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ZURU Tangle and ZURU Mayka Review. Exciting New Toys for Kids This Christmas and WIN! Plus, Aussie Giveaway Linkup November

Yikes! Christmas is creeping closer by the minute and the heat is now on parents everywhere to get some organisation happening around this major event.
Have you made a start on your Christmas shopping yet? Good luck with it all!

It's time to think about collecting stocking stuffers and Kris Kringle presents, gifts for your kids' friends, classmates and everyone else.

Well you're in luck peeps! Keep an eye on Six Little Hearts in the coming weeks and over on our Facebook page. We've literally loads of reviews to churn through before December 25th and many with exciting giveaways attached to help spread the cheer. (Plus lessen the financial impact of the season for a lucky lot of you too!)

So let's make a start on those Christmas lists with some exciting new creative playthings from ZURU.

For young fans of LEGO®, ZURU's Mayka Toy Block Tape presents a whole new twist on the fun of creating with these ever-popular building bricks.

ZURU Mayka. Cut, shape, bend and stick it, to create exciting new possibilities with standard building bricks.

Mayka tape comes in rolls of varying lengths and colours to appeal to brick builders of all ages. Mayka is a flexible building brick base with an adhesive backing and it will stick to any surface. (Exercise caution with painted surfaces.)

Creative kids can bend Mayka, cut it, twist it and fashion it into any shape or form to produce innovative LEGO® designs that were previously not possible. Just imagine having LEGO® designs suspended from places such as your ceiling? (One example of a very real possibility with Mayka!) 

If you have a fan of building blocks in your home, this is the next logical step for kids to expand on their play. You can learn more about Mayka on their official website.

ZURU Mayka is inexpensively priced and available in Australia at Big W in store or online and other leading toy stores. We highly recommend this one for all kids who enjoy LEGO®.

ZURU Tangle is available as Classic, Metallic, Crazy or Sparkle styles in 6 colour combinations.
Available exclusively at Kmart and other stores from November.

All parents of school-aged children will know only too well that fidget toys and gadgets are currently all-the-rage.

Stirring interest levels to hype in our home, is ZURU Tangle. Our kids were a-buzz when this haul of gadgets arrived for our thoughts.

'Tangle was invented by American sculptor Richard X. Zawitz, a keen student of Asian philosophy, who was fascinated by the belief that curves in nature promote positive energy and have a calming effect. His large-scale Infinity sculptures are critically acclaimed and displayed in prominent positions around the world, with his Tangle creations extending to the Infinity chair designs, playground equipment, and starring in Michael Jackson’s shoot for Vogue Italia (2009) and as a large infinity music sculpture in the music video clip for Empire of the Sun. The Tangle toys have been the only product to be sold in both the New York’s Museum of Modern Art and leading USA retailer Walmart at the same time.' 

Tangle's appeal lies in its ability to be many things to many people. (Adults included!)

These fidget toys are everything from an anti-stress device, to moveable sculptures, a desk toy, pocket toy and brain-training device. While kids absolutely love them, I've got to say - I delight in this bit of finger fun equally!

From the very moment a Tangle gadget lands in your hands, you can literally feel the stress and worry just melt away. If you are an anxious person or have a stressed child, (even a year 12 student), we unanimously recommend one of these for the most unlikely kind of relief. You've just got to try it!

Tangle is amusing and gimmicky, colourful and expandable too. Link together more than one Tangle to create longer springs and fiddly things.

I personally enjoy this gadget so much that I have claimed one of these for my own. It's a new handbag must-have for mums!

This super-cool plaything comes with a tiny RRP of just $4 - money well spent. We think this is an ideal stocking-stuffer for all kinds of gifting this Christmas.

WIN 1 of 2 ZURU Tangle Prize Packs
valued at $40 each!
Each prize pack consists of 10 assorted ZURU Tangle toys with a RRP price of $4 each.
Total prize pool: $80.
Ends 12th November, 2017.

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Good luck!
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*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts were gifted the featured items in exchange for our opinions.
All thoughts expressed are our own and genuine.
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  1. I love these products. I like the website too.

  2. The Mayka tape is a huge game changer! I wish we had this when I was a kid. I would've loved to build gravity-defying streetscapes and escape the horizontal bind we've been in for decades! Christy K

  3. The tape is awesome - I'm a HUGE lego fan and so is my son and I could imagine the mayhem we could cause all around the house with this tape and lego all over the place (Kerrie L)

  4. I love how these would encourage my daughter to care more about her hair!

  5. What awesome products. They are not only great for little kids with little hands but the bigger kids as well as adults with HUGE hands. These would be awesome for my 10 year old who has Global Development delay, autism as well as chromosone problems.
    Kate Louise Curtis

    1. CONGRATULATIONS Kate! These would be ideal for your child. A set will be on it's way to you shortly. :D

  6. Did not know about these and I haven't even started thinking about Christmas or gifts. It might be time to start.

  7. Both my eldest daughter and I have anxiety, so I would definitely like to try out these fidget toys to see if it will help in any way at all.

  8. Probably the Tangle toys.....but the bricks look cool too. Very hard both because they keep kids minds busy. (Juanita )

  9. The tangles look like perfect stocking stuffers, and much more fun than a fidget spinner for my constantly shifting middle child!

  10. Six Little Hearts - I have 6 little hearts of my own that would love the Tangle toys in the car when we go on our annual summer family holiday; which is a 5 hour drive and almost always chaos. I think these awesome toys might have a calming effect haha

    1. Oh how sweet! Sadly you have not left your name and I cannot match your entry. :(

  11. The Zuru Tangle looks like a wonderful toy that would keep my easily bored 7 year old entertained for long periods of time. Vanessa Ahern

  12. an awesome prize to share with spoecial children for xmas that need a little extra love

  13. Sound like wonderful stocking fillers.The Zuru Tangle is a must for all the family. Harry Cornish

  14. I've not seen them before. Great for Christmas presents and lots of fun.

  15. I'd love to fill my son's stocking with Zuru and grant his biggest dreams

  16. My grandson has ADHD and he really calms down with fidget toys. So I think these would be great for him to try ( Jane Gardam)

    1. CONGRATULATIONS! We hope your grandson enjoys these toys!

      Thank you everyone for entering! There are more wonderful giveaways coming all the time so please check back here regularly. x

  17. I'd love this for my miss fidget she's addicted to little Gidget and gadgets she can play with

  18. Great Christmas gifts. My grandson has so much Lego and the Mayka tape would add a new dimension to his Lego.

  19. I like how playing with Zuru Tangle encourage creativity cause they can be played in lots of ways :)

  20. These would make great stocking fillers , perfect for keeping little ones enteratined - lpower

  21. Great toys for little imaginations. Hours of fun with these.
    Martin Barrett

  22. What kid, big or small,
    doesn't love being creative
    with lego and building?
    The tape would be perfect
    for taking our creativity
    to the next level;
    whether it be for creation mode
    in minecraft
    or a ladder into the star wars age!
    Ashley Beech

  23. These toys are engaging, Fosters social interaction,
    Develops fine motor skills, problem solving and most of all fun and creative and brings the family together.

  24. so cool this toy is very differnt lots of fun - deanne

  25. These would be the perfect travel companions to keep everyone occupied on the trip.
    Linda S

  26. These look like so much fun! - michelle

  27. My son is such a fidgeter he literally ties himself up in knots. Only today he fell over when he got up suddenly because he'd twisted his legs together. Tangles would be far less painful.


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