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Mister Maker Chats With Six Little Hearts! Our EXCLUSIVE Interview With Phil Gallagher...

Get set to go craft crazy this July when Mister Maker visits Australia in a brand new national show – Mister Maker Returns - featuring all new crafts, songs and adventures. It’s the first time the show will be performed anywhere in the world and the man himself promises it will be “loads of fun and really exciting." Visit Live Nation for more details about venues and locations.

In the meantime, we asked Mister Maker (AKA Phil Gallagher), to tell us about his passion for crafting including his funniest crafting fails…

Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about your life?

Sure, I’m 41 and I live in Kent in a town called Gillingham where I was born, an hour from London. I used to live in London, but I recently moved back home to be closer to my mum and dad. I do like home, but I’m not there that often – I’m always working or touring!

How did you become Mister Maker?

After studying media at university I became a radio sports reporter and then worked in TV production. One day about 12 years ago, I heard the BBC was looking for a presenter for a new arts and crafts show, so I auditioned. I had to do tests making all sorts of things under a time pressure. When they told me I had the job I was over the moon. I always loved putting on little shows when I was a boy for my family. I’d even make my own programs and tickets! That sparked my love of performing and ever since then I’d always wanted to be a kids TV host.

Was art and crafting always a passion of yours?

Yes, I always loved being creative. One of my favourite shows was Art Attack – I was really inspired by the creations and I really looked up to the show’s presenter, Neil Buchanan. I now work with some of the team from Art Attack on Mister Maker, so it’s a dream come true!

What’s the best thing you have ever crafted on your show? (Personally I loved the lighthouse lamp you created!)

You know that lighthouse lamp is so popular! People still mention it to me. Given I’ve made up to 2000 things on Mister Maker, it’s tricky to name a favourite. However the best thing I’ve ever made is a pom pom bug. It was inspired by something I made with my granddad many years ago when I was a little boy. In fact, my most treasured creation is that original pom pom bug I made with him 35 years ago. I always think of my granddad being the original Mister Maker, he could make anything - he was incredible.

What do you do to relax in your spare time? What are your hobbies? What makes you happy? (You’re always so happy!)

At the moment I don’t have much spare time! However I love watching soccer. I like to watch my local team play with my dad and nephew. I also just really like spending time with my family doing simple things, like having a cup of tea with dad, or doing the food shopping with mum. We have a real hoot, looking at things for ages. Dad always gets annoyed that we take so long!

Does Mister Maker come up with all the crafting ideas or are there a team of creators who work together with you behind the scenes?

For the live shows I write and design everything myself. But in general, I work with a small team of amazing people who help me put everything together. Our team has now worked together on the series for over 10 years.

Who gets to keep the craft you create on your shows?

Often me! Stuff is everywhere in my house. So much of my home is covered in crafts, art material, glitter, pom poms, pots, paint, mess, props and costumes.

Do you have children? If so, do you make lots of things with them?!

No I’m just a big kid myself. I do have a nephew who’s 21. Obviously we don’t make things together now that he’s all grown up! However, when he was younger he’d come to the set and have a ball. My friends have kids, but unless I do my spiky hair, a lot of kids don’t really recognise that I’m Mister Maker!

What’s the best thing about being Mister Maker?

The hairstyle! Followed by the waistcoat. Also being able to travel to amazing places around the world and entertain so many kids.

Have any of your crafting projects failed miserably during a show?! Care to share?!

I’ve never had a crafting fail at a live show – touch wood! However once when we were shooting Mister Maker Around The World in Hong Kong, I had to make a craft outdoors that had loads of tissue paper bits. What we didn’t count on was how windy it would be. The bits of paper kept flying away! My Mini Maker assistant – a little boy – couldn’t stop laughing! Another time in England, we were shooting outdoors and it was weirdly hot. My glue sticks all melted!

Visit Live Nation to purchase tickets to the Mister Maker Returns Tour 2018!


  1. I used to love watching Mister Maker when my son was younger! Hehe :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  2. Huge fans of Mr Maker here. I especially enjoyed his 'around the world' shows.

    Thanks for sharing your interview.

    SSG xxx

  3. I couldn't count the amount of Mister Maker episodes I have sat through. Izzy was inspired to craft so many times after getting ideas from him. It was quite a nice surprise to also see Phil in Grandpa in my pocket as Mr Liker Biker!

  4. What a positive and upbeat person is Mister Maker. I missed his show - grandkids too young or old, I cannot remember. But anyone encouraging kids to MAKE and CREATE is a good person!!

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 21/52. Next week's optional prompt is "How Did My Blog Start"


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