Friday, 1 December 2017

Christmas at Smiggle Plus WIN a Smiggle Prize Pack! Aussie Giveaway Linkup December

Christmas time is here at last! By now most parents are hard at work shopping for the big event and planning endlessly. There's much to do and just a few short weeks to achieve it all. For some tips on how to cope with the stress (specifically for mums), check out this post.

For quick and easy gifting ideas this December, don't forget to pop into your local Smiggle store or browse their collection online. At this time of year, a Smiggle store is crammed full of colourful and impressive gift ideas for kids which are destined to be hits. You really can't go wrong with a Smiggle gift. 

Smiggle Universe Hug-a-Buds Plush Unicorn RRP $19.95.
Delights Scented Notepad available in three fun characters RRP $8.95.

A stationery gift from Smiggle makes an ideal pick for kids of all ages this December. Not only can children enjoy the thrill and creativity inspired by their own funky-looking craft supplies, but they can also take them on their travels over the summer break and continue to enjoy them well into the new school year. Now that's a pretty nifty and thrifty gift idea! (Less back-to-school shopping to be done in January - whoop!)

A stationery compendium such as this triple pencil case kit (RRP $34.95 shown in purple deer), will have you both covered during December and beyond. This enviable pencil case contains 17 coloured pencils, two grey pencils, one sharpener and eraser, plus one 15cm ruler. There are also 18 colour felt-tip pens and two ballpoint pens. (I wish it were mine!)

Smiggle are masters of cuteness and quirkiness. You will always find something for your child that will bring a smile. (Stocking-stuffers are easy to come by here!) Try this scented Pom Pom Friends Pen for RRP $5.95 available in three sweet, furry designs. (Pictured above.)

Other kid-approved goodies include Smiggle's Neon Splatter Goo RRP $9.95. Or try a traditional favourite with a twist in this Spin It Yo Yo which glows. RRP $9.95. (Pictured below.)

For an easy Christmas shopping experience this year, head to a Smiggle store or browse and buy online at any time on the Smiggle website. (No queues or stress!)
Finally, try to remember that you're buying for your kids. There is so much at Smiggle to tempt, no matter what your age!


Win a Smiggle Christmas Prize Pack worth $89.70!
Smiggle prize pack includes:

Christmas 2017 Blue Robot Triple Kit Pencil Case $34.95
Universe Hug-A-Buds Plush Unicorn RRP $19.95
Spin It Yo Yo Pink RRP $9.95
Delights Scented Note Pad (Gaming) RRP $8.95
Neon Splatter Goo Pink RRP $9.95
Pom Pom Friends Pen RRP $5.95
Total prize pool: $89.70.
Promotion ends: December 14th 2017.

To Enter

Please fill out the short competition form below.
You must leave a comment along with your name in the comment box in order for your entry to qualify. Game of skill. Entries without names or comments will be disqualified.
Good luck!
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*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts were gifted the featured items for our consideration.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.
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  1. I love that there is something cute and useful for everyone at Smiggle.

  2. Our favourite- Pom Pom Friends Pen

  3. Smiggle is such a favourite here. How delighted our little girls would be to find some of their favourite things under the tree!

  4. I would love to have the handy little goo. My son is a sensory seeker . It would be such an awesome thing to me to carry around in my bag to give him when he's feeling fidgety.

  5. I love the sheer joy and excitement on my children's faces when we enter the Smiggle store. My daughter was fearful of starting kindy until I showed her all the Smiggle supplies she will need as a big kindy girl! Elizabeth Streten

  6. Me and my boys love smiggle, especially all the yummy smelling stationary that they sell. I’m aleays the weird one going around sniffing everything in store.

  7. I have six nieces that all love smiggle & even my stationery loving teen always finds something she likes there, I am quite often tempted too

  8. Veronica Christensen

    I absolutely love the Smiggle Universe Hug-a-Buds Plush Unicorn because I can't go past a big plush hug.

  9. J Planner
    All children love everything Smiggle! My Grandchildren certainly do and would be so excited to receive this Smiggle prize pack.

  10. The triple pencil case is sooooo useful and so pretty! From keeping my girls amused on a long car trip to taking to man & Pa's house for a sleepover to just being creative at home or at the park it has so many uses and makes sure none of the precious smuggle cargo inside gets lost! So much better than a pencil cup that is constantly getting knocked over when the creative juices flow too! Love it! Amanda Giffard

  11. The Triple Kit pencil case is my favourite item! I recently bought my oldest daughter one of these pencil cases on a recent holiday and it was fantastic for her to use with a Smiggle activity book on the plane. Of course now my son wants one as well! (Stacey Shailer)

  12. My daughter would love the Scented notebook, currently obsessed with all things scented. My favourite is the Pom Pom friends pen, it is so cute! Krystal Delanty

  13. Triple pencil kit my daughter loves smiggle she started her advent calendar today and it’s so excited

  14. Highlights her smile
    Erases the hard miles
    Colour changes her life
    Giggles away any strife
    Glitters her water
    Smiggle love by my daughter

    Rebecca Tompsett

  15. Triple pencil case looks amazing. Compact and has everything you need to be crearive! (Kylie Sneddon)

  16. The Universe Hug-A-Buds Plush Unicorn drew my attention to enter this wonderful giveaway, I'm sure my daughter would love it too!

