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Leap Frog LeapPad™ Ultimate Review. WIN a LeapPad™ Ultimate Valued at $199.95...

Kids these days always seem to want what you've got don't they? If you have a tablet PC and their little friends also have tablet PC's, then you're bound to have a child who will hound you for one too at some not-to-distant point on the horizon. 

Tech in all its forms is a huge factor in our world, (arguably for better or worse), and where kids are concerned, considerations such as safety, educational relevance and even strength are just three important points to think-on when making that first tablet purchase for your child. 

Leap Frop LeapPad™ have been around for decades. They're an absolute best seller with parents and their kids because they meet so many high standards tech-wise where kids are concerned. These tablets are safe, strong and importantly, they can be tailored to the exact age of your child via the locked parental controls. This ensures only relevant educational apps, games and videos are available to keep your kids entertained. There can be no accidental purchases, slip-ups or deletion of your own crucial material such as that which can occur on tablet PC's designed for adults. 

We already own a number of Leap Frog LeapPad™ devices and they're still going strong with our three youngest aged 12, 9 and 5. This newest Leap Frog tablet on the market for kids is the LeapPad™ Ultimate. (We have previously reviewed the Leap Frop LeapPad™ Epic here.)

The LeapPad™ Ultimate is specifically designed to entertain the 3-9 year age group but we've definitely found it to be of relevance to kids outside of these ages too. Through the carefully tailored apps, kids of all ages are encouraged to create, play, read and learn all within the confines of a safe browsing space which is a huge relief as a parent. All video content has been pre-screened by the childhood experts at Leap Frog, so there can be no accidental swipes into murkier adult zones using one of these.

The new LeapPad™ Ultimate has a big 7" shatter-proof screen with a protective bumper.
Breakages are near-impossible! 
The learning tablet comes with an included stylus which is attached to the device with its own storage for safe-keeping.
There's even a music player feature which includes 10 songs.

In the box, find the Leap Frog LeapPad™ Ultimate tablet, a power charger (not pictured), a USB for data transfers, a handy Quick Start guide as well as full instructions. Setting up takes around 15 minutes. The tablet is Wi-Fi enabled so once you've entered your child's name, age and Wi-Fi password, the LeapPad™ does the rest for you, including updates. First time parents will need to create their parent portal account and PIN so that they can monitor purchases and other desirables. (The device will easily guide new users through this stage.)

Your child will be up and running in no time and enjoying the hours, (years even!) of fun to be had on a LeapPad™.  The amazing included features consist of access to over 1000 learning games, e-books, and videos with an 8GB memory to store their fun. There is also personalised learning called Just For Me™. This is learning technology which can personalise select games in up to 10 ways in order to automatically adjust learning levels for your child. 

The LeapPad™ Ultimate is Wi-Fi enabled with kid-safe web viewing ensuring unsafe content such as web pages and videos are never available.

The LeapPad™ Ultimate works with both cartridges and apps. The device comes pre-loaded with a decent selection of apps to get your child started. We recommend using a Wi-Fi connection however for fast and easy downloads from the LeapFrog™ app store.

Other factors to sing about the LeapPad™ Ultimate - it features a rechargeable battery so no need to purchase endless quantities of batteries thanks to the included power adaptor. There are also dual cameras for picture taking and videos plus an app to edit them for extra fun. Kids love these functions and in this day and age, camera capabilities are considered essential for this age group. Images and videos can then be uploaded to a PC via the included USB cable and shared with friends.

Why buy a LeapPad Ultimate™ for your child? Well apart from all of these kid-safe inclusions that cater specifically to children (unlike general tablet PC's), the LeapPad™ family of tablets aimed at children have won more that 50 coveted awards. A LeapPad™ Ultimate encourages active learning and will assist your child to build on their core skills of reading, mathematics and science. Kids can even connect their devices together wirelessly to game together too, if you own more than one LeapPad™ tablet. (If not, the one tablet can also be set up for multiple users.)

Here at Six Little Hearts, we've always been big fans of the Leap Frog brand and their LeapPad™ devices are some of our most used and loved possessions. You can learn more about Leap Frog on their website. You can purchase Leap Frog LeapPad™ toys, devices and games at all good toy stores and department stores. 

Win a Leap Frog LeapPad™ Ultimate
valued at $199.95!
Total prize pool: $199.95
Promotion ends 28/02/2018.

