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Travelling with Children - Must Haves in Your Travel Bag. A Guest Post by Midwife Cath Curtin and a BabyLove Nappies GIVEAWAY

Midwife Cath – Cath Curtin – is a trusted expert in women’s health, pre-pregnancy, antenatal care and education, pregnancy, labour and birth, postnatal care, breastfeeding and parenting. She has delivered over 10,000 babies throughout her 42-year career. Trained and fully-qualified as a nurse, midwife and maternal and child health nurse, Cath has an incomparable depth of experience.

With so many of our readers being mums, we are pleased to welcome Cath to Six Little Hearts with this guest post. We are sure you will find these tips for travelling with the very young, very handy. With the summer season upon us, the following is a timely checklist for your plans this holiday season.

Midwife Cath, BabyLove Nappies Spokesperson and Maternal and Child Health Expert.

Travelling with Children
Put the ‘holiday’ in your next family trip.

Parents often ask me about holidaying and travelling with young children, and my advice is that if the baby is under 12 months – just go! Yes, there will always be times on the trip when you think ‘I’m never ever going away with this child again!,' because it is really hard when a child changes their environment, but you can’t just stay at home. Just go with it, enjoy your holiday, and when you return you can then get back into your normal routine.

Little babies under 6 months are fabulous to go away with - especially if you’re breastfeeding – but once a child starts moving, it can be hard work!

If you’re worried about other passengers giving you that ‘please don’t sit next to me’ stare, remember most have actually been through this and understand. You also have the flight attendants to assist you with anything during the flight - they’re there to help so don’t be afraid to ask.

Travelling with little ones between 12 months and 4 years can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to reason with toddlers on the road.

What are the ‘must haves’ in the travel bag?
Sunscreen for sure. Monitor exposure to the sun by trying to go to beach in the early morning or late
afternoon and remember to slip, slop, slap!

Be careful of insect bites. I’ve seen babies come back from holidays with 30 mozzie bites on them. When travelling north, ensure you take repellent that is suitable for babies and cover prams and cots with mosquito nets at night.

Water - Drink plenty to avoid dehydration. Keep some bottles filled with cooled boiled water in the

Swimming – if you are going to warm climate like Bali or Fiji – be aware that swimming pools often don’t cool down, and may therefore breed germs. To minimise ear and other infections, avoid putting your baby’s head under water and remind children not to drink pool water.

Take a small bottle of disinfectant hand wash.

If travelling to different countries, find out about the necessary immunisations – especially for Asia and Africa. Each capital city has a Travel Vaccination centre, and they can assist.

Play music, DVDs, iPads. Most families have electronic devices and kids are pretty savvy in using them, and they can provide a great distraction when you set off on a long trip.

Take a change of clothes and plenty of spare nappies, nappy pants and wipes, and don’t forget that
disposable change mat for when you’re doing a nappy change on the go.

Cath Curtin's book, The First Six Weeks, was published by Allen and Unwin in 2016 and is being translated for international markets. Her next book will be published in 2018.
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  1. Would love to win as my daughter is currently wearing nappies and nappy pants would be great as she currently undoes regular nappies when she wears dresses and thinks its hilarious. I on the other hand do not especially when out in public! (Kylie Sneddon)

  2. Would love to win as my daughter is currently wearing nappies and nappy pants would be great as she currently undoes regular nappies when she wears dresses and thinks its hilarious. I on the other hand do not especially when out in public! (Kylie Sneddon)

  3. Nappy pants would be awesome for a child who can't stop wriggling! And after travelling for 3 weeks in the USA with a 1 and 3 year old, my top tip is to not cram too much in!

  4. Always have to have wet ones in the car a must have with sticks long trips would love to win for my son

  5. Try to coordinate longer trips with naps, and if not, 'drip feeding' snacks help those kilometres elapse!
    Jennifer Bush

  6. My tip would be for every mum to have a midwife like Cath on travels. How helpful would that be!

    No, really, I've used the Government National Public Toilet Map & app ( so many times. It's great to be able to locate toilets in unfamiliar places when travelling and quickly especially when toilet training. It not only provides information on where the nearest toilets are, but if they have nappy change facilities, disability access, running water and much more.

    Happy travels!

    1. Forgot to mention that the website and app covers most of Australia even drop toilets!!

    2. We love your suggestion Mel so congratulations - you're the winner of the $100 of BabyLove Nappy Pants!
      Thanks to everyone who entered. There are some great tips here. x

  7. Travel during nap time or when the sun is on the opposite side of the car then the child

  8. After driving from vic to qld with a 4month old who screamed the whole way my advice would be to take good music, that can be turned up if Mummy needs to tune out the screaming

  9. Lots of stops if driving, lots of games and occasionally mum or dad in backseat for company.

  10. travelling with 3 little ones is a challenge but we always prepare for the trip with lots of snacks and fun things to do Babylove Nappy Pants would definitely make the journey easier

  11. Allow plenty of time to get where you want to go. Definitely my top tip. That way there is no stressing, fighting or panic for running late.
    Samara McRae

  12. With twins and a toddler all in nappies i need all the Babyloves i can get to save a penny for more Babyloves.

  13. We recently attended a funeral overseas which meant connecting flights at two different airports with a toddler and pre-schooler. I had to rush out to buy suitcases and I'm so happy I picked good ones. I ended up getting kids suitcases which double as a ride on seat. My son pulled his suitcase along and when he got tried feet, he sat on it and we pulled him along. What a cool invention for little travellers. Thanks Jo Chen

  14. I would love to win so I can gift to my brother and sister in law. I gave them a breast pump but unfortunately she was unable to feed (and now has PND), I'd love to give them something super useful.

  15. When travelling with kids
    it's best to double up on everything
    if you have the room to do so.
    You never know when you'll have
    projectile vomit,
    number 3's
    or whatever other ailments
    come as they please!

  16. Sometimes it's cheaper to buy a porta-cot from Kmart or a cheap stroller and have it delivered. Our hotel even gave us money for it when we checked out. We saved $80 buying and getting it delivered than hiring it. It doesn't sound like much to save but it was two night time meals for us.

  17. I'd love to win these nappy pants as they are so handy for out and about with my toddler who hasn't yet begun toilet training but is getting too big to fit on a lot of the baby change tables. Its so much easier, especially with the smaller bathrooms" to be able to change her standing up. Plus she feels like a big girl and its introducing her to the beginning of toilet training. Lexi

  18. My best tip is pack snacks and games for kids. DVD players are great on long trips

    Mel Eaves

  19. My best tip is pack snacks and games for kids. DVD players are great on long trips

    Mel Eaves

  20. Be prepared, with drinks and snacks,
    Take another adult, so you have each other's backs.
    Leave early, allow extra time,
    Don't rush, all will be fine.

  21. Would love to win this as my baby has learnt how to roll over and putting on nappies isn't as easy as it was before.
    My top tip would be to research your trip in advance and plan for plenty of stops along the way to break up the trip for them. That way it isn't as boring for them.

  22. I had the heart to travel with my baby and it was so stunning! Yeah, there are difficult situations, when your baby has her/his crying minutes, but there are so many beautiful moments, when you explore the world with the little human being, whom you want to show it. :) Even I was not breastfeeding and had a lot more trouble to feed my baby with the right water and formula - I never would miss these experiences!



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