  17. Yum a scented pom pom pen!! Miss 4 can now write her name and this as inspiration would have her name everywhere!!

  18. My kids would love the Smiggle's Neon Splatter Goo. -Michelle

  19. My favourite is the Blue Robot Triple Kit Pencil Case as I'm certain it will be used for more than pencils, there will be gadgets and thingamabobs discovered in there for sure. (which at least won't be found under my feet). Adele Smith

  20. My favourite Smiggle item featured in this review is the Triple Pencil Case Gift Pack as my daughter could keep all of her stationery neat and tidy in one place and it will encourage her to do more writing and colouring. Vanessa Ahern

  21. STATIONARY kit for my little kids,
    My little 'artists' would flip there lids!
    They love to colour in, draw and create,
    This SMIGGLES item would 'work' great!
    It's a 'masterpiece' for fun,
    A 'work of art' my kids'd make if I won!
    A cute way for pencils etc to store,
    Bright 'colours' my kids adore!
    SMIGGLES quality, nothing 'sketchy'
    And it looks quite fetchy!
    Thanks Six little Hearts for letting me share,
    Help show my budding artists I care!

    1. We like your little rhyme - very clever! Congratulations, our Smiggle Christmas prize pack is yours and should be with you shortly.
      Merry Christmas!

    2. Thanks so much for choosing my entry! Glad you liked my rhyme! My kids will love this prize! Merry Christmas Six Little Hearts!

  22. So hard to choose one favourite when everything is so scrumptious! I love the hug-a-buds unicorn with his bright colours and soft fur and I know my drawing fanatic daughter would melt over the triple pencil case...she's an author/illustrator in the making! :)

  23. I like the delight secreted notebook but I’m sure my kids would love the goo! Emma Keating

  24. Shopping at Smiggle, we have to wiggle.
    Sniffing, fluffing and testing
    everything that jiggles!!
    Staying for hours Smiggle is our delight.
    Wish that they were open, every night!

    blake haugen

  25. The triple pencil case kit as my daughter loves nothing more than drawing and colouring in so she could be as creative as she wants with this. (Ryan H)

  26. The Smiggle Universe Hug-a-Buds Plush Unicorn as its just what my daughter would adore. She'd sleep with this unicorn and play with it all day long. (Charlotte B)

  27. I'm loving the Delights Scented Notebook. Now, when I realise too late the kids had notes in their pockets, 😩 I'll at least have a pleasant scent to inhale while I pick off all the bits of paper from the entire wash.

  28. love the scented pom pom pen, perfectlt pretty

  29. Triple pencil case kit is my favourite Smiggle item featured in this review because it will save all the super cool stationary items from ending up on the floor.Plus it will make a mum's life easy as she does not have to pick up pens & pencils from every corner of the home anymore.
    Name - sapna sharma

  30. I love the Universe Hug-A-Buds Plush Unicorn and I'm sure my niece would too. She loves her unicorns and all things Smiggle. She doesn't know it but her Christmas present is all items from Smiggle! Maree Gray

  31. My daughter would love the Unicorn. It would match her unicorn dress, unicorn pencil case, unicorn pants, unicorn top and her unicorn books!

  32. my grand daughter adores Smiggle she would be so happy

  33. The Hug-A-Buds Plush Unicorn is my favourite. My daughter would go crazy for it. She is obsessed with unicorns and this one is the cutest.
    Samara McRae

  34. The purple deer stationery pack is divine! A perfect end of year present for my little Miss. I love how Smiggle keeps changing the characters, mixing up colours and coming up with new cute & unique gifts. It makes my gift shopping so much easier!
    (Debbie Dye)

  35. The Delights scented note pad (the rad gaming system design is my fave!). As a book blogger, I need to jot down information when reading books, to form part of my reviews. I always seem to be short on paper (thanks kids!) so this note pad would be great for me. Plus it's scented too!!
    (Michelle Vamvas)

  36. I love the Universe Hug-A-Buds Plush Unicorn! It would make the perfect gift for my unicorn loving bestie, who often rocks a very similar rainbow hairdo ������(Clare Curran)

  37. We love Smiggle, yes we do!
    Its colourful, it's sparkly, it smells good too!
    Every visit is a treat,
    Quality products that can't be beat!
    Lauren Ibbotson

  38. I love the beautiful unicorn,
    she is such a little cutie.
    We have the perfect home for her,
    she can room in with my beauty. :)
    (Peta Newsome)

  39. Universe Hug-A-Buds Plush Unicorn,
    is so adorable for my little one,
    Smiggle merchandise is so much fun,
    Miss Unicorn would sit proudly on her bed,
    right up beside her head!
    (Kasey Evans)

  40. I love the uniqueness of the items that are stocked at smiggle, they are different and really stand out

  41. My favourite Smiggle things are the Smiggle backpacks; they're so bright and cheery!

  42. Kaman Yu
    I love all things smiggle. It brings out my creative side and reminds me of my youth. Very important to feel youthful so I can keep up with my kids

  43. My niece is unicorn crazy at the moment so i'd have to say the cute little unicorn is my Fav, love smiggle products so colourful and an amazing wide range of products

  44. Smiggle's Stationary Set is my favorite because my kids are very creative and love be to draw and colour therefore this would be a great item to use on the Christmas shool holidays. Thank you.