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  1. With my 2 oldest kids off to school full-time this year, my 3 year old is lonely and wishing she was at school too. I'd love to win this LeapPad for her to do her own 'school work' on while at home with me :) (Stacey Shailer)

  2. The LeapPad Ultimate foremost has parental controls which is of top most priority, it will withstand my grandsons enquiring fingers whilst also remembering previous progress and encouraging his creativity and other skills. My gorgeous grandson is a sponge, absorbing everything good & bad so being with him as he enters a new world of learning & creativity will be awesomely fun for both of us.(As a grandma I often take care of him due to working parents). Adele Smith.

  3. The kid safe inclusions,
    so there's no confusion,
    about what Mister 6 might see!
    Combined with the active learning,
    and shatterproof screen,
    LeapPad Ultimate - saving Mum's sanity!

    Kylie Embury

  4. Living on a remote outback cattle station,
    Our School is via Distance Education,
    The LeapPad Ultimate the perfect learning innovation,
    Interactive, goal orientated fun learning inspiration!

  5. My little miss soon to be 5 year old loves playing learning games on my iPad if I was to win the Leap Frog LeapPad it would make the perfect Birthday gift and to also help get her ready for Kindergarten next year

    Karen Edwards

  6. Master 7 is on at me about ipads all the time so it would be great to be able to give him his own SAFE device while at the same time demonstrating that ipads are not the be all and end all of tablets!!! (Alex)

  7. I would love to win for my 8 year old daughter would be great for her to play educational games, knowing she is able to browse safely and take photos, creating and learning and the main thing have fun

  8. My 4 year old is constantly wanting to learn and I am needing new ways to keep this going,and in interesting ways!

  9. My daughter has an old leappad and it has been the best thing ever, but it's old and a new one would be amazing!
    Wendy Sutcliffe

  10. My son is leapfrog obsessed, he has both violet and scout as well as an old leap pad. He would be nuts about this.

    1. Please pop your name with your comment here so that your entry qualifies!

  11. Learning made fun is perfect for my son. It works so much faster and is far from a disaster :-)
    Samara McRae

  12. It's a great learning tool for little minds! Thank you for the chance to win.

  13. My daughter has the LeapPad 3 and has been begging me for a new tablet like her friends at school have. This would be ULTIMATE! (haha)

    Naomi Kelly

  14. There was a young boy from WA
    Who’s requested a tablet for his birthday
    To have one like his sis
    Would really be bliss
    He’d let out a huge hooray!
    Lauren Ibbotson

  15. would love to win for my grand son so he can be up with his peers when he attends school next year

  16. It would give my niece some early education and keep her out of her mums way for a little bit each day!

  17. My 3 year old grandson would love this :-) He is like a little sponge at the moment, absorbing everything around him and learning every day

  18. Look at these entries! Go girl. Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 7/52. Next week's optional prompt: February Is...

  19. We've been fans of Leapfrog since the kids had Violet and Scout as toddlers. They still love digging them out for a cuddle! I think this sounds perfect for Miss Five who has just started Prep. She is very eager to learn and follow in her sister's footsteps, but needs a little helping hand. Something that is made just for kids and is kid-safe sounds perfect. #teamIBOT

  20. The leapfrog explorer still amuses the 10yr old who has had it for 6yrs. Their leapreaders have had a five week road trip workout and still topping their favourite list. A leappad for my girl who can write her name now and recognise quite a few letters and did her first 40km bus ride to school this morning without mum??? scared and looking forward to her being home tonight!! would be magical for my little transition batgirl princess to help her get into her advanced classes... hopeful and positive here!!
    Natalie Murnane

  21. The perfect gift for my little one
    An educational device that can't be outdone
    Would help with his reading before starting at school
    An inspire his learning with fun apps and great tools
    Nicole kent

  22. As the LeapPad is sure to improve my daughters education as its full of relevant educational apps, games and videos which are sure to keep her entertained and make learning fun. (Ryan H)

  23. My son is beginning to fall behind in class. I've had a tutor and spoken to his teacher several times and they both agree he is intelligent but just doesn't have the heart to learn and needs to learn to love to learn. A great tool such as this LeapPad I'm hoping would be what kick starts his love of learning s it makes learning fun. (Charlotte Black)


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