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FUN Halloween Ideas for Kids Plus WIN A Carnival Cruise for A Family of Four!

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Halloween is officially upon us with just over a week until the creepy fun begins for children and the child within us all!
Whether you like October 31st, love it, or are completely void of any feeling whatsoever for this occasion, kids everywhere, all undoubtedly fall into the love it camp.
What's not to enjoy where creepy costumes, scary games, giggles and tricks plus fun foods are thrown into the mix?
Outright, I'll tell you now, our own household looks forward to this creepy day all year long! 

We thought it would be fun to come up with some cheap and easy, creepy fun ideas that you may wish to replicate with your own children this Halloween. Easy and cheap are at the core of these activities, especially given the timing of this fun-for-kids event. Halloween is so close to Christmas, when costs rise significantly for us all. Handling Halloween on the cheap is an essential for many families, our own included.

Our following inspirations are all very do-able with a minimum of fuss and dollars, and to top things off, they're massively-fun undertakings that the whole family will enjoy.
(Even mum and dad had a great time taking part in the following activities.)

We hope you enjoy the following...

The Dia de los Muertos candied skull look is ideal for girls.

There's nothing more Halloween than Mexico's Day of The Dead! (Dia de los Muertos.)
The date of this occasion is celebrated on the 2nd of November each year in Mexico, but the theme is also spot-on for Halloween celebrations.
(You can learn more about this iconic Mexican festival here.)

Sugared candies made of marzipan in the shape of skulls are a huge thing on this day in Mexico.
We've taken this popular and quite beautiful theme and made this simple look (above), using items we already owned and a bit of makeup, to create this feminine look for our youngest.
This has a 'pretty' and gentle touch of spook-factor which is just ideal for little girls.

To replicate this look (above), all you need is a sharpened black eyeliner pencil, some stick-on crystals for bling effect, a steady hand and a touch of grey or black glitter eyeshadow for highlighting and blending. A couple of bright and dark floral hair fascinators or hairclips finish this look and give a distinct Mexican feel to the overall effect. Girls young and old adore this look!

Kids love jelly and it's always in the pantry in most households. Simple jelly is your go-to Halloween dish with so many colours and concoctions you can brew from this one very basic ingredient.

Here is a very simple 'swampy jelly bowl' consisting of green and blood red jelly combined. We've topped it with some scary Halloween-themed lollipops and Jack-O-Lanterns, plus chocolate crunchies and silver cachous. Our kids helped to make the jelly and took delight in adding the finishing touches. It went down a treat too! (Sorry!)

Our son made the great Jack-O-Lantern poster (above), in just minutes. To make your own posters, take a sheet of black card, (we used A4), and one sheet of orange card, (also A4), and cut the orange card in half. 

Using just one half of the orange segment, trim a half-design into the card, (in this case, half a Jack-O-Lantern face), and then glue both of the stencil pieces onto each side of the black card to create a mirror image.

These striking posters look fantastic when there are several displayed around your home and your design themes are limitless. Why not try castles, bats, spiders and ghouls...
Kids love this activity!

Halloween is all about the creepiness and some scary food items are an absolute must. Try making your own cupcake and cake toppers using just a little imagination and even less skill to craft these exciting treats for the kids.

These are basic marshmallows which have been quickly shaped with a bit of a pinch and a quick sculpt with a fruit knife. A few skilled cuts combined with some chopped up lolly snakes will net you some great results. Add teeth, eye sockets and yellowed fingernails to simple lollies plus a few Halloween-themed candies. There are even hangman's nooses here crafted from lolly snakes! (Chop off the snake's heads for a proper noose look.)

Creepy lolly cake toppers - yes you can!
Finally, mummies and zombies always provide great fall-back Halloween costume options. It's so easy to make your kids into these characters at home with little need to purchase anything at all.

To create our nine year old's 'zombie-mummy look,' just take a medium makeup brush plus some dark grey eyeshadow and apply this to your child's entire eye-socket area, nose and chin. This emphasises the hollow 'dead' skull look. Grab some bandages from your first aid kit and wrap your child's entire head, making sure you twist the bandage across the nose area so that they can breathe easily.
Our son was mighty impressed with his Halloween costume practise-run and stayed a zombie for the remainder of the day.
Find more Halloween tips and tricks here.

Do you 'do' Halloween?
What treats do you make each Halloween?
Do your kids Trick or Treat?
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  1. I saw your swamp jelly on Insta and thought it was a great idea for Halloween. I'll have to make it with my son :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. It’s so easy and everyone’s fave treat. Jelly is a Halloween favourite. Enjoy your own jelly project!

  2. I love Halloween, but I am a fan of any excuse to dress-up and decorate.
    Those marshmallow skulls look awesome! Definitely have to try those out with my son. Where did you get the hand lollies? They are super creepy.

    1. Major supermarkets sell special bags of Halloween lollies at this time of year. We just added to the creepiness with a little slicing and dicing. Skulls are so easy to craft. Have a happy Halloween!

  3. Showing this to my girls for inspiration for their Halloween party.

    1. Great! Nothing better than doing the occasion on the cheap. I hope they have fun!

  4. Your post "almost" put me in Halloween fan status instead of the "I don't do Halloween". Our grown up grandkids (16, 18 and 20) are putting on a party...and their mum and little sis are coming to stay with us for the night!!!! Thanks for linking up for LifeThisWeek 41/52. Next week: Travel Tales

    1. Aww how sweet! Halloween is a great excuse to eat lots of sugar and get dressed up. Nothing mot to enjoy really. Hope it's all so much fun for everyone!


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