Thursday, 16 November 2017

Cabbage Patch Kids Are Back In Stores!

Way back in 1983, the world was positively brimming with excitement at the toy craze of the now legendary Cabbage Patch Kids.

While I myself had grown out of the doll stage by the time these toys arrived on the scene, I do recall all the hype of the Cabbage Patch phenomenon in the news. These dolls were so popular that it was not uncommon for customers to physically fight for them in stores! Police were often required to supervise both the stock and shoppers. Some stores even ventured into hosting lotteries to allocate their stock of dolls with due fairness.

Were you a mum to a Cabbage Patch Kid?
Do you recall this irrational hype when the first round of Cabbage Patch dolls hit the market?!

Well mamas, the Cabbage Patch Kids are back and once again in a big way, ready for a whole new generation of mummies (and daddies!) to take care of them with the same fervour they enjoyed the first time around.

In stores right now, you can browse an entirely new release of Cabbage Patch Kids, with their beautiful faces and an array of refreshing updated fashions and formats to impress today's demanding kids.

Welcome to the family!

We were ever-so-lucky to get our hands onto one of the newest Cabbage Patch Kids to give you guys a chance to see what all the hype is about. The special thing about Cabbage Patch dolls, (from any era), is that they're all different. There are no two dolls alike. Each has their own expression, outfit, individual facial features and hairstyle. They're as unique as real people, and kids (and their parents), go crazy for this fact.

Today's Cabbage Patch Kids come with a special key which allows children to adopt
any Adoptimals™ pet and unlock their animal's heartbeat. (Sold separately.)

CPK dolls are a cuddly 35cms in length.

Our newest family member from the CPK range, was welcomed and instantly bonded-with, by our daughter from the moment she caught a glimpse of her in her big, colourful box.
Our girl adores her blonde baby named 'Andi Kimberly,' who arrived all the way from Babyland General Hospital®, where all Cabbage Patch Kids live and play until they are officially adopted into loving homes. (Do check out the link - it's a real place in the USA!)

Just like the Cabbage Patch Kids of old, today's dolls are the same big, quality-made playthings for a brand new audience. The dolls have soft bodies which are ideal for snuggling, plus plastic heads with ample hair for styling. There are also beautiful accessories such as jewellery and shoes to finish off their look. (It's easy too, to find generic clothing for dolls of this size so your child can build a wardrobe of items which they can enjoy for years - even generations.)

One special feature which all Cabbage Patch Kids arrive with, is their very own adoption and personalised birth certificate! Ours clearly stated that our daughter's doll was named 'Andi Kimberly.' It's a unique and special touch that makes owning a Cabbage Patch Doll a highly memorable event in a child's life. Also attached, is an Oath of Adoption which your child can recite to formalise their guardianship. Just too cute!

The new range of Cabbage Patch Kids on the market today, include a high tech Baby So Real. (RRP $199.) These dolls are not only equally cute and cuddly, but have special sensors for feeding, tickling, rocking and nappy changing amongst others. This toy is definitely worth investigating and it even works with its own app.

Further, there are miniatures too. The Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts are priced from RRP $5.99. There are 120 charming little figures to collect including kids and pets plus limited edition specials. All are small enough to carry in your child's pocket for convenient play anywhere.

Cabbage Patch Kids are currently waiting to be adopted this Christmas at Myer, Toys R Us, Big W, Toyworld, and other toy retailers. RRP $89.95. Recommended for ages 3 and above.

Did you own a Cabbage Patch Kid when you were little?
Do you still have your original Cabbage Patch Kid doll?!

*Disclosure: The item featured was gifted for our consideration.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. Replies
    1. Very cute huh?! Great to see these in the arms of a new generation.

  2. There's a lot of retro toys hitting the scene again - I think the nostalgia of the parents make them popular...

    1. Absolutely! Retro toys are very 'in.' A joy for us parents who played with them first.

  3. Growing up I always wanted one of these dolls but never got one! If only my daughter were younger I would so be buying her one. Maybe my niece will have to receive one from me so I can get over never having owned one myself - lol!


    1. I had just grown out of dolls when these arrived on the scene. The appeal was very tempting though! It's great to be able to see your kids play with retro faves.

  4. I never had a cabbage patch kid when they went round the first time. I do remember being a little envious of friends who had one and sensed that I was missing out.


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