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Worlds Apart Woofy Whoops! Review. A Fun Interactive Game for Families. A Childsmart Feature...

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Board games for families never grow tired. Add all the benefits modern gadgets to these age-old favourites and traditional games just get better and better.

Our latest review for Childsmart, is the hilarious Worlds Apart Woofy Whoops! It's a game that's bound to be a cult favourite with families of all ages. There's humour, suspense and technology driving its popularity and our kids can't get enough of it!

We were already laughing hard before we'd even physically unpacked this game. The object of the game is plain, simple and funny!:

'Woofy's busting for a wee... Dodge the dog or get covered in pee!'

Inside the game box you'll find all the basics to get you started on Woofy Whoops!

There's Woofy himself - a very cute and cheeky doggy who will thrill the kids with his naughty ways, plus a fire hydrant which houses the batteries (3 x AA) that operate the water pump for the wet fun that follows. There's also a comprehensive instruction leaflet which explains everything you need to know.

Woofy Whoops! is easy and quick to assemble. (Great, because the kids were itching to get covered in pee!)

Before you get started playing Worlds Apart Woofy Whoops!, you'll need to download the free Woofy Whoops! app onto your smartphone. (The app is available on both iOS and Android. The app is compatible with iOS 9 or later and Android devices 4.3 or later. Note too, a smartphone is not included in the Woofy Whoops! game.)

What a cutie!
Playing Woofy Whoops! is simple from here. Just fill the water hydrant with some water and secure your smartphone to the sturdy cradle at the opposite end to Woofy and his wee! (Don't worry, your smartphone is quite safe as it is always at the opposite end to Woofy's weeing ways.) Once secured, attach the cable from the Woofy Whoops! game to your smartphone and open the Woofy Whoops! app.

Make sure you turn up the sound on your mobile and also switch the hydrant to the on position. From here the fun begins!

There's instant music, barking and animation as Woofy Whoops! springs to life.

The oldest player goes first and spins Woofy. When Woofy lands on a player, listen to and count the number of 'barks' he makes...

The lucky player then gently strokes Woofy the same number of times that Woofy barked.
Each successful pat is also rewarded with a happy bark from Woofy.

If the player completes their pats... and nothing happens... they're safe to spin again!

Eventually Woofy will need to wee and his 'accident' will land on an unlucky player, eliciting mountains of laughter from kids when he does!

More fun comes again from watching the built-in 'Wee Play!' The app will record the moment when Woofy wees and capture it in slow motion! You can watch the fun over and over and even save and share your videos. The fun is never ending playing Woofy Whoops!

Waiting for Woofy's wee!

Woofy Whoops! is a great family game and we think it's destined to become a family classic.
We highly recommend you add this one to the Christmas list this December.
Woofy Whoops! is suitable for players aged 3 plus and multiplays from 2-10 people.
You can find Woofy Whoops! on the Childsmart website.

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  1. I can see how this game would result in laughs galore! My youngest son would absolutely love this game!


  2. How much fun is this? Also good because it gets them interacting with other people, not just the smart phone! My kids would love it.

  3. I've been on the hunt for a board game for my son for Christmas and this looks like something would absolutely love!


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