Thursday, 9 November 2017

Bush Baby World - Meet the Bush Babies and WIN One of Two Bush Baby Dreamstars Prize Packs!

It's time to embrace the cute and cuddly Bush Babies of Bush Baby World!

Bush Baby World is the magical land of the Bush Babies. It's a wonderful place filled with a vast number of regions where the Bush Babies reside. Each district of Bush Baby World has its own story to tell and is filled with an array of unique characters... and they're all deliciously adorable!

The fun and adventures of the Bush Babies are available to enjoy online via the Bush Baby World's dedicated YouTube channel. (Make sure you pay a visit with your child to check out the charming excitement of these characters and their exploits.) There are not only animated webisodes to enjoy, but also visit the official website of Bush Baby World to experience the fun of storytelling, downloads and online creative play opportunities to support this adorable range of toys aimed at girls (and boys!) aged 5 to 9 years of age.

Meet Oni - One of the Bush Baby World Dreamstars.
Oni is The Funny One who likes to be helpful but is also sometimes forgetful.
There are six Bush Baby World Dreamstars to collect.

We were gifted some Bush Baby merchandise to road-test and what an instant hit these were with our four year old daughter!

The Bush Babies are small, furry and extremely cute and cuddly. They have large moveable eyes and waggly ears which kids can manoeuvre all by themselves, just by popping a finger in the special concealed pocket at the back of each Bush Baby's head.
It's an exciting interactive feature that enables countless adventures, games and stories to really come to life for kids.

Children can animate their Bush Babies by using their finger to operate the eyes and ears of each character.
The stories of Bush Baby World are quite lively and involved and best enjoyed via their website and YouTube channel.

To support the fun of their online adventures, the very first collection of the Bush Babies contains 14 adorable characters with more to follow in the coming months.

Oni (above), is one of six cute characters in the Bush Baby World stories. Also available are Mimi, Kiki, Neesha, Kojo and Issi. All Dreamstars Bush Babies are RRP $16.95 each.

No Bush Babies collection could possibly be complete without the addition of the beautiful and very important Princess Melina!

Princess Melina is Bush Baby royalty and she oversees the entire Bush Baby World from her palace in Shimmer Mountain.

Princess Melina arrives with a sparkling Royal Pod where she can sleep plus additional accessories.

Princess Melina comes with extras as you would expect of any princess! There's her Royal Sceptre and sparkling hair comb. She also carries a special Shimmer Star in her glittery silver bag, to assist her Bush Baby friends to look after the Bush Baby Dream Tree. (The Dream Tree is a play set essential that houses the entire collection of toys. RRP $109.95.)

Princess Melina also has two ladies-in-waiting from the Shimmies range that are each sold separately. (Not pictured.) There's Lady Lulu and Lady Lexi and both are residents of Shimmer Mountain. Each features sparkly eyes and glittery fur and paws, plus coloured quiffs of fur and a hair comb. RRP $24.95 each.

Princess Melina RRP $49.95.

Kids can delight in Princess Melina's sparkling blue eyes that animate. Comb the beautiful long hair on her ears and tail
and enjoy the adventures to be had with her friends.

Play suggestion: Attach the hanging pods of the Bush Babies to real trees to take the play fun outdoors!
(Pods are available with certain sets.)

You can find the extensive Bush Babies range at all major retailers including David Jones, Kidstuff, Mr Toys, newsXpress, Toyworld and others. With Christmas just around the corner, these pretty and collectible toys and playsets are destined to be a major hit. Don't forget to enjoy Bush Baby World via the websites mentioned above. You can also follow them on Facebook here.

The verdict - LOVE them!

Win 1 of 2 Bush Baby World Dreamstars
prize packs valued at $33.90 each!
Each prize pack contains a pair (2) of the Bush Baby World Dreamstars characters
which will be randomly picked to kick-start your child's own collection.
Total prize pool: $67.80.
Promotion ends 25th November, 2017.

To Enter:
Please fill out the short competition form below.
Please leave a comment and your name inside your comment box.
Entries without names and comments are ineligible to win.
Good luck!

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*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts were gifted the featured items in exchange for this review.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.

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CD and DVD Prize Packs Worth $32.90!


  1. My niece, Miss S, takes after me and adores her stuffed toys. I would love to surprise her with a Bush Baby for Christmas. Maree Gray

  2. My girl loves the bush horn and bred she has such a love for animals she is my little bush baby

  3. My girls Alexandra and Gemma love love love their animals and take lots of toys to bed and they would be so happy to win a bush baby because they have wanted them for so long especially the sparkly ones.... Thanks

  4. My daughter always alternates which of her stuffed toys she sleeps with at night and would love to find one of the Bush Babies under the Christmas tree to add to this group of sleep buddies. Vanessa Ahern

  5. These are super cute my girls would love to find these hiding in the Christmas tree even I want one they look so soft Shannon discombe

  6. My 7 year old daughter would love a Bush baby she would love to look after it and cuddle up to at nigh. It would be a great surprise for her birthday or Christmas

  7. Loretta Franceschini. OMG how cute are bush babies. I'd like to gift a bush baby to my friends little one for Christmas. She would look after it lovingly.

  8. Little bear would like a unicorn, a cat and a bunny... I told her we don't have the proper yard for them right now? She decided to collect animal bones??? I told her they were absolutely NOT allowed inside.. especially the ones that still smell!! I dream for her a pet she can care for that does not smell or need a big cage or new fence... ;) Natalie Murnane

  9. Oh wow. These are absolutely adorable!! We (I) would love love to win!! They sound and look absolutely adorable. My daughter would love these bit I have a feeling I would love them more!! Thanks so much for the opportunity.
    Amorita. :)

  10. As I am Phillip Cunningham and I have two grandchildren that would really love me to win this prize for them

  11. I know a beautiful little girl that has been through hell the last few years and she deserves something cute for her bravery.

