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The Gro Company Grofriends Ollie the Owl Light and Sound Sleep Aid Review and Giveaway

A large chunk of our lifetimes are spent in the comfort of our beds, yet convincing young children that this is actually a wonderful thing can be extremely hard!

It's no news on the parenting front that bedtime is something that kids generally don't regard too highly. For some kids, it's the act of winding-down that presents a problem. For others, natural fears take hold when the darkness falls and these can make children very reluctant to relax and rest. Either way, any disruption at bedtime for parents who are themselves tired too, is an altogether undesirable occurrence for obvious reasons.
Why can't they just go to sleep?!

I've seriously lost count of the number of times I have questioned the fact that my kids just can't seem to wind-down for bed. It happens still and one of the worst offenders is our 4 year old.

Our daughter's fatigue manifests at bedtimes as noise, mess and via activities such as jumping on our bed. Sure, it's cute in its own way, but as the evening wears on, I find precious-little to smile about as my patience wears thin. Then, once that light goes out, the wailing begins... Ergh!

We've been sent a game-changer though, in The Gro Company's very newest bedtime friend for littles.

Ollie the Owl is a new release cuddly bedtime companion for babies and children. He's suitable from birth as a crib toy, and well into the beyond years for children who resist the need to sleep. Ollie is truly adorable in soft and fashionable, neutral nursery colours. At a glance, he's an ideal friend for night-time nervous children.

Ollie the Owl is not just a beautiful soft toy however. (That would be far too easy wouldn't it!) Ollie is an amazing white noise toy and he has a whole lot of built-in features to comfort, relax and coax babies and little kids to sleep.

Aside from his white noise feature, Ollie also plays beautiful music with great sound quality. He has an intelligent voice-activated CrySensor which eliminates the need for parents to have to turn Ollie back on at any stage in the day or night. Lastly, Ollie the Owl has a soft glowing night light built-in to his tummy, which glows in one of three variations for a full 30 minutes.

I couldn't have been more excited to try out Ollie the Owl on our youngest. Our daughter was delighted with this toy from the moment she met him and he's become a regular bedtime must-have. Unlike other sleep-aids, Ollie the Owl is plush and big and very simple to operate, even in the dark. All of his buttons are located within his wings or feet and for very young babies, he has a handy and safe hanging feature to attach him securely to a cot.
Ollie the Owl has the best of all children's sleep aid toys embodied within the one sweet-faced plushie.
Ollie the Owl's CrySensor listens to your baby for a full 3 hours before shutting-off and resetting.
If baby cries, he will play your chosen music feature for 20 minutes.

Why choose Grofriends Ollie the Owl?:

-White noise has been proven to calm unsettled babies and it's also great for aiding relief of the symptoms of colic in infancy.

-Users can choose from four soothing sounds for their child: Heartbeat, Rainfall, White Noise Static or a beautiful Brahms lullaby. These quality sounds play for a full 20 minutes - just long enough to get most little people off to sleep.

-Ollie's fully adjustable settings allow parents to choose the sound and lighting levels that are just right for their child and situation.

Grofriends Ollie the Owl is available in stores now and online for a RRP $79.95.

Grofriends Ollie the Owl requires 4 x AA batteries to operate.
Full comprehensive instructions are included.

Do you have trouble settling your child off to sleep?
Have you ever tried white noise to soothe your baby?
Have you any bedtime tips to share?

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Total prize pool: $79.95.
Promotion ends September 11th, 2017.

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  1. Having a routine before bed time was so important with my three kids.

  2. My almost 2 year old daughter is so easy to settle now, with a tea, bath, bottle, book, bed routine, she sleeps a good 13 hours every night! Her first 8 weeks of life were a much different story, as she was quite unsettled at nap time, and I occasionally resorted to putting her bassinet next to the clothes dryer or blowdrying my hair within an inch of its life just for the "white noise"! White noise apps on your phone are great... until you actually needed to use your phone and then all hell broke loose! I would just love an Ollie the Owl for my new bub who is due in February! He looks like the perfect newborn need - comforting, cute and colic-proof! :-) -Chloe Heatherill

    1. CONGRATULATONS Chloe - Ollie will be with you in time for your new bub. You have really gone to an effort to get your white noise fix. We know Ollie will help you immensely.

