of Knotlace will be your in the post shortly. :D
      Thanks to everyone who entered! x

    2. Thank you so much!! I love your blog BTW hun, great job xx

  13. It would appear that the writer has put an impressive measure of determined work into this.satin nightwear


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