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By dinnertime each day, I'm exhausted! We all are aren't we? Each of us are so often pushed to the limit to get things done, making it difficult to find the time and energy to do the essentials in life - like the shopping, cooking and healthy eating thing. (Even finding the time to write a shopping list can be a challenge!)

For many of us, weeknight meals are typically fast and dull and frequently involve cartons or cans. Alternatively, we might make an expensive take-out grab on the way home in our efforts to try and catch up with the clock and that nagging fatigue. It's by no means the most ideal way to live and don't we all know it! Thankfully, there are solutions these days to diminish our perpetual tail-chasing ways, and they're there waiting for us when we need them most.

Dinnerly makes a brilliant choice when it comes to preparing meals at home and can really help to streamline your hectic schedule. Unlike other similar home delivered meal kits, the Dinnerly service is cheap and affordable by comparison. Dinnerly keeps the choices simple with fewer ingredients to slow you down. They also have downloadable recipe cards that ensure costs are kept to a minimum. If you've been put-off previously by the expense of similar meal delivery systems, then Dinnerly is certainly worth checking out if you're budget conscious.

Meal portions with Dinnerly start at a budget-friendly $5.75 per adult serve. Each week online there are six delicious recipes to select from, three of which are vegetarian options. The meals themselves are typically wholesome, tasty, family-favourites and are very suitable for children of all ages too.

Our overall impressions of our experience with Dinnerly? Fabulous! The ordering process was very simple - just register your details and select which size meal kit option suits your needs. (From couples to families.) From here, choose your dinners from those on offer each week. Finally, choose your preferred delivery day and time, then sit back while your meals make their way to you at home.

As for the meals themselves, these were very basic to prepare and highly palatable for the whole family. With Dinnerly meal kits, your meals arrive pre-measured and hassle-free. For those who love to cook, using the Dinnerly service feels and tastes the same as regular homemade meals, only there's no shopping or measuring to worry about. Everything is included for each recipe in measured portions. You'll find the right number of potatoes and stock cubes plus anything else required. This method of cooking is so efficient, convenient and fast.

As for quality, We were really impressed with the choices of meals on offer and the high quality produce we received. The vegetables were farm-fresh with bright colours and crunchy textures. Meats were top quality too. We received chicken breasts and mince for a few of our dinners and these meats were impressively high-grade and lean. I very much appreciate premium ingredients when it comes to food buying. In selecting produce on our behalf, Dinnerly did not disappoint at all.

And the taste? The best! The cottage pie pictured was so easy to make and it was popular with everybody. We tried a saucy Japanese chicken recipe too which was a massive family hit. Our kids ate everything in their bowls before returning to the stove armed with their forks, ready to eat more of the delicious chicken leftovers! (This rarely happens at our place with the exception of take-out nights!) We also tried a mild vegetarian cauliflower curry with couscous which was a hit with the kids.

As for meal portions, we actually had leftovers which could be consumed the next day for lunch or served again for dinner the following night. No problems whatsoever with portion sizes - we found them to be generous.

If you are finding weeknights or weekends just too busy to fuss about in your kitchen, then Dinnerly is an option we highly recommend you try. We ourselves are now considering signing up to the service when it suits. There are no lock-in contracts either, making this one dinner box service worth its weight.

To learn more about Dinnerly, visit their website for further information.

*Disclosure: Thanks to Dinnerly for our invitation to try their meal service.
Opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. This sounds like such a great service and I love how budget-friendly it is! Your cottage pie looks yummy x

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  2. What a great idea! This will definitely help me get out of my dinner time rut. I make the same old on a rotation basis and it's getting old.

    SSG xxx

  3. That looks just great and as you say not so expensive either! I recall as a Mum the worst question "what's for dinner". It may be just two of us now and with me limited to what I can eat is a challenge but one day I will have teeth and more choices!!
    Thank you for joining in for #lifethisweek.
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