Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Elektra Cloud9 Nap Mats Review...

Encouraging your young child to take a daily nap when they're tired can be one of the most frustrating moments in any parent's day. Little kids seem to enjoy bouncing along for hours, oblivious to their fatigue and the frustration this causes others. Successful nap times are all about finding and sticking to a routine that works for everyone and of course, having the right equipment on hand to keep the approach simple, comfortable and gentle.

We recently received something we've never tried before in our time as parents - a nap mat. This may be something you have heard of through crèche, daycare or your child's kindergarten. Perhaps your child already uses one.

A nap mat is fully portable like a sleeping bag, only less formal and bulky and therefore, way more practical. The Elektra Cloud9 Deluxe Nap Mat is a brilliant little invention for sleep resistant kids. There's nothing quite as special as this fun-sized sleeping mat to entice littlies to wind down. Since we received one of our own, our youngest is constantly rolling her mat out and climbing-in for some quiet time and restful play.

You can label your child's mat with their name to make it extra special and easy to identify.
A generous carry strap works for both kids and grown-ups.

For little kids at crèche and kindergarten, one of these mats is invaluable for their daily scheduled rest times during long days.
Kids can snuggle down on their own familiar, thick, (but lightweight) mat. It has a removable hotel-grade pillow and a built-in soft quilted blanket that won't ever go astray. These Elektra Cloud9 Nap Mats are ideal for young skins too. One-hundred percent cotton linen makes this portable bedding snuggy and easy-care with just a gentle machine wash being all that's needed as required.

We fell in love with the design of this particular sleep mat pictured, and this unique style is called Blue Polar. If you're keen to purchase a mat, make sure you browse the quaint designs on the Elektra website. (They're all beautiful!) Blue Polar is one of several designs from the new and improved Cloud9 mats. These are more generous in size and feature softer pillows. You can also choose from Regular mats (1-4 years in polyester) and Junior Jumbo travel bed mats for children 5 to 12 plus years.

Our daughter likes to roll her Cloud9 mat out on the floor or the sofa and watch her favourite television shows daily. Sometimes there's even a bit of a sleep involved! We have found this bed especially calming and helpful for inducing rest after long prep days. 

There are so many reasons to have one of these mats for kids. Making quality rest time is quick and easy with an instant bed at your child's disposal. Our 5 year old can handle setting herself up wherever she wishes to rest which is a bonus. For me, finding that I can quickly clean up her bedding simply by rolling it up and securing it with the built-in clips is fantastic. (I am so tired of cleaning up anything these days!)
I don't know how we've lived without a sleep mat all these years but after trying this one, I am glad to have it for the convenience.

Imagine one of these when travelling or on day visits to friends and family? They're great!

Elektra Cloud9 mats are currently on sale so don't miss out if you are keen to try one. The Elektra Cloud9 Deluxe Cotton Nap Mat featured here is normally RRP $99.95. Currently you can nab one for just $59.95.

Ever tried a nap mat?
Do your kids have naps at their kindergarten?
*Disclosure: The item featured was gifted for our consideration.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. So cute. I want one. I'm also a little obsessed with the no bake cheesecake you have featured. Off to look at that now. Not that I'm allowed cheesecake right now, unless it's free of most things. lol

  2. What a great idea! This would be perfect when visiting friends and your child is tired but you need to stay longer!


  3. I see things like this and wish my kids were still little - or I was little again.

  4. The girls have had similar ones before and they love them. The perfect place to snuggle up x


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