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Luna Park Melbourne Review...

"Hey Kids! Wanna go and road-test Luna Park?!"

Silly question I know. (I do enjoy teasing our six little hearts at times.) After all, what child, (or adult for that matter), would not enjoy the pleasures that await during a visit to this one and only historic theme park in Melbourne's trendy suburban seaside oasis known as St Kilda?

And hey, it's a hard life being a blogger but someone has do it. Wink!

Luna Park firmly established itself as a permanent Melbourne-to-do destination on December 13th, 1912, when Mr Moon, (the famous open-mouthed icon at the gateway of this loved park), first admitted thousands of fans to experience the thrills within.
Since the park's momentous opening over 100 years ago, the decades may have passed, (equally momentously), but the crowds and fun have never-yet waned. Not for a single minute.

We were recently invited to return to Luna Park in Melbourne to experience a spring day of fun during the September school holiday period, exploring the joys, thrills and festivities of this uniquely Melbourne haven.

There with bells on!

The happiness that emanates from within the walls of Luna Park Melbourne is thoroughly palpable, endlessly exciting and wonderfully vibrant. Luna Park's joys lie at a junction where a stunning fusion of historic eloquence meets with the artistic flare of our modern Melbourne culture.
You just can't top the combination. It's an appeal that's addictive, with an eternal pull-power which continues to draw-in each new generation with the same, unfailing magnetic appeal.

Have you yourself been to Luna Park in Melbourne in a while? If your answer's no, you simply must return soon! For families, this venue has the lot. If it's smiles on your children's faces that you're chasing, then this is the place to capture them.

There are so many attractions at Luna Park to keep families entertained for the whole day. We suggest you arrive early and stay late.

The historic Ghost Train ride, is an 80-odd year old ride that is definitely worth the queue wait-times. Our kids, (aged 17, 15, 13, 11, 9 and 4), absolutely love the vintage thrill of this clackety-carriage ride through this great old-fashioned fun house. The all-original ride carts themselves are made of wood and cast iron and barrel-along vintage tracks at speed today, as they did in times past. 

The Luna Park Ghost Train ride. No tears, just laughs and loads of smiles for all ages.

A vintage Melbourne tram today hosts on-site birthday parties.
It's an essential landmark at the centre of the theme park.

Luna Park has a modern-Melbourne artistic flare that gives this theme park an edge like no other.

There are an enormous array of attractions for families of all ages. Our boys were thrilled with the classic arcade which housed everything from video games, toy vending machines, a magic mirror maze and the futuristic Holodeck ride as well as the popular Street Legal Dodgems.

Try Luna Park's famed blue fairy floss sold on sticks. A theme park classic.

Fun awaits at every opportunity. Luna Park is a fantastic place to grab some
happy family memories.

For the kids: Our boys want to let you know that the Circus of Screams is a top recommendation of theirs! This 3D walk-through experience left our four sons in absolute hysterics and they are still talking about this one 2 weeks post-event! (Something about a scary clown with a machete and a whole lot of creepy frights!) This one attraction in particular has our boys pumped to try this one again and soon!

Currently, the historic Carousel at Luna Park in Melbourne in undergoing preservation work and so it is closed for a time. (You can read up on the antique carousel in our previous review of Luna Park here.) There are plenty of additional rides that have been called-in to cover the needs of the little ones though. No child will feel as though they have missed out!

The historic Scenic Railway art that graces the walls behind the world's oldest
continually operating roller coaster in the world.
Bigger thrill-seekers will get their kicks on the Scenic Railway rollercoaster which was built in 1911.
This vintage train reaches speeds of 65km per hour on tracks of almost 1km in length. Luna Park's Scenic Railway in Melbourne is the only rollercoaster in the Southern Hemisphere to have a driver - a riding brake-person! This is a must-do experience for all visitors.

Gift shop ghoulies are well priced and plentiful. You'll find many great souvenirs in the
Luna Park gift store for all ages.

Capitalise on all those gorgeous family smiles that you'll see plenty of, when you visit Luna Park in Melbourne.

Arrive early and stay late. Luna Park has plenty to keep you occupied with, for hours. Things change after dark, when thousands of lights illuminate the park into a sparkling, magical oasis. It makes for a whole new experience. Be sure to stay and see it.

You can find out more about Luna Park in Melbourne via their comprehensive website. Luna Park regularly host events which are worth investigating too. You can check out the upcoming events at Luna Park in Melbourne here. For general park information, find it here.

Six Little Hearts were happy guests of Luna Park Melbourne in exchange for this feature.
Thank you so much for having us at your sensational venue. x


  1. What great photos!! So much colour. Really shows the joy of the day.

  2. Luna Park is one of my all time favourite places to go, so much fun for adults and children alike!

  3. It looks so much fun! What gorgeous pics!

  4. I love Sydney's Luna Park but I haven't visited Melbourne's Luna Park with my kids yet!

    Next time we are in Melbourne I will definitely add this to our must see and do list!


    1. I am yet to try Luna Park in Sydney. Next time I am there, it's a must-do.

  5. It's been years since we went to Luna park, and it's not far away. Funny how it takes someone else to to worry about FOMO and want to join them #teamIBOT

  6. Looks like you had a fabulous time! I've never been to Luna Park in Melbourne, but I've been to the Sydney one and it's great! I can't wait to take the girls!

  7. To me that looks like a dream park. Honestly you are lucky to be enjoying there and hopefully one day I will also visit the place once. Thanks for sharing the pics.


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