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LeapFrog LeapStart Review and Win a LeapStart For Your Child!

Do you remember learning to read as a child? It was certainly a big challenge! Mastering all those basics; from the fundamental recognition of the letters of the alphabet, to phonetics, word-by-sight recognition and meaning. It's a huge step for all early learners. Learning to read never really stops either - from childhood to adulthood, there are always new words to discover and a greater understanding to be gained. With so many necessary factors in play (and all of them not necessarily fun), helping your child learn to positively approach language and reading skills with enthusiasm is a must to foster a life-long, head-start in all aspects of life. 

Can you remember the moment in your own childhood, when you were learning to read and all of these key aspects came together and it just suddenly made sense? I certainly can! It takes lots of practise to master reading and there are some excellent methods available these days to really back-up school and home learning efforts in this area.

Prior to receiving a LeapFrog LeapStart for review here, I have to admit that I had little knowledge about these particular devices. After using one in our home however, and seeing the clear learning benefits combined with so much fun for my own child, I am truly sorry that my older children missed out!

A LeapFrog LeapStart is an all-in-one learning system that is designed to grow with your child to get them primed for school learning and life. Via the LeapStart device and the library of books to accompany it, kids are able to access more than 400 exciting learning activities that teach over 50 key skills per level.

The LeapFrog LeapStart device itself is designed rather like a kid-safe laptop with sturdy corners and a carry handle. It's strong! (I have personally seen ours dropped several times already.) To date, no damage issues from rough or careless handling so a big tick already. 

A preschool sampler book is included with your initial LeapStart purchase to get kids started.

Inside the LeapStart device is a place to hold your child's spiral-bound books from the LeapStart program mentioned earlier. (More about these to come, below.) There is also a built-in stylus which is the key to giving your child control over their activities. Books are held in place within the tablet via specially designed clips so that kids can read in any preferred position without their book tumbling out.

The LeapFrog LeapStart works with just two AA batteries and also comes with a USB for
connecting to your PC for downloads and setup. Full instructions are provided.
To use the LeapStart, parents need to register for, or sign-in with their LeapFrog account. It's quick and painless. It takes only minutes to set-up and install the LeapStart software onto your PC. You will then be guided to install the audio files for your child's books - also very simple.

For kids, reading a book is easy and interactive. Choose a LeapStart book, clip it into the LeapStart and switch it on. Use the stylus to touch the images, letters, numbers or words. The LeapStart stylus will scan everything it touches and voice the words and images (with a touch of sound effects or music where appropriate). The whole experience is fun, easy to operate and engaging for little people.

Touch the stylus onto anything on a LeapStart book page and learn from the accompanying audio.

The all important volume controls are there as well as a socket for headphones.

The LeapStart can grow with your child via the addition of its very own library consisting of 25 plus titles which include over 50 key skills at every learning level. 

It's easy to choose which reads are appropriate for your child's level. Level 1 is for preschoolers and teaches the fundamentals such as shapes and colours. Level 2 is designed for preschoolers too and introduces key skills like writing and counting. Level 3 is aimed at primary school aged kids and builds on skills such as reading and maths, plus logic and reasoning.

Learn to Read Volume 2 includes 6 books that 'talk' via the LeapStart. 

Pictured are the Learn to Read titles which consist of 12 books aimed at different levels of learning. There are also 'favourite characters' titles available which feature Trolls, Paw Patrol etc.

With our youngest having commenced prep this year, the LeapFrog LeapStart has arrived at a vital learning time. Daily, our daughter is learning to read and write at school and the LeapStart has been a valuable tool enabling this to continue at home. The approach of these books is very similar to the format employed in schools when it comes to teaching kids to read, with benefits. The large text makes it easy to operate the stylus and the LeapStart voice-over offers a clear and concise pronunciation of each word or letter. 

I can easily see how the LeapStart is both a brilliant support and stand alone tool for learning to read.

Kids can further boost their progress by tapping the key code icons which are featured on every page. These encourage readers to speak the words, sound-out the letters and even spell when they're stuck. This feature means kids can work alone entirely (or under your guidance if you wish), to improve their progression through the learning to read process.

Books from Volume 2 Learn to Read are aimed at ages 4-7.

