Saturday, 23 December 2017

Smart Sun Protection for the Entire Family with Solar D Sunscreens...

Summer is finally here in full-swing in Australia and with it, the countless outdoor pursuits of the season are open to us all to enjoy.

Australians are renown throughout the world for our love of the outdoors. We're blessed with an endless coastline, hot summers, an incredible landscape and our culture sees the bulk of us naturally gravitate into our vast and wild expanses when the warmer months arrive.

Australians are also acutely aware of the serious side to our climate and country. We're subjected to intense sun conditions daily and in order to protect ourselves while we play, it is virtually mandatory to wear hats, sunglasses and sunscreen in our day-to-day lives.

So it's a little surprising when our media reports on occasion, that a good number of Aussies are actually deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for maintaining good bone health and for regulating levels of calcium in the blood. The connection? One of the best known sources of naturally derived Vitamin D is obtained via sun exposure and therein lies the issue - how can we protect ourselves from the sun's harmful rays while still absorbing a healthy daily dose of this essential nutrient?

Solar D Sunscreen Everyday Active Broad Spectrum SPF 50.
Fast absorbing and non greasy available in two practical sizes for individuals and families.

There's now a sun care range by Solar D Sunscreen, who have patented a Selective UVB Filtering TechnologySolar D Sunscreens work by allowing a small amount of the sun's UVB rays to penetrate the skin, assisting the body to manufacture Vitamin D just as nature intended.

Solar D Sunscreens are an effective sunscreen in every sense and with this added technology, they've produced an outstanding sun care product that stands well above the rest.

Like all good skin care systems, Solar D have a complete sun care range available to cover all ages and needs. Plus, the entire product line offers the highest UV protection rating available - SPF 50.

For children with sensitive skins, parents will appreciate the Solar D Kids Broad Spectrum SPF 50 sun cream which is designed to minimise skin reactions in this age group. (Also suitable for adults.)

For everyday use, I am very happy with the Solar D Daily Face Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Anti Ageing formula. Wear this skin care product daily, alone or under makeup to protect your skin. The formula is free from fragrance, oil, parabens, Oxybenzone, nanoparticles, PABA, gluten and animal cruelty.

This everyday sun care product designed specifically for the face is suitable for sensitive skin. To avoid negating the benefits of Solar D's filtering technology, it is suggested that makeup wearers do not use this product with cosmetic products containing their own SPF factors. (For obvious reasons!)

You can learn more about the Solar D Sunscreen range on their website. To purchase, visit Chemist Warehouse stores. Find the direct links to buy online via the Solar D website.

For best results when using any sun care product this summer, be sure to apply your sunscreen at least 20 minutes prior to sun exposure and reapply after swimming, sweating or towelling. Don't forget a hat and sunglasses. Finally, avoid sun exposure during peak UV periods daily during the summer months.

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