Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Disney On Ice Presents Frozen - The Biggest Ice Show To Tour Australia Plus Giveaway!

These coming winter school holidays, get ready to experience the full story of the Academy Award-winning feature Frozen live, in the ice spectacular Disney On Ice presents Frozen!
For a strictly limited season this June and July, audiences will be transported to the beautiful Arrendelle as Disney On Ice presents Frozen travels to seven cities across Australia.

This special show is set to wow audiences of all ages, with the largest and most complex production of its kind to be staged in Australia ever, brought to you by Feld Entertainment, the creators of Disney On Ice.

The 2017 performance of Disney On Ice presents Frozen, boasts 39 world class skaters, over 100 breathtaking costumes, (marvel at Elsa's hand-painted Ice Queen dress by Parson-Meares in New York), and witness the spectacular effects, including 20 snow machines to bring the world of Elsa, Anna and the characters of Arrendelle alive before your eyes! There will also be new characters on stage, including Grand Pabbie and the Trolls and the Marshmallow!

This amazing production is not to be missed. Make sure your family experiences the full story of Frozen, on the ice, this winter!

2017 National Tour Dates

Perth - Perth Arena 2 - 5 June (Fri - Mon)
Adelaide - Adelaide Entertainment Centre 9 - 12 June (Fri - Mon)
*Wollongong – WIN Entertainment Centre 15 - 18 June (Thurs - Sun)
Newcastle - Newcastle Entertainment Centre 22 - 25 June (Thurs - Sun)
Brisbane - Brisbane Entertainment Centre 29 Jun - 2 Jul (Thurs - Sun)
Melbourne - Hisense Arena, Melbourne 5 - 9 July (Wed - Sun)
Sydney - Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney Olympic Park 12- 17 July (Wed - Mon)

To purchase tickets to this incredible event and to find out more, visit Ticketek.
*Wollongong residents please visit Ticketmaster.

Disney On Ice presents Frozen
The biggest ice show to tour Australia
2nd June - 27th July, 2017.

Win Four Tickets to experience
Disney On Ice presents Frozen in Melbourne!*
*Please note: Tickets are valid for Wednesday 5th July, 7pm, A-Reserve Upper, ONLY.
Total prize pool $180.
Terms and conditions.

To Enter:

Please complete the Rafflecopter competition form below and answer a simple question.
Please note: You must leave a comment and your name within your comment box to enter this promotion. Game of skill. Entries without names or comments cannot be matched and will be disqualified.
Good luck!

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  1. Argh! If only it was for Brisbane!!! The girls would love to see this. It will be amazing for sure!

  2. Frozen is as magical as they come! After having a love-hate relationship with the movie (she was scared of the snowman) my little girl has become enamoured with the story and characters. She's just started calling me Anna and herself Elsa �� Hahaha (Michelle, Melbourne)

  3. Adrienne HARRIES :
    Olaf is cold as ice
    His jokes infectious a add some chilly spice
    The little snowman with a big heart
    Olaf is where true love does start

  4. Marshmellow, I mean who doesn't love Marshmallows? Well this large Marshmellow, is a creepy looking thing, but give me a marshmallow in a Hot chocolate any day!
    Melinda Nardella

  5. Sven is the most adorable.
    No-nonsense on the outside
    and all heart on the inside
    Fiercely loyal and smart
    We would love to be apart,
    of seeing you in action,
    do you like carrots and
    licking ice :)
    Ohh, to find out
    would be so nice!

  6. The epitome of innocence,
    The embodiment of glee,
    Born of sisterly love,
    Their fondest memory ...

    Olaf is the real star part,
    He's sassy and he's smart,
    And in his quest to teach true love,
    deep down in that 'icy' heart,
    You know for sure, that man of snow
    He'll never let it go ...

    Melissa Dujan

  7. olaf. who doesnt like warm hugs <3 <3 <3
    nicole morris

  8. I love Elsa because she is pretty & she doesn't want anyone to get hurt.She is selfless,kind,caring,complex & full of mystery.She's interesting.Elsa is very protective & strong. She carries herself with grace & elegance. She can be little shy.I think she is a strong character.

  9. Living in Melbourne, I'm used to being Frozen!! But I'm just like Olaf, and love to dream about Summer all day, everyday. Never afraid of an obstacle, I love Olaf's determination, desire...and a little bit of luck. He won a personal cloud. I hope I can win tickets for my determined little princesses!!! Melanie Moran

    1. CONGRATULATIONS Melanie! You're our winner of the four tickets to see Disney On Ice presents Frozen! We know you'll love this!
      Thank you so much to everyone who has entered - such beautiful and funny comments. Stay tuned for more coming giveaways and more to be drawn shortly... x

  10. Ah Frozen, the favourite in my family, they all love Olaf... although there have been times I wish they would have "LET IT GO!"

  11. Wow, this would be an amazing experience for Frozen lovers! #team IBOT

  12. Sven - anyone that sells ice for a living must have a great sense of humour!

  13. Elsa, she makes my daughter so happy, she loves her beautiful voice.


  14. Olaf. He has a big personality for such a cold person.

  15. Olaf - he gives a touch of comedy to serious situations
    Ebony Zuidland

  16. Tanya Clarke
    Olaf is cute and funny, though not very clever, although, my five year old says he'll love him forever, a talking snowman whom can actually walk, this FROZEN character can even talk!

  17. Where would we be without Olaf in this movie? Olaf he's so adorable and he believes in everyone, no matter what

  18. Olaf is my favourite love to see this magical performance

  19. My fav character in Frozen in Ana. She shows little girls that you don't need a man to succeed at life. She is strong willed and true hearted! A true heroine in a fantastic story!!

  20. Sven! I always love the cute, dopey, loveable characters and Sven doesn't disappoint! I just want to give him a big hug! Amanda Ree/Kay

  21. Frozen was the first outing we had with the kids and their new brother. Every time I hear let it go I think of sitting at the movies with my two bigger kids and a newborn and loving every moment of it.
    I think I was the one singing songs for months to come afterwards.
    As for a favourite, they all are but if I had to choose, it would be Olaf...well, how could you not LOVE a snowman who loves warm hugs and summer.
    Cathie Avraam

  22. The character I love to hate,
    Whose thugs try to intimidate,
    Is the short and rather sly,
    Monkey-faced, chicken-fly,
    The dancing duke with the toupee,
    From "Weasel Town" (not far away)
    You think he's the villain, but he's not,
    Just another twist in the plot,
    With dance moves and a taste for riches,
    His antics have me in stitches.

    Symone Philippe

  23. Olaf the snowman is such a funny character. I smile just looking at his round cuddly frame.. Such a little sweetheart!


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