Monday, 22 January 2018

BRIO® Minis Toy Review. A Childsmart Feature...

*Six Little Hearts is a Childsmart Brand Rep.

The popularity of BRIO® toys today, has been a journey lovingly forged through decades of joyful play. BRIO® continue to successfully excite each new generation by re-invigorating and innovating the most popular of childhood play classics. Through a practical merging of materials like wood and plastics, their playthings come to life in both colour, form and function. Modern kids delight in these bright, traditional-styled toys that remain educational, fun and entertaining - just as their mums and dads found too, as children!

BRIO® are a brand we personally love in our own household and we have already produced a series of reviews of some of their best products here on Six Little Hearts, in conjunction with Childsmart. (Please search BRIO® in the search bar to learn more.)

These are the toys that come out to play often and are cherished by all.

Our newest additions to our play box are these cute BRIO® Mini toys. Everything you know and admire about this brand has been embodied within these little hand-helds which are suited to children from the age of 12 months and beyond.

The BRIO® Mini Cow product number 30309. A childhood classic.

BRIO® Mini Bumblebee product number 30335.
Each character in the range has been crafted from wood which is 100 percent sourced from well-managed forests. Wheels and extra details are strong plastics which will last years with little care. These push-alongs are as robust as they are attractive. They roll a good distance with a gentle push and are small enough to take-along on outings in a pocket or bag. Let your kids race them, display them and collect them.

There are other characters in the range including a horse and duck. All are painted with bright colours to motivate play opportunities. We think these toys are quite adorable!

You can browse these BRIO® Mini's, plus an extensive range of BRIO® toys on the Childsmart website.

Do you remember playing with BRIO® toys when you were a child?

*Disclosure: Items featured were gifted for our consideration.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. Aren't they adorable? Our house is still knee deep in Brio trains.

    SSG xxx

  2. I've never heard of Brio. These little guys are adorable though!

  3. Great quality and I have seen them in pre-school settings too. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 4/52. Next Week is the FIRST photo-centred prompt (no topic!) called #ShareYourSnaps. Looking forward to seeing everyone's photos every 5th week this year!


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