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When you're a parent, having an abundance of tech at your disposal is a lifesaver! Whether it's for your own personal use or for your children to enjoy, a good selection of tech in your household will serve you well. 

Taking a family road trip is one scenario that definitely calls for a supply of trusty tech to see you through, especially where kids are involved. Next time you travel, quit the 'moans' before they even have the chance to begin with your favourite tablet PC's, hand-held gaming devices and electronic learning gadgets to keep all ages entertained and sane on the journey. 
Consider adding a few further tech essentials, and you can make road travel far less taxing for all. 

Laser have many great devices that can make your next journey as smooth and pleasant as possible. Too much noise in the car and excessive grumbles from your kids? Try noise cancelling headphones to increase your comfort and theirs. 

I personally loathe video gaming soundtracks when my kids are playing nearby! I always insist they volume down, move away or connect to headphones so that I don't have to suffer the sounds of whatever they're enjoying. These Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones from Laser have filled an everyday need in our family life. We can either tune out of our kids' electronic sounds with our own music, or they can block their repetitive game sounds from us by connecting their devices to these.

These headphones from Laser are extremely comfortable to wear and quite lightweight compared to other brands we own, making them an instant favourite of mine. You can pair up to two devices at a time to these headphones, wirelessly. When connected via Bluetooth, you can use the built-in voice controls to operate them. Play, pause, volume and shuffling between music tracks is an easy voice command. There is a built-in microphone too, so you can make and receive mobile calls while you're out and about.

There is a good 10 hours of constant-use battery life after charging with a standby of up to 180 hours. Switch on the noise cancelling control to reduce unwanted ambient noise for a clearer sound. There's a standard 3.5mm jack for connecting to mains power too if your batteries are flat. 

The Laser Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones come with their own USB charging cable, a 3.5mm audio cable and user manual. RRP $89.95. 


If you've ever had the misfortune of being involved in a car accident, then you'll understand the immense hassle of dealing with insurers. Making claims on your vehicle insurance in these circumstances can be tricky, especially if the other party dispute your own version of events. Crash cams are an excellent device to employ to prevent conflicts by providing visual back-up in these situations. A crash cam offers an indisputable version of events. These are absolutely worth every cent.

We've been trying out the Navig8r Crash Cam FHD X. This is a well-priced and easy to use dash cam to record any incidents you might be unfortunate enough to experience on the road. Already, we think it's fab to have, though we have not yet used it as such for its intended purpose - and really hope not to! Still, having one of these provides a high level of peace of mind on the road. If you're an anxious driver especially, you might like to invest in one of these.

Techy aspects: 8MP still shots, built-in microphone, time stamp, 1.5 inch screen, Auto Bump Record, (automatically stores footage of accidents without overwriting these files), 120 degrees wide angle view and operates on a rechargeable Li-On battery. 

This crash cam records in full high definition 1080p video for excellent clarity. The high resolution means it captures everything important such as number plates and street signs in daylight or at night. 

Navig8r FHDX Crash Cam comes with everything pictured and is very easy to operate.
All you need is a minimum 8GB (or greater) Micro SD card to record.
The Navig8r FHD X Crash Cam will never run out of space as older files are automatically overwritten once the Micro SD card has reached full capacity. There's nothing to do to operate this either. Just start your car and the camera starts filming. It's very easy to use. This dash cam has a compact design to keep your windscreen and dash area clutter-free. Priced at just RRP $59.95, this is a worthwhile investment for your daily commute.

Explore these items and more in the extensive Laser range on their website.


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Total prize pool: $149.90.
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  1. With the holidays finally here lots of time spent travelling on the road and on the plane, noise cancelling headphones are just what I need for my kids (or for when I need time out from all the yelling screaming and occasional fighting!)

