Thursday, 5 April 2018

Time For Time Out? Mums Can Take A Break With OneFlare and Win

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Oneflare.

There's no more exhausting role in life than motherhood. It's a wonderful and rewarding experience raising your kids and watching them grow. There are many highs to celebrate and countless lows to struggle through, but it's a role that still gets a highly regarded universal nod from everybody. Mostly from us mums ourselves.
When it all comes down to basics, the uppermost rewards of mothering are definitely worth the hard work involved. 

Speaking of work, the majority of the slog of parenting kids is also the most tiresome and repetitive undertaking you might ever take-on in life. There are plenty of unglamorous moments, learning curves to navigate, experiences to endure and high stress levels that come with the position. Still, we soldier on because for many of us, the work of raising a family and maintaining a home falls to us almost entirely.

One thing so many of us mums complain about endlessly, is the thankless task of housework. As you know it never ends and our daily lives are often dominated by the upkeep of our homes. Sadly, this is often true whether we work outside the home or from within it. It's certainly dull and unfair and attempts to motivate surly teens and mess-making youngsters - even exhausted partners into helping out, are usually ignored or begrudgingly accepted. (Work in itself it is too.)

Well, it's time for some time out mamas! 

By completing Oneflare's Housework Survey and telling them your story, you have a chance to win $50 cash gift cards and use it whichever way you want, whether it's hiring a one-off cleaner or treating yourself to a relaxing massage.

The survey only takes 3 minutes and we want to hear your thoughts specifically. How many hours do you spend keeping your house in-line? What type of help do you need? By telling your story in the short survey, you have the rare chance to be heard, and as an added incentive, there are several $50 gift cards up for grabs for survey respondents. Oneflare will publish the results of the survey and announce the winners on their website on Mother's Day.

Find the Oneflare survey here.

It's time to make some changes on the home-front and be heard. Please share this survey with your mum friends. The more voices we collect, the bigger the results will be.

Do you have a cleaner?
Do you feel stressed by the amount of work before you?
Are you the sole housekeeper in your own home?

Reclaim your valuable me-time by outsourcing your household upkeep needs with Oneflare.

About Oneflare

Oneflare assists time-poor mums with their household cleaning load - think ironing, washing, vacuuming, mopping and all those other tasks we loathe to do. A helper in your home can give you more time to spend with yourself and your family. And let's face it, the opportunity to spend time with our families is the real reason behind why we all became mums in the first place.

Take a look at the Melbourne cleaning services available with Oneflare for starters. With over 70K businesses registered and 150 categories listed, Oneflare connects you with the right expert every time. Whether you are looking for a cleaner, plumber or electrician, you will receive three competitive quotes from nearby experts.


  1. I took the survey. Fingers crossed! I'd love a cleaner!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  2. Mums looking after themselves is very important. Let's hope more do this whether they are winners or not!
    Thanks for joining #lifethisweek 15/52. Next week's optional prompt is "what is friendship?" Denyse x


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