  3. Quietening the lead-up to bedtime, a warm bath, soft lighting and a consistent bed time routine all help in what can sometimes be a stressful time. With my daughter expecting her second child this year this would be a very welcome gift I'm sure in settling her toddler and showing him extra some love too.

  4. Seriously, Ollie is the cutest little thing! I really wish he'd been around when my girls were really little!

  5. A cute owl named Ollie,
    That lights up & plays Brahms, good golly!
    Is wise...of course! He's an owl.
    Knows when to restart, oh wow!
    Comforting and huggable,
    He's sure to be lovable,
    My bub (and I) would love this right now!
    Sue B

  6. I would love to win to help my son and daughter-in-law to get some well earned sleep

  7. Best thing I've EVER tried for sleep is white noise... Our little cherub is the lightest sleeper, and Ollie would make a beautiful substitute for the white noise machine we're currently using for every nap!
    Caitlin Wigmore

  8. This would be great for my clingy baby hoping he can have better night by himself

    1. Don't forget to pop your name along with your comment to qualify! All the best with your bubba.

  9. I would love to win Ollie the Owl for my first baby arriving soon!! Right from birth, through til toddler years and beyond, there are features that will benefit sleep! Sounds like it will be so helpful.
    Andrea Paroz.

  10. I love my white noise app - my little one sleeps so much better when not in total silence!
    Karina Lee

  11. I'd love to win this for our eldest boy who is almost 2 and a half. He wakes every night and makes the trek into our bed, sometimes multiple times in one night. I think Ollie would be a great companion and help him to resettle when he wakes during the night so he gets a full night's rest and can run amok with his 6 month old brother.
    Rebecca Trimboli

  12. I'd love to win this for our eldest boy who is almost 2 and a half. He wakes every night and makes the trek into our bed, sometimes multiple times in one night. I think Ollie would be a great companion and help him to resettle when he wakes during the night so he gets a full night's rest and can run amok with his 6 month old brother.
    Rebecca Trimboli

  13. Oh god, Mr 8 was a NIGHTMARE sleeper. Still is. Just can't switch off. I tried white noise, swaddling, rocking to sleep. Eventually co-sleeping worked for him (safely!). He still struggles to properly sleep. Routine, routine, and turn off screens before sleepy sleeps is kinda working for us now.

  14. A warm heat pack
    And same nightly routine
    Keeps my little ones happy
    And makes them sleep like a dream!

  15. After life saving surgery and a long stay at the hospital, my baby won't sleep without constant noise and light which which mimics a hospital environment. Ollie the Owl might be the answer to his sleep issues instead of the TV being on 24/7
    Kaman Yu

  16. Turn off all technology and Tv and hour before bed helps relax everyone mind

  17. I have a friend having a baby in November. I would love to win this for her and her new bub. The review us impressive.

  18. This is an awesome giveaway and I feel like my toddler could benefit from it. As of now, his comfort thing is still my boob! We need a replacement stat! Lol xx


  19. I think I might be a 4 year old haha. I get a massive burst of energy before bed and think I won't sleep, then get into bed and zonk straight out.

  20. I think i need to get one of these for my 18 month old daughter so I can cull the zoo from her bed ��

  21. I wish I could share some advice but frankly we haven't mastered sleep yet. Maybe Ollie the owl could help!?

  22. My sleep tip comes from experience with my second child. With my first I always cuddled him to sleep and would have to repeat it all over when he woke up. Second time round I knew this wasn't practical and have always put my daughter down awake. I keep an eye out for her queues like eye rubbing and make sure I put her down as soon as I see these. I gentle rub circles on her back which get slower as her eyes grow heavier. When she was younger, I used to tap under her bassinet or on the mattress next to her and the taps would get slower as her eyes grew heavier. I found this method so much better because it also taught her to go to sleep by herself if she did wake up.

  23. I would love to win this for my great nephew who is having a lot of trouble sleeping. It would certainly bring a lot of happiness to his family. Linda Opuni

  24. This is a great way to have something snuggly and be a sound machine. I have a sound machine but kinda of a pain to pack when she goes over night to grandparent's house. This would be much simpler!

