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Protect-A-Bed Protectors For Mattresses and Pillows Review

With so many allergens around during any particular season in Australia, it's vital for families to take preventative measures to protect themselves from the rising incidence of health issues such as eczema and asthma. While most allergy sufferers are at a loss to pinpoint exactly what triggers a reaction in either of these extreme health conditions, many believe that dust and mould are to blame. Keeping a clean home and environment may help to ward-off these afflictions and beginning with the source itself - our bedding, is a great starting point.

With approximately one third of our entire lives dedicated to the act of sleeping, the need to keep this environment as clean as possible cannot be emphasised enough. Ever noticed how your bedding has a tendency to yellow with age? Well, age aside, the yellowing we all notice is actually the litres of perspiration and moisture we wick-away from ourselves each night as we sleep. This unavoidable and natural occurrence inevitably leads to mould within our mattresses and pillows, and it's a number one known cause of allergies in humans.

Add to that night time concoction, the millions of skin cells we shed each day which attract the microscopic dust mites who feed on these within our bedding. You might be surprised, (and disgusted!), to learn that after five years of use, half the weight of any unprotected mattress can be attributed to body fluids, mould, skin cells and bacteria!

Very recently we attended a special day with the folks at Protect-A-Bed, where we were presented with these ugly truths about our sleeping spaces. It wasn't all bad news though. Thankfully Protect-A-Bed have some brilliant products to both reduce these nasties and prolong the life of our precious mattresses and pillows.

Protect-A-Bed mattress protectors feature a breathable Miracle Layer which is silent and waterproof.
Cushion Cloud luxury quilting makes for a comfortable night's sleep.

Why choose a Protect-A-Bed mattress or pillow protector? Well, if the earlier facts aren't enough to convince you that an investment in something that will reduce your likelihood of suffering from the known allergens that are lurking within your bedding won't, then the practicality and scope of the Protect-A-Bed product line will.

Protect-A-Bed protectors are very easy to use fitted sheets and pillow protectors, and there are many different styles to choose from - from natural cotton-based sheets, to Tencel, bamboo jersey, cotton terry and more. Any spills or accidents can be quickly dealt with by simply tossing the product in your washing machine before returning the covers to your bedding. There's zero chance of damage to your mattress and pillows with one of the Protect-A-Bed protectors fitted to your bedding

Protect-A-Bed Tencel Signature Series Fitted Mattress Protector.

Protect-A-Bed sheets are impressively waterproof which means your mattress and pillows will remain unstained and new for longer. Considering the average price of any queen mattress hovers around $1700 mark (and up), investing in a Protect-A-Bed cover makes a whole lot of sense. Further, Protect-A-Bed are so confident in their mattress protectors, that they will guarantee their products for 10 years against spills, leaks and stains when purchased together with a new mattress. If your Protect-A-Bed protector fails its duty in this time, Protect-A-Bed will replace your mattress at no charge!

We were gifted a number of Protect-A-Bed items to try out and let's just say straight-up - impressed beyond impressed!

Pictured here, is the Protect-A-Bed Tencel Signature Series in queen size, (plus pillow and cushion protectors). These are lightweight and silky to touch with a tiny bobble texture that provides comfort and air-flow. The real clincher for parents though - they're fully absorbent against spills of all kinds including bedwetting and incontinence, foods and drink plus all manner of accidents. The range is quite childproof which is amazing when you consider the cost and work involved when trying to deal with the inevitable accidents that will happen to mattresses during your children's growing years.

In fact, while photographing this protector on our queen-sized bed, our youngest accidently tipped her full bottle of drinking water onto our bed, no less than 30 minutes after the Protect-A-Bed protector was first fitted onto our mattress! (The bottle had a leak.) The beauty of this product shone immediately - no water seeped through the Protect-A-Bed layer onto our mattress.

Sleeping on these protectors is comfortable and noiseless too, and just knowing that you are reducing the damage to your bedding and lessening your likelihood of allergies is a whole new experience when it comes to relaxation.

A DreamPad pillow works in conjunction with its own App.

I can't finish this review without mention of the most desirable pillow on the market!

While attending the Protect-A-Bed event, I was lucky enough to win the social media prize on the day - The amazing DreamPad pillow. This incredible pillow is not only a super-soft pillow in its own right, but it connects to its own app via Bluetooth, to relay relaxing sounds and vibrations from within. The pillow connects to a DreamPad Bluetooth receiver and works by transmitting relaxing sounds and music that only the pillow-user can hear. This is the most beautiful pillow I have ever owned and I simply love using this nightly to reduce anxiety and stress levels. It really does work! (RRP $455.)

Top left: DreamPad Pillow, lower front: Protect-A-Bed pillow protector and Protect-A-Bed cushion covers, plus
Protect-A-Bed Tencel Signature Series mattress protector. Miffy cushion here.
View the full range of Protect-A-Bed products on their website.

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What's the worst thing you've ever done to your mattress or pillow?
Have you heard of Protect-A-Bed before?

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*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted various Protect-A-Bed products in exchange for this review.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. I was thinking the other day how old my mattress is and wondering if I should be saving to replace it - but this is a good idea in the meantime to avoid allergies being inflamed!

  2. My mattress protector is falling apart and I desperately need another one!

  3. This is soo amazing. To protect yourself and your family from dust allergy and eczema is a real task but i think after this product , this task would be little easy now. I really afore the idea , Great work :)

  4. This is really very nice post you shared, i like the post, thanks for sharing..

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