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How To Keep Kids Healthy This Winter...

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Summertime has many glorious highlights for just about everybody. Sunny skies, beach visits and happy kids on holidays are just a handful of the joys we can all appreciate. For parents especially, warm weather is welcomed in addition to these fun factors because generally speaking, our kids' health in this season is also high. Come the cooler seasons though, and the sniffles, viruses and germs we had all but forgotten during the sunny months, can make a return with a vengeance. 

While healthy practises at all times are beneficial where kids are concerned, winter definitely pushes the importance of healthful upkeep to the fore.

At this cooler time of year especially, (autumn), I like to take extra care to make sure my kids are healthy and fit for the long winter months ahead. With the flu season fast approaching, it's definitely time to revisit some essential steps to help protect your kids and keep them fighting-fit until summertime returns.

Ensuring your kids' health is maintained during winter and year-round is not difficult, and it can really pay back in the short and long term. Simply getting kids active in the outdoors when the weather allows year-round, is a great way in itself to maintain their immune systems and keep them healthy.

Of course there's the value of healthy eating to consider too. We all know the importance of sticking to a diet that is high in essential nutrients, good fats and fibre and low in sugar and saturated fats. Make sure your kids are aware of these points too. Talk to your children about the significance of healthy eating regularly and teach them about the 80/20 rule for healthy eating. The value of carbohydrates and healthy sources of protein cannot be overlooked for energy and physical liveliness. 

Eating three fresh and healthy meals a day with plenty of fruit and vegetables plus appropriate snacks is important for energy creation and well-being. Making sure your child only has natural and healthy choices in their school lunchbox each day, is one great way to ensure your kids are eating the right food groups and in the correct balance when they're at their hungriest.

Indoor heated environments and outside chill air can be very dehydrating for everyone. Hydration is also vitally important to maintain health. You can make sure your active kids stay well by drinking plenty of plain water each day over less healthy choices such as juices and sugary drinks. 

It's also wise to consider supplementing the diet of your kids with extra doses of nutrients to support them through the onslaught of nasties that lurk about in the winter months. Children alone are not the greatest at making healthy choices or practising hygiene standards, so supporting them with a good quality vitamin supplement is a good backup system during winter.

Did you know that by taking a simple probiotic daily can help to build your child's immune system? Our kids recently tried out the Blackmores Probiotics + for kids and they were fine with the individual sachet serves sprinkled over their cereal each day. Good gut bacteria is essential for fighting illness and can also help to reduce the incidence and duration of respiratory and ear infections, and assist with allergies. 

Kids can help themselves to stay well by learning the importance of proper personal hygiene via hand-washing and health promoting practises. For example, teach your children to keep fingers away from their mouths, eyes and nose to avoid the spread of bacteria. Remind your kids frequently to cover their nose or mouth when sneezing or coughing and ensure that they know this is one big way that germs and viruses spread readily from person to person. For school kids, a small bottle of hand sanitiser and a packet of tissues is a wise inclusion in their schoolbag to keep the bacteria at bay.

Teaching kids to keep their foods and drinks to themselves and not to share with friends is imperative also. Colds, coughs, gastro and other debilitating illnesses thrive in direct contact with saliva and kids do seem to love to share! Explain why this is so important to your child and in turn, they can hopefully help to educate their friends too.

Finally, never undervalue the power of sleep to heal the body and build immunity year-round. Good sleeping habits in childhood start young. Be firm about bedtimes and try to encourage your child to sleep for the minimum number of hours recommended for their age group. 

With lots of practise and persistence (plus a little bit of constant reminding!), kids will come to appreciate the all the benefits of having lots of fun and healthy times ahead this winter.

What steps do you take to ensure your children remain healthy year-round?
Have you or your child tried a probiotic?


  1. It's a good idea - something you can just pour on cereal. My kids are notorious for hating to swallow capsules. This makes it so much easier.

  2. I take a probiotic each day in a capsule form. I started it after last year's surgery when my gut was not happy. I do not know if it makes things better or not but I will keep having it.
    The other important thing is for kids and adults to have the flu injection.

    We will be waiting for the doctor's recommendation for the best time.

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 14/52. Next week's optional prompt is "Share Your Snaps" an every 5 week prompt in 2018. Denyse.

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