Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Simple Steps To Planning A Life Audit...

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Life is rarely simple and straightforward no matter how hard we try to streamline it. It can be incredibly difficult to control the smaller details of our lives in order to get a good grasp at the bigger picture. Yet it is so essential for our well-being to be organised and well-prepared for anything despite the day-to-day difficulties. Having your life in order allows a sense of feeling 'in control,' and doing so, makes the journey forward in life smooth and trouble-free. 

Avoiding stress and worry is a hard task for us all because keeping focused on the things that matter can be incredibly difficult amidst the noise of everyday life. It is do-able however. Some finer planning at the centre of our lives can set us on a path to freedom from excessive stress and worry. It's clearly an undertaking worth pursuing and chipping-at, regularly.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by things in your present situation in life, ask yourself :

"When did I last audit my life?"

What is a life audit anyway? Any kind of audit is all about getting organised. You can audit any aspect of your life - from the simple and the basic - such as sorting the kids' clothing drawers, or coordinating a clutter-free pantry for example. 

A life audit is conducted in much the same manner and to do it properly, it involves rifling through paperwork, careful filing, making those required phone calls, checking things over, reading fine print, asking questions and seeking help where it's needed. Getting the highly important details of your life to a state where these elements are refined and sorted, is a great stress-reliever overall and its effects are far reaching. Just think how much happier you'd feel if you knew your bills were paid on time, loans sorted and insurances covered? 

With a new year underway it's an ideal time to make a fresh start at these core essentials in your life. The following is a helpful list of tips to help you get your own life audit underway.

Start with your general bills and accounts

Do you know where your bills are filed every month? Are you an on-time bill-payer? Getting a good night's rest can greatly depend on how well-organised you are at controlling the ins and outs of your life where your money is concerned. Starting here first is imperative for getting an idea of the state of things. If you don't already do so, get yourself a file and start organising your life today.

Look over your utilities closely. Are you paying too much? Can you find a better deal on your household gas or electricity services? Search the web and make some calls, starting with your current provider, to see if they can't offer you a better deal than the one you've currently got.

Mortgages and rentals. 

No matter whether you are an owner or a buyer in the housing market, there's always bound to be something cheaper that will save you cash in the long run, and worry in the short term. If you are a renter, the solution is an obvious one - find a cheaper rental!

For mortgagees, talk to your finance provider first and see if they can't offer you a better deal. Failing that, there are plenty of competitive rates out there and websites to browse if you feel you can do it better on your own. Get savvy and motivated and see how much you can save.


It's wise to be insured for a variety of things in this world and smart people know it. Making sure you are well and truly covered is another step again. Is your car adequately insured? Is your home covered? Do you have contents insurance to replace absolutely everything should an unfortunate event occur such as a bush fire or other disaster? Have a quick look around your home and consider its rising value including the possessions that are added to it each year. Make sure you have all things considered in your policy documents.

If you can afford it, try to choose the top cover available for your fundamental insurance needs and be sure to shop around. Read all the fine-print in your policy documents and be up-to-date on all your inclusions and exclusions to avoid heartache down the track.

Further insurances to consider seriously are health and life insurances. This is particularly important for families. You can get a head start today by discussing life insurance and income protection on 1300 041 494 for further information. 

Do you have a will?

No life audit would be complete without a Will. A Will is an essential legal document that ensures your final wishes and proceeds, in the event of your death, are distributed legally and fairly. Even married couples should have a Will each, to protect their own and combined assets. Where children are involved, a Will is a must. You can buy a DIY Will kit or see a lawyer to have them oversee this important process for you. 

Being organised is one thing. Being fully aware and prepared for anything is a step beyond this and a highly sensible approach to your life and the lives of those around you. A little groundwork regularly will most certainly save you money and reduce your stress.

Have you ever conducted a life audit?
Do you worry excessively about your life's essentials?


  1. I do need to look into some aspects to get organised- thanks for the reminder!

  2. I definitely need to do a life audit and now that I've accepted a voluntary redundancy I finally have the time to do this!


  3. We mostly need to do the comparison thing for insurances and utilities. I am sure overpaying and they count on it being a giant pain in the butt to compare and move.


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