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Lonely Planet Food New Release 'From The Source' Cook Books Review and Win!

If you're a food lover, then the very latest release cook books from Lonely Planet Food are bound to make you very excited!

Owning a collection of quality cook books, which are visited time and time again for inspiration, is an absolute imperative for dedicated home chefs. Lonely Planet Food's newest releases - France and Mexico, in their popular 'From the Source' series, are a divine collection of reads that are packed with stunning images from around the world, coupled with a selection of famous cuisines to match.
The books in this series are a food-lover's dream!

Lonely Planet have over 40 years' experience sourcing the very best places around the globe to travel, eat and drink. The Lonely Planet Food: From the Source deluxe series of cook books represent a stunning compilation of their expertise in these areas of travel and food, making the following books, kitchen must-haves!

Lonely Planet Food: From the Source - France (RRP $34.99), is presented in a vivid full colour publication
and an attractive hard-bound edition.

Lonely Planet Food: From the Source - France is a read which will sweep you away to the countryside of this destination, where some of the world's best culinary treats originate.

France's best local chefs share their expertise and passion in 63 hand-picked classic recipes for which the French are renown: From Madeleine cakes to tarts, confits and hearty French stews. Be simultaneously inspired by the stunning images and included tales from select French kitchens.

Lonely Planet Food: From the Source - Mexico
Experience the vibrant street food stalls, family-run haciendas and the finest restaurants of Mexico in this single comprehensive edition.

If Mexican is your cuisine of choice, then you will positively fall in love with this inspiring edition of Lonely Planet Food: From the Source - Mexico cook book, which features a mouth-watering array of eats from this most colourful of countries.

We personally highly recommend this amazing Mexican edition, having travelled in this incredible country previously. There are recipes contained within this book which we know to reflect the culinary complexities of this destination, including a few we've tried hard to source unsuccessfully in the years since our memorable visit.

Try mouth-watering Mexican habanero salsas, ground pumpkin seed dip, candied coconut and smoked fish with oyster sauce and beetroot puree - just some of the amazing eats contained within. These are authentic Mexican cuisines that you can replicate at home from scratch, all the while enjoying Lonely Planet's expertise with the ultimate convenience of the armchair traveller.

Both of these latest release cook books are available now in full colour, hard-cover editions for RRP $34.99 each at all good book stores and online at Lonely Planet here. Cook book collectors and avid readers can build on this same collection with earlier 2016 releases in this series covering Japan, Spain, Italy and Thailand. (Also RRP $34.99.)

We love these books stat! Do keep these quality reads in mind for gift-giving this Christmas and beyond.

We have three double prize packs of
Lonely Planet Food: From the Source
- Mexico and France cook books
to giveaway to readers of Six Little Hearts valued at $69.98 each with thanks to
Lonely Planet!
Total prize pool: $209.95

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Do you love Mexican cuisine? Is French cuisine your thing?
Are you a cook book collector?

*Disclosure: Items featured in this review were gifted for our honest opinion.
All thoughts expressed are genuine.

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  1. What a great give away! I do love a good cookbook and was just marveling at some the other day. Problem is that's all I do. Just stare at them in awe. I am not a chef by any means and I'm not that good at finding new recipes to cook. I tend to just make the stuff I always make. Sigh. Perhaps I should try and change that ...

  2. I love looking at the pictures in cook books - travel themed pics are my fav!

  3. Wow!! I had no idea that Lonely Planet did cook books. What a brilliant idea. When it comes to cooking, I need as much help as I can get. I tend to do the same old spag bol and meat and two veg for my family night after night. I'd love to mix things up with one of these books!

    1. CONGRATULATIONS Renee! You're a winner! You will be receiving a double book pack shortly. :D

    2. Hooray!!!! Thank you so much!!!

  4. These look fab! Despite being a wannabe minimalist and clearing my bookshelves in recent years, the books that I just can't part with are my Lonely Planets and my cookbooks! There's no such thing as too many cookbooks. I love the combination of cooking and travel in one tome - two of my favourite things!

