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BRIO® Family House Toy Review. A Childsmart Feature

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Just look at that excited little face! Do you remember the timeless fun of playing with a doll house when you were young?

Doll houses have always been a forever favourite with young and old, enabling children to act-out real life routines and circumstances in miniature with all the benefits of their active imaginations. Play-wise, there are infinite games to be enjoyed in these essential childhood micro universes. It's little wonder these toys are hot-sellers still.

Naturally, toy industry experts BRIO®, have encapsulated the very best of this traditional toy in a stunning smaller format that will see kids drawn to play again and again.

The BRIO® Family House is a detailed and pretty build for kids with a recommended age range of 3-7 years. If you've been looking for a play house that doesn't take up too much space and is portable without losing any detail or potential for fun, then this beauty from BRIO® is the one your child!

Our 4 year old daughter is captivated with this play house!

The BRIO® Family House comes partially assembled to get kids started right out of the box. There are multiple levels, rooms and features and many ways to tailor the Family House to your liking. Kids can add rooms, remove them, mix them up, pop in windows, place the furnishings and enjoy the characters that come with the set. Instructions are included to offer assistance, but you won't need them!

Everything slots together soundly and with surprising strength. It doesn't fall apart during play with thanks to the quality design of the BRIO® brand. BRIO® use a mix of wood and colourful heavy duty plastics in their range of toys. Combined, these materials give everything in their extensive range, their inherent appeal and strength.

There are four family members included in the BRIO® Family House.

It may be a compact size, but the finer details are not left out of this family home. There's everything from a bed that converts to a bathtub and a bookcase that becomes a television. Many of the dolls house items are dual purpose and can simply be rotated to reveal a new use. In all, there are nine items of furniture plus additional accessories to bring this delightful home to life for kids.

All figures are fully articulated and can sit and stand perfectly on their own for play without frustration.

Attach the characters to the ladder and let them climb up to enjoy the outdoor balcony area.

Different floor surfaces hint at the suggested purpose of each room.
Kids can mix and match the furniture to their liking.

We love the overall size of the BRIO® Family House. The design of the columns which hold the floors in place allow plenty of room for hands to manipulate the play without it falling apart. Even older children and adults will find it quite easy to get in and have a go. Furthermore, the fact that the house can be built in a myriad of ways means where additional children are concerned, play can be divided for fairness. Hand a couple of rooms to one child and some to another. No more fights!

Enjoy the features of a quality play house such as real windows to let in the light and enhance the play fun.

Play indoors or outside with this sweet play home. Also great for travel.

Although it's compact, this BRIO® Family House lacks in nothing. It is actually quite generously sized to accommodate hours of play and holds many benefits over larger versions. For one, the Family House packs away in minutes! It also displays well on a shelf or wide windowsill and has a captivating appeal that will see your children drawn to it again and again.

Best of all, BRIO® toys are all part of a larger universe to create, full of endless play potential. Parents can add to the play fun by purchasing additional BRIO® sets and building a whole world for their kids to enjoy. (Take a look at this BRIO® Countryside Horse Set we've reviewed previously. It's just one example of a perfect match when it comes to the play potential with BRIO®.)

The BRIO® Family House (number 33941) is priced at RRP $109.95. You can learn more about the exciting BRIO® range of playthings on the Childsmart website.

Did you own a dolls house when you were young?
Do you own a collection of BRIO® toys?

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  1. Brio is such an iconic brand! I had Brio sets growing up. I love this doll house! Especially the concept of giving a couple of rooms each to separate kids for when they each just need their own to play with. Brilliant!


  2. We are huge fans of Brio at our place! Lots of trains but no doll houses. Thanks for sharing this review of this part of their toy range.

    SSG xxx

  3. this is really nice to read..informative post is very good to read..thanks a lot! in British Columbia


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