The LeapFrog LeapStart is priced at $79.95 and is available from major toy and department stores Australia-wide. Since becoming familiar with this device, we think this is a great learning tool for kids and can highly recommend it. If you have a child who is just starting out at school, or if your child struggles to grasp the key concepts of learning to read, this system is both educational and enjoyable and is bound to assist. A LeapStart is a great way to coach your child to read and definitely makes it a positive and fun experience for kids.


WIN a LeapFrog LeapStart valued at $79.95!
Plus a set of Learn to Read Books worth $39.95!
Total prize pool: $119.90.
Promotion ends 31st March, 2018.

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  1. What a brilliant and fun learning tool!


  2. What a great toy! - it's so good for littlies when learning is fun. My granddaughter is 2 and a very bright little girl, she'd love this and I couldn't resist entering for her. What a great giveaway.
    Leanne |

  3. I would love to gift the LeapFrog Learning System to my grandsons, the oldest(nearly 3 yrs old) to play and learn with now and then later down the track to share with his baby brother, showing him the ropes, playing this together, bonding, playing & learning together. It would fill my heart with joy watching two brothers/two sons/two grandsons unify over this toy/learning tool.

  4. My 3 year old is so lonely now that her big brother and sister are both at school full-time this year and all she wants to do is join in with them at school! I'd love to win this LeapStart for her, so she can join in with 'school' at home with me :)
    (Stacey Shailer)

  5. I reckon this stuff would have seemed like magic when I was a kid!

  6. In recent years, I've found using the LeapFrog LeapStart help (not my child but my nephew) as he has had many medical issues that have held him back from other classmates. The results of which I have read in the success makes me all the more interested in this for him... then upon completion I'd like to start a club where that of other children with similar needs can rent out this book - in the start of a small library and computer lab..... if finances become available. Being my nephew shows a creative side I want to have the best for him so I'll be registering in that of the aforementioned giveaway using K. --

    Best of luck to everyone!

  7. What an amazing toy and great educational learning tool, I'd love this for my little nephew to help with his reading skills and language development

  8. I would love to win the LeapFrog LeapStart for my daughter because it will allow her to continue to practice reading on her own and she can use the LeapStart to help with any words she gets stuck on. Vanessa Ahern

  9. My daughter is addicted to the screen. A LeapFrog screen can will do amazeballs to satisfy her screen addiction, while also being education. Win Win for both child and Asian tiger mum!
    Karina L

  10. This would be awesome for Master 5,
    He is so keen to learn to read he would love this learning system to help him practice when I can't sit with him.
    Peta :)

  11. Awesome toy - I love that the kids can have fun, while learning...this is how kids really learn, when they don't realise their actually learning. (Juanita Torr)

  12. Miss just turned 5 has taken to crying for 2HRS!!! every time I get her reader out of her bag. She was distraught that she couldn't read straight away and now the teacher and I are working on plans of how to get her enthused and excited about reading. It's heartbreaking to see her love of books turn to fear. If this helps it would be awesome.

  13. Here in WA, kids have to turn 4 before 1st July to start school. My grandson misses out by 5 days so the LeapFrog LeapStart would be perfect for him :-)

  14. I love how engaging, yet educational, the LeapFrog products are for kids! I'm a firm believer that learning should be fun and encourage my daughter (2.5 years) to play and I just love seeing her imagination at work. Since having my second daughter in January, I am struggling with that "Mum guilt" of not being able to be there for my eldest when I am couch-bound feeding! I would love to win this LeapPad for our family as it would allow Miss 2 to sit up next to me and we can play the activities together!

    -Chloe Heatherill

  15. This would be great for my nephew to use, it would help him with his reading

  16. They are a great way to start with some kids. If I recall, they have an Aussie accent for the children too. Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 11/52. Next week's optional prompt is "From My Window I See..." Denyse

  17. I’d love this my daughter has been using something similar at school to learn French and she’s 4 but it’s been great. Jessica Ashbrooke

  18. I’d love to win this leap frog prize so my neighbours don’t have to hear my daughters name 100 times a day they be sick of me saying don’t do that, come here, clean that. Leap frog would keep my daughter occupied whilst I get the chores done
    Alexandra Miller

  19. What a fantastic education tool! I would love this to help keep my toddler entertained and to keep him busy and his mind focused whilst I am tending to his newborn sister (she will be here any day now, trying to naturally induce her at home as we speak - I can only bounce on my yoga ball whilst my little man is asleep or he wants to help bless him!) my little boy is such a clever little fella, I could see him getting so much joy, excitement,giggles, and learning experiences out of this! Jordana Hodgetts

  20. Even I love to help my kids play with this beautiful leap frog educational toy, all leap frog toys are so well thought out and fun, I have a big selection now including tv toys and watches and they love them all

  21. Nichole McKee...the LeapFrog LeapStart Interactive Learning System would be so beneficial to our little fellow in Prep, he's eager to learn but has a few stumble's and is easily frustrated. I would love to help make the learning fun please.

