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Jasnor Bush Baby World Dream Tree Review and A Bush Baby World Giveaway!

Just prior to Christmas last year, we featured the delightful Bush Babies who are a collection of adorable and fluffy, collectable characters for kids to enjoy. The Bush Babies have their very own YouTube channel and dedicated website - Bush Baby World. (For a complete refresher on these sweet little characters, please visit our earlier post here on Six Little Hearts to read all about the Bush Babies.) 

Our youngest daughter's very own collection of Bush Babies have now got their own home and it's called the Dream Tree. This functional playtime addition helps to keep the Bush Babies safe, happy and equipped for hours of play fun. (It also keeps things neat and tidy for mum when they're resting in their tree!)

Meet the Bush Babies in the Dream Tree.

Princess Melina (sold separately) presides over Bush Baby World.
Bush Babies all come with the ability to move their eyes and ears for interactive fun.

The Dream Tree is equipped with plenty of seats for a growing collection of Bush Babies. There are also fun play features to bring your child's imaginative adventures to life. To start with, kids can use the Flower Crown Light to illuminate their display during play or use it as a comforting night light. The Flower Crown Light is fully removable and uses 2, AAA batteries to operate.

The Flower Crown Light sits at the very top of the Dream Tree and gives off a warming glow.
(Not shown in use in these pictures.)

The Dream Tree arrives with its very own Bush Baby Niki. (She's pictured here in the tree tops at centre in pink.) Niki comes with her own Sleepy Pod with a purple movable door. There are plenty of places to hang lots of Sleepy Pods on the Dream Tree. 

Our daughter adores the Dream Tree and all of its built-in perks and she plays with it for at least an hour or more every time she uses it. There's the fun Bush Baby swing seat to push and also the Flower Basket swing which kids can raise and lower with a winch and button.

The Dream Tree is 40cm in height with a fairly narrow profile which makes it quite easy to store on the floor, on a safe book shelf, or on top of a chest of drawers. It looks fab as a display when not in use and will make any room look pretty as a feature in itself. The Dream Tree comes fully boxed and some assembly is required. All the pieces snap together strongly. It is very simple to build and there are instructions. The Dream Tree is priced at RRP $109.95.

A Bush Baby snoozes in the Dream Tree's Sleepy Pod.
At any time your child can add extra Bush Babies to their collection. There are so many to collect. Bush Babies are sold individually and come with a range of accessories like Pods, hair combs and their very own role within the Bush Baby universe. Visit Bush Baby World on YouTube to find fun episodes of their adventures and check out the Bush Baby World website. You can purchase Bush Babies Australia-wide from these retailers. Bush Babies are a hit with kids!

Win 1 of 3 Bush Baby World 'Shimmies' 
prize packs worth $50 each!
 Prize packs consist of 2 Bush Babies each: Lady Lexi and Lady Lulu.
Total prize pool: $150.
Promo ends 11th May 2018.

To Enter
Fill out the short competition form below.
Please ensure you leave a comment along with your name inside your comment box in order for your entry to qualify. Entries without comments or names will be disqualified. Game of skill.
Good luck!

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  1. I don't have little ones anymore but GOSH these are adorable.

  2. My partner calls our daughter Bear. From the minute she was born she growled!!! She spends her time under the bushes with her plastic animals and gets pretty upset when it rains. Would be an ace inside activity and give my three a whole NEW set of animals to imitate!!

  3. I would love to give these to my baby grandson Dean (aka Deano) as he is enamoured with soft bright toys and they tend to soothe him and of course he gives the best smiles when he has one. Adele Smith

  4. My daughter got one at Christmas and loves it they are so soft she’s love some to start a proper collection

    1. CONGRATULATIONS to you Jessica - a Bush Baby prize pack will be on it's way to you shortly!

  5. a grand daughter I love to spoil
    with these gorgeous toys shes sure to smile
    Tracy Wedding

  6. My daughter turns 5 in July, these would be just right for her! She would love to create personalities and an imaginary world for them, and to share it with her cousins.