  25. We need this! If you read my latest ramblings about bedtime at our house you'll understand why (https://coffeewithkatie.blog/2017/08/10/bedtime-takes-night-youre-starting-lose/)...

    "This is a post written in the thick of getting through night after night of dealing with two babies who wont go to bed. It is written by a mum who cried last night, as she held her crying toddler and heard her baby wake, because after a busy day with two kids she was desperate for some down time. For some time with her husband. For some time to get a few things done. It’s written by a mum with a husband who also needed a break but who looked around and saw two crying children and a crying wife.

    It’s a post about frustration. And spending the entire evening putting kids to bed. And night time wake ups. And whispers to each other, ‘can you go?’, ‘please babe, go’. It’s the story of musical beds. Of parents sleeping in separate rooms, each with a different child, because, though they would never choose that, at least they are sleeping."

  26. I would love to win Ollie the Owl to encourage my 4 month old to sleep in her own bed as she sleeps with me all night, everynight! Pauline Manefield.

  27. A wall plug-in night light or stories before bed. Holly Gibbons

  28. Oh he is gorgeous. The white noise feature sounds like it would be so handy for little ones! My little nephew is due in a couple of days and I'm sure something like Ollie would help with the frightening transition from womb to real world!

  29. My tip is a warm bath with plenty of bubbles (they add the fun and allow us to create some funky hairstyles and instant bubble beards) followed by a relaxing massage. Thats my wind down trick for my boys. I do dream of it just for one night being my bed time routine ☺
    Jo chen

  30. A nighttime bath with a drop of lavender oil in the water works a treat.

  31. Maddison is a nightmare in night, drinks 7 oz and is awake in 3 hours. So mum puts the phone beside her and I (Nana) sings her to sleep. When her mum sings not only doe she scream but it sets off the dogs in the neighbourhood.

  32. have quiet time for 30 minutes before bed - no tv, phones or toys, just a cuddle and a book

    Elizabeth Davey

  33. Make the room a ‘tech free’ sanctuary
    Read them a story before going to bed,
    leave a beautiful night light on,
    Fill the room with a lavender scent because it's a relaxing scent.

    Elisabeth Martins

  34. My now 5 year old(as of yesterday)
    has been seeing ghosts.
    I believe him as his descriptions
    send chills down my spine.
    I would love this sleep aid
    to hopefully help him feel safe
    and sleep soundly through the night
    without any paranormal visits.

  35. For us, we have always found routine works best.

    Dinner, followed by bath/shower, milk, teeth brushing, a few books and then bed time.

  36. Kid guided meditations work well with my kids. -Michelle

  37. Sleep is such a foreign concept for my sister, I would love to give her a helping hand or owl.

  38. I don't have any tips as my youngest babe doesn't know how to sleep. She wakes after every sleep cycle and won't resettle without a feed. I'm desperate for Ollie as I think the cry sensor and white noise might help solve our issues.

  39. We had a lot of sleep difficulties with our first little one. She's almost 2 years now and still has some rough nights. I'm 35 weeks pregnant with number 2, and i think its going to be a tough few months ahead. I'd love to give Ollie the Owl a try... plus he's gorgeous! Michelle.

  40. We started with a bassinet,
    right beside my head.
    Bubba slept well knowing,
    I was beside her in my bed.
    Know that they are older,
    they still think our room is best!

  41. Our little man is only 3 months old so no tips as yet what's working so far is wrapping him up nice and snug and putting in his dummy ollie the owl sounds amazing
    Karen Edwards

  42. I generally use my phone to play white noise to my son, it helps him sleep better during the day when there is a lot of street noise. I'd love to have my phone back and give him a special friend for in his cot.
    Thanks for the chance, Jordana Hodgetts

  43. I would love this for my gorgeous granddaughter. I'm sure she would love it and her parents would be so happy that she happily has a fuss free night's sleep.

  44. Bedroom routines are key to a good nights sleep

  45. This owl is so cute! I want to buy this one for my daughter's sleeping nest. Is it suitable for children under 2 years old? I've heard that soft toys should be kept out of the sleeping environment. What are your thoughts on this topic?


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