Thursday, 19 October 2017

BRIO® Ant with Rolling Egg Review - A Childsmart Feature

*Six Little Hearts is a Childsmart Brand Rep.

For parents of young children, having beautiful and quality toys that both impress and entertain, naturally comes with the territory. It's sheer joy to decorate your child's spaces, and choosing their unique playthings is a hugely sentimental part of that fun for all parents.

For generations, Brio® toys have been fulfilling the needs of children and their parents on both of these fronts.

In the past we've featured Brio® here on Six Little Hearts as part of our regular collaborations with Childsmart. (You can read our previous review of the delightful Brio® Countryside Horse Set here, a firm favourite with our preschooler.)

For us, as with many parents, Brio® tick so many essential boxes for providing children with all the fun, beauty and educational power of a quality, multi-generational plaything.

Our four year old daughter actively chases fun like any of her peers. One of her all-time favourite picks in her young life, has always been traditional pull-along toys. As soon as we spotted this brilliant Brio® Ant with Rolling Egg toy on the Childsmart website, we knew we were on a clear winner!

Consequently, our girl has loved this Brio® Ant with Rolling Egg toy from the moment she laid eyes on it!

From a grown-up's perspective, this plaything is beautifully made and so well balanced for a wheeled toy. The Brio® Ant with Rolling Egg is crafted from solid wood with a pretty, high gloss finish. Importantly for the kids, this toy is so smooth to pull-along.

The extra special part of this toy, is the separate wooden egg feature. This gently and simply glides and rotates as the toy propels forward, powered by your little person's enthusiasm.

To keep things real-world and interesting for littlies, Brio's® Ant with Rolling Egg toy
has springs to make all of this friendly insect's features, wobbly and whimsical.

Our little pull-toy fan regularly takes along her new ant buddy on outings to the supermarket, playgrounds and parks. The quality embodied within the Brio® brand means that her ant is coping well with the hazards of play. Not to mention, this lovely item looks especially gorgeous when tucked away on a shelf for a rest.

For safe-keeping, we suggest when using your Brio® Ant with Rolling Egg outdoors, that you remove your egg for faster travels!

You can find this first-rate Brio® classic toy on the Childsmart website, along with an entire range of other Brio® favourites for little learners. This toy is suitable for toddlers and up. As with all pull-toys on cords, please always supervise your child's playtimes for safety.

Disclosure: The item featured was gifted for our consideration.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. Gorgeous toy. Would make a great gift!

  2. This looks like a great toy I could buy for my nephew; I know he will love it. Thanks for the suggestions, will buy it soon.


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