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Tonka Tinys Review and A Tonka 70th Anniversary Giveaway!

Tonka playthings have been a constant in the toy boxes of generations of kids since their inception in 1947, with 2017 marking a proud and significant, 70th Anniversary for the brand. Tonka trucks and car-themed toys are readily classed as a 'forever hit' by consumers, a fact which sees just about every kid coveting a much-loved vehicle or two of their own.

Our own boys have played long and hard with their collection of much-loved Tonka trucks which continue to bring ready smiles to their faces today.

New Tonka Tinys Car Crush Escape and Blast and Dash Quarry Playsets.

In a dramatic change from the giant Tonka trucks we've accumulated over the years, Tonka have newly released a welcome and exciting range of portable minis with the aim of creating thrilling and memorable adventures for a whole new generation of kids. 

Tonka Tinys are unique, fully self-contained playsets which miniaturise all the thrills to be had with the Tonka brand.

The Tonka Tinys Blast and Dash Quarry Playset
RRP $17 at Big W, Toys R' Us, Toyworld and other specialty toy stores.
Recommended age is three plus but ideally, the five plus age group
would find these toys most appropriate due to the smaller parts.

Our 9 year old son was happily away with his imagination as soon as these playsets were in his hands! Tonka Tinys Playsets are quick to set up and yet so full of detail and intrigues - they're guaranteed to entertain children beyond a first glance.

The Tonka Tinys Blast and Dash Quarry Playset (above), offers kids loads of exciting action with its very own detonator, tumbling tower and steep road slide. The set comes with a highly-detailed construction vehicle and you can connect this set to any other Tonka Tinys Playset in the range for truly adaptive play.

The Tonka Tinys Car Crush Escape Playset (below), offers kids a completely different set of connective adventures with a working car-crushing mechanism, crane and fun catapult. Again this set comes with a matching vehicle and provides hours of fun for kids.

Tonka Tinys Singles are RRP $4.99 each with a recommended age range of 3 plus. They're available at Big W, Kidstuff, Mr Toys, Toys R' Us, Toyworld and other toy stores.

Tonka Tinys Singles are a range of vehicles that come individually packaged in small shipping containers, designed specifically with the collector in mind. Kids can expand on their driving adventures with their playsets by collecting the whole set. (There's even a helicopter which my son was thrilled to unbox!) There are over 50 different replicas of real life trucks and vehicles to collect in the range.

Tonka Tinys Car Crush Escape Playset is RRP $17 with a recommended age range of three plus.
(Ideally suited to ages five plus.) Find it at Big W, Toys R' Us, Toyworld and other specialty stores.
The verdict: As parents, we love that this range are miniatures which means they don't take up too much space either during playtime or in storage! Our boys totally embraced the themes and actions of the playsets and they're already keen to hit the stores to collect more of the miniature vehicles in the range. We think these playsets offer great value for money and like all Tonka toys we've encountered to date, they're well made too.

WIN 1 of 2 Tonka Tinys Prize Packs
valued at $49 each to celebrate the
70th Anniversary of Tonka!
Each prize pack includes: 1 x Tonka Tinys Blast and Dash Quarry Playset, 
1 x Tonka Tinys Car Crush Escape Playset and three Tonka Tinys Singles.
Total prize pool: $98.

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*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted the featured items in exchange for review.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.

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  1. This would be the best birthday present for my grandson next month. At 3, he spends most of the day with a truck or tool in his hands.

  2. My son is mad about trucks and diggers - I would love to gift him one of these amazing prize packs.

  3. I'd love to see the delight on my son's face as he explores with Tonka.

  4. Tonka toys aid in imaginative play, which my son loves to do. It would also keep him entertained for hours whilst this busy working from home mum actually gets some work done :-)
    Samara McRae

  5. Slightly bent, forever rusty, golden no longer glowing, our Tonka treasures are now on their third child... She sits in the sand, she digs, she builds and would adore some flashy Tonka treasures of her own.

