Thursday, 8 February 2018

Shopping AND Saving with Shop A Docket...

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Shop A Docket.

No matter what your financial situation is, it can be said that we're all in the same basic frame of mind when it comes to cutting corners and saving money. The habit of actively preserving our precious cash where possible, is a universal one.

Everyday living expenses such as food, fuel and our ever-climbing utility costs, are each examples of the indispensable items and considerations we need to monitor and control in order to save our money... and live well in other more exciting ways! It's no news that by budgeting frugally and furiously, we can keep the associated costs of these necessary burdens under our control.

Welcome to life as we all know it!

Given that the cost of living is never on the decrease, there are massive benefits to be gleaned when we are careful with these fundamental purchases, and it needn't be a difficult task to achieve.
(Yet another big point in our busy lives - the need for simplicity at every turn!)

If you want to enjoy more of life's joys; such as outings, holidays, buy-one-get-one-free deals, events and delicious foods plus other treats, you can make a quick start towards your goals by simply flipping over your shopping docket next time you do your everyday shopping.

Shop A Docket are a company specialising in free coupons, promotional codes, special offers and discounts and they've been around for years. No doubt, you've glanced at them on countless occasions on the reverse of your regular supermarket shopping receipts.

Look familiar? Be sure you check your offers regularly.

When did you last take a really good look at the offers available to you in your area via your Shop A Docket?

No matter where you reside in Australia, a glance at your own region's Shop A Docket receipts can net you some great deals on everything from local cafes and takeout offers, to automotive deals and other essentials, plus discount accommodation and travel concessions. These deals can make the potential for fun and freedom, possible and just that much more affordable too.

Now you might be thinking - why bother?
There are many great discount deals around these days all vying for your attention, such as supermarket loyalty card programs and even exclusive in-store receipt deals to use. All are fine and good in their own way for sure, but Shop A Docket truly has the edge over these smaller, more limited offerings, by hosting far more appealing deals that extend way beyond the everyday and ordinary.

An example of one Shop A Docket offer we ourselves tried very recently, was a once in a lifetime trip aboard Australia's world-famous The Ghan railway, starting out from Adelaide and ending in Darwin.

While we had always wanted to do this vacation, it was made far more appealing for us financially, with a generous discount offer we found on the rear of our supermarket docket! Not only did we have a wonderful journey loaded with sensational memories, (like dining in the divine Queen Adelaide Restaurant car pictured), but we also saved hundreds of dollars off the regular cost of this experience and all of its extras, all with thanks to a simple Shop A Docket deal!

"Cheers from Gold Class!"

Just try beating that with your standard supermarket deal!

Next time you visit your local supermarket, do check the rear of your receipts for the many offers available to you both locally and Australia-wide via Shop A Docket. Whether it's grabbing a free coffee with a friend for the price of one, or scoring a discounted weekend newspaper - or even venturing onboard The Ghan (like us), or booking your next major cruise, there's something for everyone.

You can also download the Shop A Docket app so that you can catch any local deals no matter where you go. Once it has been customised, there's little need to search for deals - everything around you will display just as soon as you open it. (We use ours all the time.)

Shop A Docket deals can be found on the reverse of your receipts from major retailers such as Woolworths, Kmart, Target, Big W and IGA and they can potentially save you a packet. For more information about Shop A Docket and to view current deals, visit the Shop A Docket website.

When did you last check your Shop A Docket Deals?
Have you ever used a Shop A Docket deal?


  1. I'm a big fan of coupons and find myself using the Shop A Docket ones quite a bit. They're great for saving on things I would have bought anyway!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  2. Wow! I never realised Shop A Dockets had such good deals as savings on The Ghan! I thought it was more a long the lines of a free coffee and two for one food offers! I'll be checking the backs of my receipts more closely from now on! Who knows what bargain I will find!


  3. I haven't thought to look at my dockets for a long time! Silly me, better have a closer look!


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