  7. This would keep the little one entertained, without the use of a screen.

  8. Would love to spoil my daughters with these gorgeous bush babies so cute I want one Shannon

  9. My niece Miss S loves her bush babies. I would be the best Auntie if I were to win these cuties for her. Maree Gray

  10. My kiddo would love these to have tea time with.
    Olga CP

  11. I would love to add these to my daughter's birthday treats. Bush babies are adorable and suited to our lifestyle of living in the country. Sarah ellwood

    1. CONGRATULATIONS Sarah, your daughter will love these new additions. :D

  12. I've never seen them before but the Bush Babies are just the cutest things! Good luck to everyone entering! x

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  13. A baby Shimmies, I would love to win.
    Bringing magic, making me sing!
    A little one, obsessed
    sparkling eyes,
    glittery fur and paws.
    A great smile will be expressed :)

    Blake Haugen

  14. Oh my your daughter does look so happy with her collection.
    Just lovely to see.
    Thanks so much for linking up for #lifethisweek 17/52. Next week's optional prompt is Taking Stock 18/52. Denyse

  15. I'd love to win these to bring some magic to our house

  16. I once had one child who's always wanted a cat. With all her cat talk, begging and pleas, I now have two children who are obsessed with wanting a pet, which unfortunately just can't be. A Bush Baby would help solve everything! A creature to love, cuddle and care for, that can be taken everywhere they go, is sure to push the cat want far from their thoughts. I know they'd love them so very much. X Mel Star

  17. My son thinks these are his pets. He loves them! He sleeps with them and takes one everywhere. He would be beyond happy to get some more!
    Samara McRae

  18. My grandkids would absolutely love these as some are step grandkids and need something to hug to help ease the stress

  19. This is my first encounter,
    With these gorgeous furry friends.
    I must meet with my kidlets,
    To choose which one the postman sends.
    Sarah Middleton

  20. My nieces would love these, because I would have loved them when I was little.

  21. My daughter would absolutely go ga ga over them. These little furry friends are so cute and would have the perfect home in my daughters magical fairy garden. Glitter, shimmers, fairies and butterflys. Im sure these little babies will have lots of friends in the garden to create magical memories for my daughter.

  22. My daughters will have loads of fun playing with these and my baby son will equally enjoy trying to run off with them while they are playing

  23. My 2 little girls are right bush babies, they love the outdoors and adore cute little toys to take on their adventures. These adorable friends would be their perfect companions! Margaret Horneman

  24. I have a little six year old,
    Who thinks having a Bush Baby is like winning gold.
    She has seen them in the shops and advertised on TV,
    She loves to help out at home and listens to me.
    My little six year old deserves a little treat,
    And this bush babies prize would suit her so perfectly.
    Lynnette Bull

    1. CONGRATULATIONS Lynnette, a prize pack of luscious Bush Babies will be in your child's hands shortly.

      Thanks to everyone for entering. Keep watching this space - More Bush Babies are coming shortly!

    2. Thank you so much. I'll be sure to buy a few more and surprise my little girl

  25. Can you keep a secret?
    I really hope you can...
    There is a special place
    for a little bush baby
    its with Ava Monahan

    Tracy Monahan

  26. My niece would love these.
    Quirky and different just like her.

    Sonja Prince

  27. Bush Baby come my way
    So my Granddaughter can play
    Letting her imagination run wild
    Oh! How good it is to be a child. (Juanita Thorn)

  28. I love Bush Babies as they are cute, cuddly, colourful and a perfect companion for my three kids to keep them active and busy by playing with them and looking after them.
    Dee Susan JT

  29. Look at them (!!), if they make ME squeal in excitement, I can only imagine the way my obsessed-with-all-things-girly toddler is going to react to receive them in the mail. We would love to win.


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