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Project Nursery Mum + Bub Smartband Review. Monitor Everything Pregnancy, Baby and Beyond...

Have you got yourself a version of the newest fitness gadget yet - a smart band?

So many people have embraced the ability to have their health goals and other conveniences on-hand in the form of these modern watches. Having a smart band allows you to not only monitor your health and wellbeing at a glance, but they also give you quick alerts regarding incoming mobile phone calls and messages. In our fast-paced modern times, these gadgets are a very desirable addition to both your wardrobe and lifestyle.

Did you know there's now a Smartband specifically for mums, (and parents), on the market?

Pictured is the Project Nursery Mum + Bub Smartband and it's one amazing device that will help mothers in particular, at all stages of their pregnancy, baby and beyond years.

I have been lucky enough to road test this piece of tech and I honestly gasp often - where was this device when I had my last baby?! It's so brilliant and so handy!

The Project Nursery Mum + Bub Smartband is a gadget that will prove itself beyond useful to women who are either pregnant, new mothers or those who are post-natal, and then, well into the future. With this device, mums are able to log everything in their parenting journey from foetal movements, doctor's appointments, medications, their hydration levels and fitness goals. Come baby's arrival, the Smartband becomes a simple to use, digital log, to store breastfeeding or bottle feeding data: right or left breast reminders, amount of liquids taken by your infant, (in the event of bottle feeding), feeding time reminders, nappy change, baby weight and sleep time logs.

At any stage of your mothering journey, the Project Nursery Mum + Bub Smartband will also provide many great features - from simple date and time displays, to fitness information such as weight loss goals, hydration reminders, daily steps taken, distances covered and calories burned. The Smartband will also give you quick and immediate alerts, (via gentle vibration), when an incoming message, call or other alert arrives on your synced mobile phone.

The Project Nursery Mum + Bub Smartband works via its own free app which is downloadable in either iOS or Android. From here, it's a simple connection via Bluetooth that operates the two devices. The app guides you through the set-up. For more insight, there is both a full instruction manual and quick set-up guide included in the box so that you can make the most of your new device.

As for using this device, it's painlessly simple! After your initial set-up, working the Smartband is just an easy swipe of the home screen to access all of its features. Enter your information into the Smartband and it will relay it into the app where you can store and monitor it all later. This information sharing is so valuable to new mums who are experiencing a lack of sleep, extreme fatigue or even PND. The Smartband makes it all much easier to record and recall valuable information in real-time. 

Attractive and practical. Want some peace? You can mute your notifications and reminders with a snappy setting change.

The Project Nursery Mum + Bub Smartband comes with three different coloured and comfortable silicone wristbands to suit your mood too. (Currently, I am living in the pale grey as it goes with everything - including the weather!)

Charging your Smartband is also easy. Just slip it from the watch strap and charge it with the included micro USB cable. Each charge lasts up to 30 days depending on your usage. The Smartband is water resistant to splashes but not waterproof, so you must remember to take it off when bathing.

I was a breastfeeding mum for three years with my 6th child and I would have found the capabilities of this device invaluable during those years! For me now, the joy of using the Mum + Bub Smartband comes from its pedometer features, time and date display, hydration reminders, (what mum ever gets to finish a drink?), positive affirmations and email and call alert notifications. 

As a mum, I am always rushed off my feet, so the ability to monitor all of my incoming information and outgoing energy expenditure is amazing. I have spent the last few months exercising daily, so I couldn't be happier with this particular Smartband for keeping me informed and monitored constantly on all fronts.

The Project Nursery Mum + Bub Smartband is priced at RRP $249.95 and is available online at the Project Nursery website or at Harvey Norman stores Australia-wide. Not strictly for mums - dads and carers in general would benefit from the assistance of one of these devices too!
This item comes highly recommended to parents.

*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted the featured item in exchange for this review.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. I would have loved something like this when I was pregnant! Such a great idea.

    1. Isn't it! This Smartband is amazing and even though my baby is now 4, the things it does really helps in my day.

  2. Wow. They think of everything these days. Nothing like that for my years of parenting. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. On Mon 11 Sept #LifeThisWeek turns one and that is the prompt! Next week: First car/bike.

    1. I can only imagine how things were for you. Though with my first 3 kids, we had no computer or internet or even smart phones. I kind of miss those days too. I seemed to spend every moment relishing my kiddos instead of hanging out online. It's a very different world now and that wasn't even that long ago!

  3. This is so cool! I can't believe you can do so much on it! So often I have sat down to feed my baby and discovered my phone is just those few cm too far away out of reach. Drives me crazy!


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