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Puzzle Fun For Kids With Crocodile Creek. A Childsmart Review...

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For guaranteed fun for children of all ages, pull out the puzzles! Like all kids, ours enjoy the challenge of sorting and the discovery inherent in the activity of puzzle building. Crocodile Creek puzzles are available at Childsmart, and in a large range of exciting themes for kids of all ages.

Puzzle building is a quiet activity that fosters so many skills in a child as they work diligently and enjoyably to complete the task before them. Puzzles are also a great gauge for parents to measure their child's colour matching skills and reasoning powers. These are skills that slowly build in the younger child and may not be obvious until you take the time to observe your child piece a puzzle together on their own. It's a great activity to do together too, or in the company of a sibling.

Kids being kids frequently bicker when it comes to working together on a project that involves fun. I'll be honest with you - my four year old was not impressed when her 10 year old brother wanted to join in the fun here! The magic that is puzzle-making quickly became apparent however, when they both worked their differences into a fun team-building exercise. They were rapidly friends again as this colourful puzzle became their sole focus. (Just as well too - the puzzle's title is Garden Party!)

The Crocodile Creek Garden Party Floor Puzzle offers a large and beautiful party-themed image with oodles of retro appeal for kids to enjoy. The whimsical image on this puzzle depicts a woodland scene, full of animals enjoying a tea party and the colours are vibrant and engaging.

The Crocodile Creek Garden Party Floor Puzzle measures a large 46cm x 61cm (18" x 24"), and the glossy image is printed on quality thick board built to withstand repeated use over the years. Thoughtfully, for parents, the rear of each jigsaw piece is printed with the Crocodile Creek logo, making it easy to find missing pieces about your home if they are misplaced.

As kids piece this jigsaw with each of the thick, jumbo pieces, the true, colourful beauty of this artwork becomes slowly visible. Kids can sit back and admire their work and feel the pride!

This puzzle comes in a handy and appealing cardboard cylinder with a strong carry handle which makes it easy and attractive to store. The jigsaw is crafted from 100 percent recycled post-consumer content, and is printed with soy-based inks and water-based coatings, making it an entirely eco-friendly product.

The latest in Crocodile Creek puzzles are available at Childsmart for RRP $24.95. Other themes in the range include these beautifully illustrated Busy City and Dance Studio puzzles. For other sizes and jigsaw themes for different age groups by Crocodile Creek, check out the full range here. 

Explore the full selection of children's toys and furniture available on the Childsmart website.

*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted the featured item in exchange for our opinion.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. My kids loved big floor puzzles when they were small. I had some beautiful ones from "Jigsaw", way back in my day. The puzzle you have there looks sooooo pretty, I almost wish my kids were small again. But not quite!

  2. Oh that's so funky that it comes in a tube too!

  3. What a gorgeous puzzle! I used to love puzzles like these when I was little. It's always good to see kids doing puzzles rather than only swiping the iPad.

  4. My girls have always loved floor puzzles and they never get sick of doing the same ones they've had for years. I love the bigger pieces that are easily found if one goes astray.

  5. These look brilliant. We love floor puzzles.


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