Saturday, 23 December 2017

Smart Sun Protection for the Entire Family with Solar D Sunscreens...

Summer is finally here in full-swing in Australia and with it, the countless outdoor pursuits of the season are open to us all to enjoy.

Australians are renown throughout the world for our love of the outdoors. We're blessed with an endless coastline, hot summers, an incredible landscape and our culture sees the bulk of us naturally gravitate into our vast and wild expanses when the warmer months arrive.

Australians are also acutely aware of the serious side to our climate and country. We're subjected to intense sun conditions daily and in order to protect ourselves while we play, it is virtually mandatory to wear hats, sunglasses and sunscreen in our day-to-day lives.
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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Tiger Tribe Toys Preview 2018 Plus Our Annual Tiger Tribe Toys Mega Christmas Giveaway Worth $255!

Are you familiar with the beautiful children's toy brand, Tiger Tribe?

Regular readers will recall that each year here on Six Little Hearts, we're thrilled to share with our readers the newest design releases from this exquisite toy label. We always host a stunning giveaway too, with thanks to the good peeps at Tiger Tribe, as a Merry Christmas to our readers!
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Friday, 1 December 2017

Christmas at Smiggle Plus WIN a Smiggle Prize Pack! Aussie Giveaway Linkup December

Christmas time is here at last! By now most parents are hard at work shopping for the big event and planning endlessly. There's much to do and just a few short weeks to achieve it all. For some tips on how to cope with the stress (specifically for mums), check out this post.

For quick and easy gifting ideas this December, don't forget to pop into your local Smiggle store or browse their collection online. At this time of year, a Smiggle store is crammed full of colourful and impressive gift ideas for kids which are destined to be hits. You really can't go wrong with a Smiggle gift. 
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