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Stretch Justice League Batman Review. Retro Toy Fun For Kids and WIN!

Looking for something a little different for your child to enjoy under the tree this Christmas? Something memory-invoking and exciting, just like the toys that were around when you were a kid?

Right now in stores, you can check out the return of some enticing retro playthings from the '70's and '80's! Grownups can glean much joy from the return of classic childhood favourites such as the Cabbage Patch Kids, (stay tuned for a review here shortly) and now, The original Stretch Armstrong and his bunch of stretchy buddies!

Do you remember Stretch Armstrong?!

For those of you too young to have witnessed all the fun the first time around, Stretch Armstrong was a popular action figure with fun built-in to his very fibre. Kids could pull his limbs and s-t-r-e-t-c-h him to the limits, then watch him shrink back again as if by magic. Pure, palpable pleasure!

Not only is Stretch Armstrong back for a new generation of kids, but he's returned with a bunch of popular buddies to excite children in these modern times! (The fun is still the same too!)

Introducing Stretch Justice League Batman (pictured), plus Mini Stretch and Mini Fetch (7" figures who stretch 5 times their size, RRP $29.99 each), as well as Stretch Justice League Minis (RRP $29.99).

We tossed all the fun of Stretch Justice League Batman at our nine year old son for a bit of a playdate. For those of you who parent boys, you will be well-familiar with the lack of delicacy this group have for their playthings - especially action heroes!

...Fair enough too. An action toy is not worth its weight if it cannot be put through the wringer with an active child!

For our son, Stretch Justice League Batman is just the best super hero toy he's yet discovered in his short lifetime!

Batman willingly holds up to all kinds of strain - in fact he's built for it. He is super strong and stretchy, which makes him crazy-fun for hyperactive kids.

Stretch Justice League Batman RRP $49.99.

Stretch Justice League Batman likes to be pulled.
He springs right back into shape as soon as he is released.

Real life play with boys - after he's been stretched, why not try make him fly?!

There are some general rules about playing with these fun retro re-runs and instructions for play come with each item. Obviously, the figure will break if it is pulled too far. There's plenty of room for enjoyment though with a generous suggested stretch span of 90cms. Just keep in mind that common sense is necessary for prolonged play.

Stretch figurines do not like extremes of heat and cold so room temperature is best for optimum enjoyment. A cold Stretch Justice League Batman can be difficult to manipulate but he will soften with use. Due to the nature of his filling, ensure your child never punctures or bites the figure. Stretch Justice League Batman and his buddies are filled with a non-toxic, food grade glucose solution for safe play.

Finally, be prepared for a bit of the toy's painted features to rub. This occurs quite naturally from the stretching feature during use. This fact absolutely did not bother our son though! In fact, 'roughed-up' Stretch Justice League Batman seemed to garner even more cred once he was 'broken-in' by our son's excited play!

Stretch Justice League Batman comes with a recommended age range of 5 plus and we would suggest this is spot-on for kids. The figurine is quite weighty and can be challenging to manipulate so a bit of muscle on a bigger kid is ideal.

This toy comes highly recommended! (We loved it so much we bought a second for Christmas. Ssh!)
Finally, don't presume that this is a plaything strictly for boys. Girls get just as much enjoyment out of this retro great.

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  1. These look so fun! We're going to see Justice League next week and I can't wait!

  2. My favourite toy as a child was the Pogo Stick and it brought all the neighbourhood kids to the yard. They'd bring their pogo sticks, skateboards, roller skates etc and we would have loads of fun with made up games and races. Our driveway was perfect for outdoor activities. Adele Smith.

  3. My favourite toy growing up was a Barbie bus it was big enough to fit our little sister in, we'd push her all around the house. Hours of fun.
    My soon to be 8 year old would love a Stretch Batman
    Karen Edwards

  4. Dominos! And when there was nobody around to play the game with, I'd spend hours building up a Domino walls. Just to in seconds see them all fall!

  5. Mine was Barbie- I had a vivid imagination so mine were always getting up to mischief!

  6. I would love to win one of the robust Stretch Justice League Batman toys as it would be lovely for once not to have to worry about my destructive children breaking one of their toys within 24 hours of receiving it! Vanessa Ahern

  7. My favourite toy was a car. Same size as a hot wheels. Made of all metal not like the half plastic tin things they get now. It came with the yellow pages and had a lift up bonnet. It was yellow and had the yellow pages logo on the hood. The boys still have them as I somehow procured my brothers one too??.
    Natalie Murnane

  8. My favourite toy was my teddy bear Goldie. She was the first toy I bought with my pocket money. She has been my faithful companion ever since, comforting me when I lost pets and then my Mum a few years ago. I'm 47 now and I still cuddle her each night. Luckily my husband doesn't mind! Maree Gray