    1. Congratulations winner number 1! Hope this brightens her Christmas. x

  12. Some babies to take bush when next we go (Joanne C)

  13. My son would absolutely love these cute and furry little cuties. He would cuddle it constantly and look so cute playing and talking to it.
    Samara McRae

  14. My nieces will have so much fun this xmas with these delightful babies to look after.
    Sharon Johnson

  15. my grand-daughter would love to play with these little cutties they are bush babies

  16. To keep my daughter company in bed because she always complains she has not friends in her room when it's sleep time! Karina L

  17. My darling little granddaughter would love to play and cuddle with a bush baby dreamstar, she is always unwell and needs cuddles. Debbie Moody

  18. My 3 little girls would love to play with these little bush babies as they love cuddles and love the bush. Juliette Gibb

  19. These Bush Babies are absolutely gorgeous and I am a tad scared I will thieve them one by one in the middle of the night to begin my own collection. They are so sweet. (Juanita Torr)

  20. My niece would love to add these to her collection. She amused herself for 2 hours with them yesterday while we had a family lunch in a restaurant on the beach

  21. While they’re not exactly real
    My little ones could get a feel
    Of how animals in the Australian Bush live
    And what the landscape has to give
    We can see the roos from our back window
    And when there’s a joey ‘Let’s get one, let’s go!’
    I have to say no, they’re not ours
    But they could play with this guy for hours.
    They’d like it more than a cat or dog
    And their ‘current pet’, a neighbourhood frog
    Poor Mr Ribbet, lucky he’s too quick
    Or he’d end up in a cage, on a stick
    Bush Babies are the perfect toy
    To save me sorrow, and bring them joy!

    1. Congratulations Bethany - winner number 2! We'll be in touch shortly. :D
      Thanks so much to everyone who entered!

  22. My granddaughter would love these! She's a little bush baby herself. She's the kid that wears a princess dress or tulle creation with gumboots or sneakers and odd socks as we go on hikes, or when we go to the river for picnics. She loves animals and I can tell you right now she'd have bush babies in her back pack as she wanders through the Aussie bush. Leanne Shea Langdown (at Deep Fried Fruit)

  23. Who wants a bush baby? Mimi! They're not oni cute but covers a neesha for bush and animal lovers alike. Issi just me? Don't they work their kojo (kool mojo) on you too? I'm definitely adopting one of these bambinos - for my niece, of course. Hehe! Kiki! Dreamstarry-eyed me: Winsome Leung

  24. Love these, so cute , my niece would love to find this under the Christmas tree this year :) Laura Power

  25. These furry guys would be a great surprise on Christmas morning to find hiding in our trees. Their cute little faces and big eyes scream "get me down for hugs" and my boys sure would. They'd love them. Jo Chen

  26. I would love this for my cousin’s little foster daughter,
    I know it would bring plenty smiles and laughter.
    To see her face light up with bush baby delight.
    I know she will want to play all night!
    As she’s had a tough start,
    sharing this with her would gladden my heart.
    Megan Marot

  27. Bush Babies excite!
    Imaginations ignite,
    What’s in store?
    Thrills galore,
    There’s no stopping,
    Kids & Bush Babies are bopping!
    Magical fun,
    For everyone.

    Adele Smith

  28. These bush babies shown in the pictures are really looking very good and attractive.

    Gmail support

  29. I have twin Great granddaughters who have been looking at the "Buswh Babies" and say they want one. I am 83 and even I want one they are so cute.

  30. My little girl would love to adopt these bush babies, they would be well cared for by her.

  31. Virgil Duane Van Schoonhoven

    ~ A Bush Baby would be an awesome gift! ~

  32. They hang out in trees most of the time but will sometimes move along the ground when they need to.

  33. These are so adorable and my girls would be thrilled to discover these under the tree at Christmas. I can see my littlest girl loving and caring for her bush baby and wanting to collect them all :)

  34. I love that these toys will encourage outdoors play! Anything that sees little people in the sunshine and enjoying imaginative play is a winner!

  35. I'd love to win this fantastic Bush Baby Dreamster Prize Pack because the babies are cute, cuddly and my kids would love playing with them and start collecting the rest of them. Thank you.

  36. There is a newsagent that has these in their window near where we live and every time we pass it, we come to a complete standstill whilst my daughter gazes longingly and then begins to tell stories about them. She would so love to own a bush baby.

  37. This would be great to win because they are so cute and my daughter would love to find one under the tree on Christmas Day - Skye Danaher

  38. My baby is 6 weeks today, she hasnt got much toys yet. This would be great to win for her, she would love this when she starts learning to appreciate things. And also she is a bushy baby herself as she was born with a lot of hair. Car Robins

  39. Would love to win for my daughter who just loves stuffed animals. Kylie sneddon

  40. Living in the NT, we often get to see the real deal with a lot of Australian Wildlife and they are always wanting to bring them home, this way they can :)

  41. Just for girls? NO WAY. My son wants one and he's 1.5 years and lovely cuddly things!

  42. However, I also appreciated the fact that I was lucky to be able to breastfeed as I know many mothers want to but can't for whatever reason. Even those that choose not to breast feed should not be maligned.Vaikiški vežimeliai

  43. Awesome! It looks so pretty. All of the above character of the Bush Babies looks cute and adorable! Thanks for sharing it. I would love to gift a whole kit of the Bush Baby collection. Kayla Walker


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