  2. Have a variety of activities to keep kids occupied on long drives, such as books to read, colouring in pages, puzzle books, toys etc as well as music to listen and sing along to. Also take regular breaks for leg stretching. Maree Gray

  3. I NEED this for my autistic son. He gets sensory overload and NDIS won’t cover noise cancelling headphones for some reason. This would really help when he is in a noisy environment or having a meltdown

  4. Always carry drinks and snacks for the kids. Portable DVD players are one of the best investments you can ever make when you have kids. And when they're done with a movie or two, don't forget to pull out the games, where you don't need a board or pieces, like; the Number-Plate game, I-Spy, counting specific coloured cars, Who Am I?, Spot The....? (a game we would play, we'd just pick something random like a cow, or Macca's sign or school...whatever and the kids would have to be the first to spot it - a little competition always keeps them entertained.:) ) And there's always the good old radio, or these days, the iPhone to plug in with the favourite tunes and sing-a-long at the top of your lungs. We always made the seats comfy too and packed them up, like filled the floor, so their seat was more like a bed, and chuck in their pillows and favourite toys. Our holiday car travel was never any problem... (Juanita)

  5. Plan ahead looking into the best rest stops. Its worth the extra 5 minutes detour to find a park with toilets, running space and some swings etc to allow the kids to release some built up energy. Taking snacks and laying out a good spread allows down time for everyone. Allowing small games/books on the trip is also a must, allowing space to move and minds to expand(or simply remain busy). Adele Smith

  6. Copy maps for the trip and get the kids to fill in the route and interesting sights to be read when we arrive

  7. Snacks, snacks and more snacks!! Lots of stops to stretch legs and run off some energy if it's a long trip. Kate Slack

  8. Plan ahead.
    Pack snacks and drinks.
    Pack tech from laser.
    Ensure lots of rest stops.
    Bank all those memories <3

  9. I plan games for us to play, music for us to listen to. Snacks for us all so we only have to stop for toilet breaks.
    Samara McRae

  10. Out for a beautiful drive along our stunning coast, I revel at the peace and serenity around us. I turn to look at the kids and they're surprisingly happy and laughing together. Then it hit me...I had noise cancelling headphones on and the kids were screaming at each other! No wonder hubby wasn't impressed with me! ;)

  11. Pack snacks and wear them out beforehand so the kids are either eating or sleeping!
    Karina L

  12. Regular stops so they can run around and when they get back in they snooze

  13. I really need to get the girls some noise-cancelling headphones. Can you have two sets paired to the one iPad, do you know? They always watch their shows together so having two sets of headphones work with the same iPad would be awesome (and save my sanity!)

  14. ipads are great for travel and have plenty of drinks and water healthy of course

  15. Plan your stops, pack lots of snacks and games and a favourite movie on the iPad

  16. 40km to town to school or swimming lessons, 350km to the city we do every two or three months and 2 days to Grandma's house. We do a lot of car time. Our last road trip was 5 weeks and a third of Australia. Each of my three has a small backpack which they pack with the toys, books, pencils, cars, animals etc they want and then I go through and downsize their stash. I buy each a new book, Miss 5 loves to draw not colour so her's is blank. One loves rhyming books and one is a car nut. Most of all my best tip would be to involve them. Ask them to find a supermarket for snacks or $1 to the first one to spot a camel or an emu. They love to help program the GPS and we do a letter and colour game. Like I spy but any right answer is good that way even miss 5 can play. First person calls a letter or colour and we find something. First right answer gets next turn but we all get to answer.

  17. I think the old fashioned car games are great such as count the red cars etc but also make sure the kids have plenty of activities to do and a good supply of nutritious snacks{not Junk} to keep their brains well fed.

  18. Great for travelling with kids....little ones and big ones

  19. We used to resist ipads in the car until I realised that I was just being old fashioned - just because we never had them as kids doesn't mean our parents wouldn't have used them if they had been invented! Combine that with noise cancelling headphones for the kids, and now we can listen to whatever music we like - it makes for a very pleasant trip! Emma Anderson

  20. food and drinks and fun games and playground stops are a must for sure, keeps the kids entertained and the parents less stressed galore :)

  21. Take lots of episodes of the kids favourite cartoons. I have Octonauts to thank for this tip!

  22. When we travel we have a bag for snacks, games, songs, and their personal DVD player. We try to keep them entertain especially during those long roadtrips.

  23. iPads for puzzles,a bag of snacks and headphones for my daughter so she can watch her movies happily and I can keep my music on to keep me sane ����
    There is only so much ‘let it go’ I can take !!!

    1. We know how that feels ('Let It Go!'). Congratulations, you've won the Laser prize pack. Enjoy listening to your favourite tunes without intrusion! (The noise cancelling is very impressive on these headphones.)

      Thanks to all who entered. We have another tech giveaway arriving here shortly.

  24. Take snacks, take games and if you can throw a movie on to keep them sane!


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