  45. Smiggle's my kids favourite shop,
    They beeline for the door,
    When I say it's time to leave,
    They beg "just 5 minutes more?"
    They love the bright coloured stationary,
    The craft, the jewellery,
    There's no bigger Smiggle fans
    Except for maybe...... ME

  46. I love the Hug-A-Buds Plush Unicorn, because I'm obsessed with Unicorns! They are magical, pretty and they basically make everything better. (Dianne Childs)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  47. My fave item is the unicorn. I've only just started to love the idea of unicorns. To me they represent that you can believe in something even if it's not real, sort of like believing in and following your dreams to make it a reality. I'd love to gift this to my young daughter and share in this same message. The unicorn is just darn cute, too!

  48. It's hard to decide between the scented note pad or the stationery case. I know my girls would love a stationery case each, and how I would love a smelly note pad for my handbag! I am going to be selfish and go with the note pad :D Going instore at Smiggle is a delight for young and old and I find it hard to say no to my kids when we are there. I loved having my own stationery as a kid!

  49. Wow. Check out how many entries you have. Smiggle sure is popular! Thank you for linking up for #LifeThisWeek 47/52. Next Week: Today I will. Final Week for 2017: Christmas Plans.

  50. Anything Unicorn is a winner here super cute!! Santa has the hard task of finding a real one for the backyard for Christmas
    Karen Edwards

  51. My daughter loves Smiggle because everything is so pretty, colourful and sparkly brightens up her day at school

  52. I love that Smiggle has so much to choose from and it makes stationery and learning fun.

  53. I love Smiggle theres just something about cute and colourful stationary that makes me happy. The pom pom friends pen would be very amusing to use to take down notes in professional meetings at work!

  54. Pens, pencils, colours galore,
    For inspiration who could ask for more?
    Drink bottles, lunch boxes and pencil cases for school
    Smiggle is definitely cool!

  55. Love Smiggle and so do the little ones.

  56. My four granddaughters love smiggle I love the PomPom friends pen we are giving this to school friends for next year.When my daughteris purchasing gifts for them we visit smuggle store for fun ideas

  57. My daughter loves smiggle ... I always try to detour her fro the shop because I'm just as bad .. I've always been a sucker for cutest stationary

  58. (ERIN RENNIE) You know the way your eyes light up when you see a SALE sign in your favourite shoe store? Or the way your heart races when you hear your favourite band is touring? Well, this is what happens to my daughter Anna (11) at the mere mention of Smiggle! Oops.... I'm ERIN RENNIE ;)

  59. I like the stationery compendium. I still like (and yes it is probably unrealistic dreaming on my part) just a little order at christmas and one of these is a start.

  60. I love the little pencil/texta cases! They're so gorgeous! Such beautiful designs. What's not to love?!

  61. Spin It Yo Yo Pink ,
    Yo, Ho, Ho, I think,
    Merry Christmas Wink, Wink,
    Let us play smiggle Blink, Blink!

  62. Me and my baby boy love going to Smiggle & smelling all the stationary. We probably look like total weirdos, but that's part of the fun!

  63. Unicorn plush. So cute, my daughter would love her. Already know she'll be named Sparkles ;)

  64. I love the variety of products available at Smiggle - we never leave empty handed!!

  65. The unicorn - as soon as I saw it I knew my daughter would love it
    Martin Barrett

  66. Smiggle is fabulous because every time we visit, there is something new
    Alicia Bardsley

  67. It sounds weird but.. I love the smell in Smiggle stores, there are so many scented products and all the new stationery, it's amazing to just walk in and breathe deeply!
    Tmeeka Henricks

  68. Spin It Yo Yo looks great, my kids love things that glow in the dark :) (Teena L)

  69. I learnt the other day that Smiggle is a cross between a smile and a giggle and this is precisely how my girls act when we go to their shop! Such a carefree innocence in stationery and other knick knacks is a welcome reprieve from the seriousness of the world!

  70. I love shopping at Smiggle because their range is always on-trend and I know I can find something perfect. And the shop assistants are always so excited about the products, it makes ME excited. Christine Butler

  71. Plush Unicorn - its just adorable, smiggle really do know how to make things I like

  72. I love the pencil case. My daughter was really upset at the end of last term because she was getting teased about hers, nothing wrong with it mind you. Kids are just cruel these days!

  73. I like the Unicorn but I can bet my 6 year old would love the putty most!
    Wendy Sutcliffe


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