  9. My favourite toy was my cabbage patch kid doll. I loved it so much and took it everywhere. My son would love this toy!
    Samara McRae

  10. Hahaha! Love the facial expressions. This actually reminds me of the wrestlers that my brother used to have. You could put them on your thumb to wrestle with but they also stretched really well. I can see these will be popular at xmas! #teamIBOT

  11. Oh boy, do I have a couple of nephews who would battle it out for this guy. Good luck with the giveaway, I'd better put this one on the Christmas list to guarantee two of them. ;)

  12. My favourite toy was my sleeping barbie that when you wipes its eyes they closed

  13. I used to have all the action figures for He-Man and would play with them for hours on end with my brother.

  14. I used to have Care Bears which I loved for years and took with me everywhere I went.

  15. My favorite toy as a child was my rocking horse, loved it!

  16. still have them tempo /airfix toy soldiers they are made of plastic and are starting to rot bought them when we emigrated 1969 this would be a toy for my grand-son to play

  17. How do I pick just one toy! One that I do remember fondly is a sketch o graph. I am not sure if that was what it was actually called but a google search brought that up. I remember using it a lot, and fighting with my brothers and sisters over it lol.

  18. 'Batman. You can't even tame Gotham City. How do you suppose you'd head The Justice League?' Superman jeered.
    Batman, though grave-faced, said nothing.
    'And that butler of yours... what's his name... Alfredo Apennysworth... surely you've got enough dough to buy out an entire retirement village for him?'
    Batman, though cowering a little, remained tight lipped.
    'Cat got your tongue?' Superman flew up into the air, teasingly patting Batman.
    All of a sudden Superman felt weak and unable to suspend in midair anymore, plunged onto the ground with a thunderous boom. 'Wha?' His voice came from under a pile of rubble.
    Batman coolly replied, 'While you were doing the Hollywood thing with your verbosity, I used my ultra-stretchy arms to grab me some Kryptonite. Batman vs Superman? Psst. I win hands drooping. Oh no wait... I'm verbose too. D'oh!'
    I want to win like Batman. I want to stretch his arms as long as possible. It would just be so satisfying. That would definitely happen when I fight with my son to get my turn with the super stretchy Stretch Justice League Batman! Winsome Leung

  19. Dear Stretch Armstrong was a great stress release toy back in my day. It was an ideal way to calm my brothers down (clever mum). So I look at Stretch Justice League Batman and I seen not only a fun super hero toy to play with but also a therapy to help kids calm down. Perfect gift for any fun loving energetic child!

  20. Seth would love the Stretch Justice League Batman..... he loves his superheroes and i think this is a fantastic in or out door toy although mine was a spinning too. Took it everywhere

  21. I loved my cabbage patch dolls when I little, till have them packed away somewhere :)

  22. I was big into barbies. For my 4th Xmas under the tree was a barbie desert camper van. I still have and apparently Santa pulled an all nighter to put this together for me.

  23. I would love to win these Batman toys for my son because he is a big fan of Batman and would be very happy to play with these.
    Name - sapna sharma

  24. A golliwog as in those days, 55 years ago we didn't have to worry about being politically correct, after all I was only three years old. Phillip Cunningham

  25. We happily played rubber bands wrapped on our fingers, making various tricks and images. Life was simple back then!

  26. I'm a retro girl!
    Roller skating was once my world.
    Fast, slow, quick stops and spins, I loved the roller skates that santa gave me to bits. I use to dream of being a waitress on skates just like in American movies. But my dream was short lived! After a few years of falls and not much more skating progress at all, I hung my skates up when they got too small.

  27. I absolutely loved my marbles, we didn't have a lot of money so I had to win the good ones - many hours spent practicing, boys never thought I stood a chance - looking back now I guess I was a bit of a con artist :) Beksmum

  28. My child wasn't old enough to remember Stretch Armstrong which I played with when younger and now a similar toy has been made for fans of the animated justice league TV show. My kid adores Batman as a superhero and I would like for them to experience a favourite part of my childhood which they would be excited to enjoy.

    1. This will be well-loved! Congratulations! Stretch Justice League Batman is headed for beneath your tree this Christmas. :D

  29. I would love to win for my grandson whose favourite catchcry is Na na na na na na na na BATMAN!

  30. I loved my dollhouse - hours of fun. Dad had peace and some quiet for mum. Lots of rooms decorated with thought. Mum would agree, the best present she bought! Fiona Charlton :)

  31. I know a little someone who would absolutely love this! Thanks for the chance :)


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