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Slow Cooker Pot Roast Recipe. Winter Family Meal Ideas...

There's nothing quite as good as the homely comfort of settling down to a slow cooked meal in the colder months. The aroma and flavours of a dish that has simmered in its own juices for hours, is warming and delicious. A slow cooker is one kitchen essential every family should have for convenience and variety when it comes to food preparation and simplicity.

With the arrival of the cooler season, our slow cooker has been pulled from the depths of our kitchen cupboard and is now in use at least once-weekly. It provides us with a decent meal on cold or busy days and I love that fact. Throwing anything you can find in your fridge or cupboards into your slow cooker is economical, and these meals make only one pot to wash up at the end.
(Maybe there is something good about winter after all!)

The following recipe is a very simple meal I like to throw together on those harder days. It takes only 5 minutes to prepare this delicious dinner making it perfect for busy mums and dads. Don't worry about being fussy preparing this - just toss it all in and switch the pot on. It turns out beautifully every time.

Slow Cooker Pot Roast.
Makes enough for 4-6 people or more. Adjust quantities to suit your needs.

Choose your preferred type of meat for this dish. I use a pre-marinated cut of beef purchased from the supermarket. Marinated meats add even more flavour and produce a great textured meat once cooked. Around 1-1.5kg of beef is sufficient but you may need more or less depending on your needs. Choose chuck steak, a roast cut or butterfly cut.

Switch on your slow cooker to the low setting and line the pot with olive oil.

Place the uncooked meat in the centre of the pot. (No need to sear the meat unless you prefer to.)

Add 6-8 large, quartered Pontiac (red skin) potatoes to the pot and arrange these around your meat.

Add one bunch of whole Dutch carrots. Remove the tops but leave some sprouts for decoration.

Add one large bottle of tomato passata, plus a cup or two of chicken stock.

Add around 4-6 tomatoes roughly quartered.

Season with lots of freshly ground pepper, salt, (truffle salt is amazing!), 1/4 of a cup of balsamic vinegar and generous spoonfuls of your favourite meat seasonings such as Italian herb mix.

Add a large handful of continental parsley.

Ensure your pot roast is well-covered with liquid and place the lid on top. Allow the meal to slow cook for around 7 hours. This will result in the meat becoming stringy and delicious.

To serve: Eat as is or stretch your portions with the addition of a side such as a salad, bread, pasta or rice. Refrigerate leftovers once cooled and consume within 48 hours or freeze.


  1. Bookmarked!!! Thanks for the winter food inspo. Will be needing it in Canberra very shortly xo

  2. That looks amazingly delicious! I have pinned this!

  3. I LOVE my slow cooker over the cooler months. I don't like cooking but I am more alert in the morning so if I can get food on and then forget about it - perfect in my eyes.

  4. I have a leg of lamb ready to hit the slow cooker- thanks for the inspo!

  5. Perfect. I am starting to gather EASY slow cooker recipes that will be tasty and warming. Love it. Thanks.

  6. It was 4 overnight and SO foggy on Monday morning, freezing(not quite). Definitely thinking about comfort food now. I don't have a slow cooker but have a pressure cooker, so I do the same sort of thing just the other way round, fast instead of slow!


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