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Worlds Apart Limbo Hop - An Active Game for Kids and Families. A Childsmart Feature...

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It can be challenging finding a new family-oriented game that is suitable for a multitude of ages when Christmas comes around each year. It's difficult to avoid the scenario where these items begin to double-up. After all, there are only so many bats, balls, racquets and similar items that any family needs before it all just becomes ridiculous backyard clutter!

For these reasons alone, we're all so pleased to have discovered a fantastic new family fun essential that won't break the bank this summer.
(And no batteries required either!)

The fantastic new Worlds Apart Limbo Hop game is a new take on a traditional party favourite - limbo. It's presented in a lightweight and highly portable format that grips kids from the moment it's set up to go.

And setting this game up is a cinch!

There's a sturdy base, (with holes to secure the device to any soft surface with tent pegs if needed), an easy screw-together central pole with upper scoring attachment, plus the spinning limbo pole which winds itself steadily around to excite the players.

WOW! Did our kids have fun with this game! (They still are!)

We took Limbo Hop along to a city park to play one weekend just recently. We had plenty of room to try out the fun. The game set up was complete within 5 minutes straight from the box.
However, the play, giggles and fun that ensued, went for a good 1.5 hours! (Parental bliss.)

A soft paddle on the end of the rotating limbo stick ensures there's no accidents
when it comes to spinning sticks and children.

Our kids needed no encouragement whatsoever to get involved time and time again in an attempt to dodge the winding limbo stick. (Just seeing this bunch play together pleasantly for ages without bickering, was much appreciated time-out for us tired parents!)

Still wondering what Limbo Hop is all about? It's all about dodging the rotating arm by bending backwards (a limbo move), or jumping the swinging pole without touching it each time it comes around. The winner is the person who manages to limbo and hop their way from the top to the bottom of the pole without touching the swinging bar.

The brilliant thing about Worlds Apart Limbo Hop is that you can play it alone, as a couple, or as a group, making it versatile for so many families. There's a score keeping device to keep things real at the top of the Limbo Hop pole. Players just flick the pegs whenever they've won a round to keep track.

Worlds Apart Limbo Hop seems to deliver kids the same exciting appeal as jumping waves at the beach! The game keeps kids active and engaged for a great deal of time - a total winner in our opinion.

Limbo Hop is not strictly an outdoors game either. It you've got the room, you can play it indoors as well. (Limbo Hop measures 135cms high and 120cms diameter when assembled.) The fact that the game is so compact and quick to set up for play makes it an ideal plaything to store in your car boot for your next outing or holiday. We think it's also an essential for children's parties and it would be well received and used in circumstances such as these.

Go under until you can't bend back any further to avoid touching the pole...

Jump over when it's too hard to bend!

Kids of all ages can handle the skills needed for Limbo Hop and it's great fun to play. We were actually surprised at just how much of a hit this game has become with our kids aged from 4 to 13. (Pictured.) Everybody magically pulls-together when playing Limbo Hop (in our experience), which is what makes this game so appealing for all those different ages and stages when it comes to families.

Worlds Apart Limbo Hop is ideally priced at just RRP $39.95 (very affordable this Christmas!), and you can find out more about this fun action game and other great family games on the Childsmart website.

For further family gaming suggestions we've tried and love, also check out this review for the Worlds Apart Spin to Sing game and the Worlds Apart Woofy Whoops! game. We give the Worlds Apart Limbo Hop game a huge thumbs-up!

*Disclosure: The item featured in this review was gifted for our consideration.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. This is an awesome game :) Visiting from allmumsaid link up

  2. That looks like so much fun! Imagine it out the backyard on a hot day with the sprinklers going too!


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