  5. I had no idea Lonely Planet did cook books, what great Christmas gifts these will make.

  6. Lonely Planet books are a great source of information when wanting to travel, now I see they are also offer great sauces from many destinations around the world. These books are perfect in giving someone a taste of what it's like to visit and experience another culture and I would adore flipping through these pages and experiencing it all for myself, plus with teenage children wanting to leave the nest to travel these books would certainly be a great gateway. (Adele Smith).

    1. CONGRATULATIONS Adele! You will love these books which will be in your hands shortly. :D

  7. I would love to try new recipes

  8. Master 10 needs lots of taste but is fussy as fussy could get. He likes a bit of salty or spicy and maybe if he picks the recipe we can make it together and he will actually be thrilled with food and not bored and stuck in a three food cycle.

  9. They look lovely. I really like cookbooks but find I don't open them nearly as much as I should!

  10. I'm obsessed with cookbooks I'm quite the collector, does it improve my cooking skills? Probably not but I'm always keen to try out new things in the kitchen

  11. Lonely Planet is awesome. Combined it with cooking and you get double the fab. Christina L

  12. Recipes are my favourite type of souvenir. These would be the perfect gifts for friends who've travelled to each country through the year - to bring back all the wonderful (food) memories! (Christy)

  13. France and Mexico may differ greatly,
    Yet I have a sense within me, innately,
    Their cuisines would taste equally delicious,
    (And if homemade all the more nutritious)!
    Hence I would love to win these books,
    To learn from some native cooks,
    Their most scrumptious recipes,
    To share with my kids, please?

    Maria L

  14. These books will inspire me not only to cook more and different meals, but also travel. They are my two favourite things, food and travel and what a great combination they are.

    Kerrie L

  15. like traveling to delish destinations without leaving your kitchen

  16. These books like works of art! The photography is gorgeous. #teamIBOT

  17. Awesome giveaway, the cookbooks look great! I already have enough cookbooks so I won't enter but good luck to everyone!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  18. As by using a cookbook I can broaden my range of culinary dishes that I make for my family and friends. Phillip Cunningham

  19. I am always on the look out for delicious new recipes for the family. We are big on food in our household. I love that these are from local chefs in the countries.
    Samara McRae

  20. I hope your giveaway goes well. Thinking of you too my dear J. Thanks for linking up for Life This Week 40/52. Next week: With $1000 I would...

  21. This would make the perfect gift for my bother in law he is the best cook I know people always say he should go on Masterchef

    Karen Edwards

  22. Gastronomic delights! Variety is the spice of life and here it is with French and Mexican cuisine in the one package by Lonely Planet. Bring it on!


  23. Can never have enough French and Spanish cookbooks!

  24. More cookbooks to add to my collection and spend a quiet afternoon reading whilst trying to find out what to cook next.

    Mara Lidija

  25. Hubby's favourite is french for the wines, duck and soft cheeses.
    I am a lover of mexican for it's spice, enchiladas and tacos with extra cheese. Not forgetting a good old margarita which is essential with my favourite dishes 😉 This cookbook pack seems like the perfect couples cooking companions for us. We tend to stick to our favourite few french and mexican dishes but there is so much more to explore, taste and enjoy. Jo Chen

    1. CONGRATULATIONS Jo! A double cook book pack will be on its way to you shortly. Enjoy these beautiful books.

      Thanks everyone for entering. x

    2. Thanks so much. Margarita time! X

  26. The other half reckons I'm a terrible cook,
    hopefully with some fresh motivation
    I can prove him wrong
    and please the whole family
    with a delicious meal!

    Ashley Beech

  27. I have so many Lonely Planet travel guides from my carefree travelling days. Now I'm stuck in the kitchen with four mouths to feed it seems they have come to my rescue again. Can't wait to try the Mexican recipes - my favourite!

  28. Would love this as we haven't had a chance to travel to these places. but we can bring it to your home instead.

  29. I would love to win these for my husband for Christmas he is the chef in our house i would just look at the beautiful pictures!

  30. I have recently got back in to cooking and loving it so this would be the best prize

  31. Lonely Planet books are always so interesting to read. - Michelle

  32. I love to cook,
    And adore the LP books!
    Combine the two and I'll be in a happy zone,
    But with those dinners the family won't moan!

  33. Thanks for the great review, I am going to get a copy of Lonely Planet Food: From the Source, thanks, Rose Fanta


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