    1. Nichole, this would be perfect for your son so congratulations - you're our winner! Will be in touch shortly with details.
      Thanks to everybody who entered with your fantastic responses.

  22. Julie Parsons
    This would really help our 5 year old who has learning delays. He’s just started Kindy and needs all the help we can get. Hubby has to care for me full time so our resources are all government funded.

  23. This prize would give my niece the boost she needs to be ready for big school with the most confidence and readiness!

  24. Linda Courtney
    This would be the perfect gift and head start for our little man.

  25. LeapFrog LeapStar would put me on the pedestal I've always deserved for being the world's greatest Mum.
    Sharon Markwell

  26. My son struggles with fine motor on paper but when it comes to electronics he's a master, Leapfrog bridge the gap and make fine motor fun

  27. This would be amazing for my little man who's starting school next year as he's struggled with his speech due to an undiagnosed tongue tie

    Astra Hyland

  28. Oh I hope I win this my daughter is 15 months old and loves books! ��

  29. This would be great for my daughter who loves books but can’t quite get the hang of pronouncing the words she sees yet. Especially with starting kindy next year she will become an avid reader in no time using this leap start pack.
    Jasmin Hoffmann

  30. Would love to win this we are just starting to look into learning to read for my Mr 4 and he has really enjoyed other leap frog products.
    Gemma Smith

  31. Would like to win this prize so my daughters don't fight over the leapad platinum! Elvis Lapic

  32. Would love this for my little one! - Jayde Moore

  33. The Leapfrog Leapstarter would allow my little one to learn whilst having loads of fun and excelling his skills in leaps & bounds!
    Kasey Evans

  34. My eldest son is starting school next year, this would be an amazing prize to help him get a head start. Plus anything that can keep my children busy while I finish my morning coffee is ace!
    Amber Elliott

  35. Such an amazing educational tool would love this for my kids =)

  36. My Daughter can use it for the boys so they can learn more than the words "poo poo head" and "poop head" boys are so funny

  37. Belinda Robins - I have a 4 and 2 year old who would love this. My 4 year old is very interested in books, letters and words and this would really help her get ready for big school

  38. Sarah ellwood - I think the leapfrog would help raise confidence with learning to read! It certainly puts a fun spin on interactive learning

  39. My daughter is starting prep a year later due to her b'day falling in the middle of the year. I'd love to give her a "leapstart" on school by doing extra learning at home to get her ready!

  40. My son in prep is learning to read at school,
    Using the Leapfrog at home would be his perfect tool!
    Having special needs, navigating to social world is hard enough,
    And on top of that he's finding learning to read so tough.
    It's all so very overwhelming,
    Sometimes the pressure gets him "melting".
    A fun and interactive learning tool is just what he needs,
    A definite chance to learn to read!
    I m certain it would give him the confidence to succeed!
    And with a 2 year old brother as well,
    Leapfrog would bring years of excitement, helping my kids excel!

    Thank you for the chance!
    Megan Marot

  41. Kids need all the help they can get from an early start just to keep up, this would be a great tool.

  42. The fantastic LeapFrog LeapStart would help my three girls to learn how to read and improve their general knowledge with 600 different activities and it would be it would be excellent for them to learn while having fun with thei r favourite characters at the same time. Thank you.
    Dee Susan JT

  43. The LeapFrog system will help my youngest catch up to her big sister idol so they can take turns reading stories each night! Neva Beaumont

  44. Eyes and concentration in the one place for more than two seconds, learning to love learning and sitting still!

  45. This would be a great learning tool for my little one. I wish I had this when I was learning to read

  46. My youngest loves 'helping' me work at home, unfortunately this means it takes me a lot longer than it should to get my writing done. I'd love for her to have a LeapStart so she can have fun and get a jump on the educational stuff while I complete my work in a fraction of the time. #WinWin


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