  6. I'd love for my little man,
    to have a love for Tonka too.
    I loved playing in the sand,
    with the Tonkas of my youth!

  7. I had a Tonka Truck when I was about 5, I loved playing with it in the sand and digging. It was a big heavy metal one My brother and I would play for hours

    Sarah Armstrong

  8. My son loves Tonka i wansnt into them being a girl but my son has a couple & loves them he turns 4 soon & would love this Lara Haynes

  9. Master H loves playing with his toy trucks. It's his birthday soon so this would be a lovely surprise for him. Maree Gray

  10. These look like loads of fun!! The girls love playing with trucks and trains. Some things just never get old :) #teamIBOT

  11. Bianca Munoz
    I would love to win this for my son and my daughter :)
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  12. My daughter adores tonka trucks - as did I as a little girl. She loves to play in the sandpit and pretend to be an operator in the mine like her dad! (Belinda scott)

  13. Awesome work and lovely giveaway that will help us to get things happen in more better way. Thanks for sharing the update.
    Emma Charlotte | Cheap-Essay-Writing.co.uk

  14. To give my son something boy-ish to play with - a nice welcome change to his sisters' Barbie dolls!

  15. I'd split it between my 2 boys & my friend's toddler who is about to become a big brother. Ginger Arnold

  16. Would love to win for my boy everyday he's pushing his tonka truck around the house sometimes his sister put him in the tray and pushes him round the house he loves his tonka

  17. This is a superb giveaway from Tonka on their anniversary which pays image to the brand's rich history and continuing prestige on the toy market and our household would celebrate this milestone by cherishing the occasion as a great moment where we brought together stronger than ever.

    Dee Susan

  18. Jessie Chibber

    I loved Tonka as a little one, I can't wait for my little one to find their enjoyment in these classic toys.

  19. I remember my little brother growing up with tonka trucks and now see my little son growing up with his very own Tonka trucks
    Erin Carr

  20. I was a bit of a Tomboy growing up, and while my Sister would play with Barbie Dolls, I'd be with the boy up the road, playing with his Tonka Trucks....My dream was always to drive those massive trucks used in the mining pits....bring to life my Tonka dream. I'm sure my niece would have as much fun as I did playing with them. (Juanita Torr)

  21. I think I'm most amazed at how little has changed with these toys! Happy birthday Tonka :)

  22. Make sure you use some iphone parental control software. Its very useful

  23. my son would love these, complete tonka nut!!!! rachel sinclair

  24. My 3 sons go totally tonkers over trucks and diggers and even more so with the fact that their dad drives a real life dump truck, so anything to be like daddy is everything their little hearts desire
    Kristy Ferrari

  25. The Tonka brand is true, tried and tested and loved by kids of all ages.

  26. So many fun memories of playing in the sandpit with my Tonka Trucks building roads and transporting sand Mick Gillies

  27. Looking at all these Tonka Trucks I wonder if mum kept my brothers trucks be great to hand down to my sons. Jayde Blue

  28. Great quality, and my goodness, my little boy and girl both love anything with wheels. They'd hyperventilate for these!

  29. My brother had a big, metal Tonka truck and I so badly wanted one! He rarely let me play with it (I still remind him now!) When I first found out I was pregnant, one of the first things I bought was a Tonka truck. 18 years and 3 kids later it's still going strong, and I love that it's the one toy my 6 year old still has that was his sibling's...and he let's me play with it ;) Kylie Embury

  30. I can remember my son 29 years ago playing in the dirt with his dads steel Tonka Trucks, both a fairing well

  31. Ooh I loved Tonka Trucks when I was little. My absolute favourite was the little dump truck. Mum could leave me in the sandpit for hours and I'd be happy as a lark shifting the sand in my little Tonka dump truck so my sister could build her whatever it was, lol! Thanks Dianne Kitson

  32. I have an active little boy who loves all things with wheels! On car trips, we get a regular running commentary from the back seat about everything we pass, especially trains and diggers. I'd love a set of Tonka trucks to expand his imaginative and construction play at home! - Alison.


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