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Making Family Friendly Travel Plans...

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When it comes to travelling as a family, how brave are you? Do you prefer to stay close to home? Do you enjoy camping? Or are you excited adventurers, challenged by distances with unusual and unique destinations in mind?

For all parents, making travel plans that are family friendly presents a highly individual undertaking. What makes a destination viable and exciting for one family, will likely be an entirely different story for another. It all comes down to your own unique personalities, family size and ages, plus the essential dynamics of cash flow, general health and your parenting levels of tolerance and resilience!

No matter how big or small your travel plans might be, it's easier to navigate the basic fundamentals with a few boundaries and pointers in place. This will help you to hone-in on your goals as a group. Planning these finer details from the outset will allow you to craft a holiday that's perfect for your tribe no matter what stage you're at in your parenting journey, or where you're heading.

Here are some valuable tips for you to consider as you prepare for your next family adventure.

First things first!

Your children's ages are your biggest consideration, coupled with your ability to handle them as parents.

If you feel your kids are too much of a handful, (because they are particularly young or otherwise), staying local might be your thing when planning a vacation. For you, city stays, short or longer drives to places such as seaside holidays and even camping adventures might be your best bet.

Don't feel like you're copping-out. All parents, (no matter how cool they appear), can and do empathise with this feeling! With time and experience, this phase will eventually move on and new horizons will confidently stretch before you. There's no reason to not enjoy these smaller vacations in the meantime, which will create great family memories for you all regardless.
Find our top tips for family road trips here. You may also find these suggestions for essential items to carry in your family vehicle handy.

Moving on up

Your kids are finally of a manageable age to you, and you have really come into your own as parents. Well done!

A young family, or a small family, who feel they can cope with more breadth in the travel scene, can tentatively begin to explore further afield. Even if it's never appealed before, a good place to start is by trying a camping holiday. The freedoms of the outdoors will give you a glimpse of how well you handle your kids in the open, and introduce you all to the possibilities of bigger travel plans down the path.

Alternatively, hire a motor home or take a driving holiday that covers greater distances. Now is the perfect time to seek out places of interest specifically for families that include exciting and age appropriate activities, sports, adventures, tours and fun.

Importantly, also consider plans now, that can not only accommodate your children's ages and stages, but that also incorporate together-time for yourselves. Parents need time-out too on vacation, so be sure to include some options for quality included childcare and scheduled, supervised kids' activities that are available and affordable.

Parents of young kids may find these tips for flying with toddlers helpful.

Big adventurers!

By now you're fabulously experienced parents with children who are capable of enjoying the gift of travel fully. For many of us, this translates to children who are school-aged, but for some of you, you've been enviously lucky to hit this confident stage from birth. (By the way, kids of any age will benefit in endless ways from the gift of travel!)

Welcome to the pinnacle time to travel as a family!

Make your plans freely and with adventure at their very heart. You can go literally anywhere from here with the only restraint being for most, a financial one.

International travel becomes a fabulous reality now and your children's interests will be shaped by so many wonderful opportunities and experiences from your chosen destination. Of course, there are the popular ones like Europe and Asia, but if you want to go somewhere a bit different altogether and exciting, there's always Africa! Why not explore the hidden gems of this beautiful continent? There's Namibia and Botswana's diverse landscapes and Zimbabwe's famous Victoria Falls, to name just a few. While you're at it, make sure you check out the Safari packages by Bench Africa.

An African safari is almost always on top of everyone's bucket lists and why wouldn't it be? You'll be able to see wild animals in their natural habitat and Africa's most amazing natural parks and game reserves. Don't worry if you have a limited budget! Bench Africa has travel specialists who will assist you in tailoring an itinerary that's both adventure-filled and within budget.

Wherever you ultimately decide to travel as a family, make sure you stay safe and aware at all times by heeding all current travel warnings. You can find everything you need to know at Smartraveller in Australia.

Are you an adventurous family?
Do you travel far and wide or prefer to stay close to home?

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  1. I love travelling with our girls. We recently came back from a trip to Coffs Harbour. We made the decision to do local holidays while the kids are young and attempt overseas holidays when they are older and can remember the experience. We're heading overseas at the end of next year and I can't wait.

    1. How exciting that you're going overseas! Where to?
      Good idea to stick with smaller trips when your kids are young. Some people can cope with bigger travel plans in these years but there's always time in the future when everyone feels ready.

  2. WE recently took our 15 year old to the UK to see his sister (who moved there earlier this year) I was terrified of taking him on such a long flight and worried he would be bored by all the history we wanted to see, but he loved it!! I do enjoy traveling with my kids, it's so important to teach them about what can been seen in the world.

    1. I would love to travel to the UK. How lucky your son is. It's certainly not cheap from Australia. I can't imagine anyone being bored while travelling.

  3. Family travel is our favourite. It has it's moments but our little people have been to more than 10 countries already at 2 and 4 years of age. The worst part is they won't remember so much of it that young so we try and have great albums full of memories they can flip through.

    1. What a bunch of travelling experts you all are! Do you travel for work or pleasure? Great that you have kept plenty of albums for them to look over when they are older. I am sure they will retain some surprising memories when they are older.

  4. We've only been to NZ with the kids, which we loved!!! We hope to do Japan in the next year or two :) #teamIBOT

    1. NZ would be a fab destination for families.
      Japan would be incredible! I have always wanted to go. Have fun planning that one.

  5. It does get so much easier as children get older. Looking forward to a few more overseas trips with my son now that he'll be starting school next year.

    SSG xxx

  6. I'd love to take the kids on an African Safari!


  7. Awesome tips!! I (obviously!!) think that the gift of travel is something that everyone needs to give their children... so many memories and bonding that is made on trips!

  8. This is such a positive and helpful post for many Jody! I have not travelled extensively with our (then) kids but we had experiences of family seaside holidays. Our grandkids (when they were 8 and 6) came with us for a special driving holiday to the far north coast and that was interesting to see how they enjoyed the experience. They are now 20 and 18 and still remember it! Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 43/52. Next week: My Last Year at High School.


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