Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Smile with Smiggle Jewellery and Other Exciting Christmas Delights In Store... Psst! A Giveaway Too!

If you're a Smiggle fan, (and let's face it - who isn't?!), then your favourite stationery store has just got a whole lot more sensational. Whoop!

Smiggle are proud to announce a brand new range of playful and colourful jewellery for kids and ain't that just super-est exciting news for young fashionistas everywhere!

Smiggle's new Smile with Smiggle collection includes more than 150 accessories and fashion jewels to please kid-fans who already adore all the fun and excitement embodied within the Smiggle brand.

Just a teensy peek at the huge Smile with Smiggle range you'll now find in Smiggle stores.
Discover bracelets, necklaces and chokers, hair accessories like pony-holders and tiaras as well as earrings, rings and other accessories. The entire Smile with Smiggle range is geared to please with the newest themes embracing the current hot trends of unicorns, rainbows, friendship and love. (Actually, those are eternally popular themes!)

Choker 3 pack hippy RRP $9.95. (These fit little girls and up perfectly.) The range is recommended for ages 6 plus.

All Smiggle earrings are hypo-allergenic and the entire Smiggle range is nickel-free.
Pictured: Smile with Smiggle earring 6 pack diamonte RRP $7.95.

Smiggle fans can expect to find fabulous themed collections in-stores around special holiday dates like Halloween, Christmas and Easter. (Make sure you're quick for those!)

With the biggest gift-giving season of all just around the corner, Smiggle's new Smile with Smiggle collections are bound to be popular this December.

Kids can also share in the joys of the end of year period, with the gift set collection - BFF! Smiggle  have a colourful and well-priced array of exciting gifts for besties, containing a unique piece for both the giver and the receiver. A win-win in the eyes of children!

Smile with Smiggle rings 6 pack silicone with charms RRP $9.95. Note the gorgeous gift boxes too!

Smile with Smiggle beautiful headband tiara RRP $9.95.
Smile with Smiggle bracelet bangle heart RRP $6.95. Expandable and pretty.

Christmas is just around the corner. (Can you believe it? Me neither!)

Smiggle are a one-stop-shop for all your kiddos' Christmas needs in 2017. If you're after Kris Kringle gifting ideas, inspo for school friends' end of year pressies, or just a 'regular' shop to begin the 2018 back-to-school year in style, Smiggle, as always, have your needs covered in bucket loads of sparkle.

Look forward to this year's best Advent Calendar of all time, in this most impressive 2017 Smiggle goody!

Now we were invited to reveal a few of the very exciting stationery pieces contained within here... but, we just can't bring ourselves to open it before December 1st! So, an executive decision has been made - keep the contents of this brilliant calendar under-wraps until the rest of you have claimed your own from a Smiggle store. This way, there's only surprises for us all. (No spoilers!)
You're welcome!

Hot tip: I do believe there may be unboxing vlogs on YouTube if you just can't help yourself.

You can find this amazing Smiggle Advent Calendar in Smiggle stores now or buy it online from Smiggle here. The RRP of this Christmas must-have, is $39.95 and the value of its inclusions are worth over $70!

If you're truly desperate to try before you buy, you can visit any Smiggle store to take an exclusive peek within. Furthermore, across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, there are 25 Golden Tickets to be won which entitle winners to a $1000 Smiggle shopping spree!

Now imagine the festive joy that would bring!


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Promotion ends Monday November 6th November at 10am. Hurry!

Disclosure: Items featured in this review were gifted.
As always, all opinions expressed are our own and genuine.

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  1. I work on the premise that you've never too old for Smiggle! That jewellery looks so much fun and don't get me started on the advent calendar - it's awesome!

    1. I love Smiggle too and often buy myself stationery treats when in store. Just too much fun and colour to hold back. :D

  2. I love Smiggle and I love gifting Smiggle items. I'll have to check out your competition!


    1. I can't wait to get it started - just waiting on the goodies so that I can image them and share. Keep checking back... x

  3. I adore this idea! Love Smiggle and these Smile items look awesome x

  4. I marvel at the genius of Smiggle. The fact that younger kids are so attracted to it! I love that. My kids grew out of it in their tween years (because it's sooooooo last year) but I am personally still attracted to it myself. All that colour, all that glorious stationery. I salivate.

  5. Oh my Gosh! The kids would go wild over that Smiggle advent calendar. The jewellery looks super cute. Are chokers back in fashion now??! I've seen a few around lately. Reminds me of the nineties :)

  6. How cool is this shop?!! My inner child skips a beat when I walk past this shop!! I dare not take my boys there - pen and pencil mad!! #teamIBOT

  7. I love Smiggle, just the smells when we walk instore are amazing! My daughter has a keyring on her school bag and we smell it often and say "Hmmm...
    Smiggle...". My porn is stationery, so I am like a kid in a candy store!


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