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Worlds Apart Disney Princess Bedroom Makeover. A Childsmart Feature

*Six Little Hearts is a Childsmart brand rep.

Princesses are, generally speaking, a theme adored by many little girls and our own young daughter is no exception to this fact. 

A while back, Childsmart offered us the opportunity to experience the joy of the princess vibe in a very unique way within our own home, via a bedroom makeover. Naturally we jumped at the chance. We were fortunate enough to be gifted the prettiest bedroom suite imaginable for our youngest and it's a daily dream come true for our 5 year old! 

Having always wanted to 'do' a fancy bedroom makeover for every one of our kids, (but failing dismally to act on it), this beautiful bedroom treatment is also a swoon-worthy experience for myself as a mum. Time and funds for parents are so often tied-up with other more pressing pursuits. I am especially grateful that we have had this chance to impress our daughter with sweet memories that will last a lifetime. Kids are not kids forever and thanks to this beautiful bedroom makeover, we feel as though we are now fully embracing these precious years before they're gone.

RoomMates Removable Wall Stickers add to the overall effect of any room makeover and are
an absolute essential when it comes to creating this Disney Princess theme in your home.
There are dozens of RoomMates sticker designs to choose from on the Childsmart website.

Childsmart have a large range of kids' furniture, toys and accessories such as RoomMates Removable Wall Stickers (pictured above) on offer, to help parents create an easy and appropriate space for their child.

From the get-go, princesses were going to be the pick of the crop for our Miss!
We received this incredible bed by Worlds Apart - The Disney Princess Feature Toddler Bed. 

This stunning carriage bed is powerfully pink and princess-y! Despite being labelled a 'toddler' bed (suitable for kids up to the age of 5), I'd say there's a good couple of years past this age recommendation to be had in this bed, owing to its generous size. My guestimate would be that this bed could be suitable for kids up to a 7 years of age.

This dream bed takes a toddler mattress which I initially thought was a basic cot mattress. It's not! Thankfully, Childsmart also provided us with a perfect-fit mattress to suit this slat-based bed. (The brand is Born With Style size 139 L x W 69 x D 10cms.)

A word of advice too; if you are intending to purchase a toddler bed at some stage - choose standard single bed linen to fit a bed of this size. I fold a single cotton sheet in half to cover the mattress and use a single doona folded in two on this bed. This fits well and ensures that you won't have to buy additional linen when it's time to graduate into an even bigger bed. (Cot sized linen may fit but appears small against the size of this bed.)

The detailing on this beautiful bed is breathtaking with well-recognised Disney darlings and embellishments that include glossy diamonds and sparkle stars. The bed is made of quality, (and super-strong) MDF with a heavy duty slat base to tolerate busy kids. It is very solidly built with smooth, rounded edges that really hold up to knocks. 

The bed arrives flat-packed and in two parcels. It's easy to nut-out the simple instructions and put this build together. Set-up took us around 40 minutes. 


Just kidding!
There are other beautiful features of this bed to be enjoyed past the initial pink and pretty wowness of it all. You can choose whether or not you use the canopy. (We are using and loving ours!) This feature offers privacy, extra comfort and appeal. It has two heart-shaped mesh windows for a little extra air-flow and pizzazz. 

If you take a good look at the image below, you might notice the built-in light feature! Around the border of this Worlds Apart Disney Princess Feature Toddler Bed, a battery operated LED strip light (fully enclosed within the frame of the canopy), can be utilised to enhance the look of the bed, day or night. This is especially useful for kids with a fear of the dark but more than anything, it's a touch of whimsy. Kids can choose from fast flashing lights to slow or none at all. 

We love the tie-back curtain that add a plush dreaminess to the look of this bed. You can also use these curtains to reduce insects on warm evenings. There's even a little shelf that's built-in to the end of the bed too, which is ideal for storing trinkets, books or a drink of water for night-wakers.  

There are additional items that form a perfect match to this adorable bed, such as this Worlds Apart Disney Princess Bedside Table. Just like the bed, this item of furniture is also made from sturdy MDF and features the same exciting illustrations to form a perfect duo. There is one fabric drawer that holds so much, as well as ample space below to store books or toys if you wish. 

Also pictured here (above), is the Worlds Apart Frozen Fabric Toybox which we have reviewed previously here. We have featured several other items on Six Little Hearts from Childsmart that would be a great match too, such as this Worlds Apart Disney Princess Desk and Stool and this Worlds Apart Disney Toy Box. 

Stock is always changing on the Childsmart website, so head here to see the current exciting furniture range on offer for kids. Visit the Childsmart website to learn more.

Does your child have a themed bedroom?
Do you / have you used a toddler bed?

*Disclosure: Items featured here were gifted for our consideration. (A huge thank you to Childsmart!)
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. I would have loved to have this bedroom makeover as a child myself! Your lucky daughter! She will remember this beautiful and special bedroom set for the rest of her life!


  2. My 7 year old would be green with envy if she saw this! What a beautiful room, definitely fit for a princess!

  3. How gorgeous!
    My daughters bedroom makeovers require me to find the motivation to paint walls before anything!

  4. That looks great! We did a jungle theme for my 4 month old son's bedroom, but I can't wait until he's a bit older. We'll get to do it again, and he'll actually be old enough to understand and appreciate it!

  5. What a pretty room! So dreamy! Thank you for sharing. Feel free to share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party which is currently live. Here is the link to this week's party: Hope to see you at the bash! Have a lovely week ahead. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  6. Wow. I know some granddaughters who would have loved this! How great to make something special for your youngest too. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 10/52. Next week's optional prompt is "My Last Meal". Denyse x

  7. Naaaw, that's the cutest; one happy little lady in her room!


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