Thursday, 10 May 2018

Smiggle's 15th Birthday Limited Edition Review and Giveaway!

Can you believe Smiggle has been around around for 15 whole years?! Yup! Way back in 2003, Smiggle opened their colour-filled stores to a fan base that's been growing steadily ever since.

I can even remember my own, first-ever visit to a Smiggle store. Back in 2003, my two eldest kids were just one third their current size and safely strapped into our monster double pram. The third, (just a newborn), was huddled on my front in the baby carrier. (Dreamy moment...) Believe it or not, it was easier to browse the goodies in Smiggle with my kids in those days than it is now. Just think - they couldn't touch things or want stuff incessantly like they do now.
Those were the days. (Just a shame I didn't realise it then!)

Anyway, if you're one of Smiggle's loyal and loving customers, then you'll know that a 15th birthday bash for Smiggle will mean lots of exciting limited edition goodies to collect, in bold and beautiful colours and designs. Get ready to rush-in for your chance to score a yummy little chunk of Smiggle history. You'll need to hurry though, as these featured items (and other magnificent bits and bobs), will only be available in-store and online between the 2nd of May until the 22nd of May. Yikes!

Why not kick-off the celebrations with a brand new drink bottle? Smiggle's 15th Birthday drink bottle promises to please. It's covered in an array of exciting Smiggle characters, candies and cakes with an appealing touch of gold embellishment. This bottle holds 660ml , is BPA-free and costs a weeny $16.95.

Celebrate stationery love with this big, bold and dazzling 15th Birthday Hardtop Pencil Case.  It's a larger size that promises to hold even more of your growing Smiggle pen collection. Flip it over for a golden surprise - hundreds of sequins finish the look on its rear side. You can even draw designs in the sequins. (See below.) RRP $29.95.

In need of a larger pencil case still? How about the Smiggle 15th Birthday Handbag Pencil Case? This one's laden with gold and holds loads. You can use this any way you please too - as a handbag, snack bag or cosmetics bag. Love it! RRP $22.95.

Smiggle 15th Birthday Headphones. RRP $36.95.
Every family needs these!

But wait, there's more!
Discover lip balm, key rings and jewels to commemorate the occasion. And don't worry - there's a funky range of 15th Birthday items available for boys too - or any of you who are inclined to prefer black and gold over these dazzling designs. You can check out the entire range of Smiggle's 15th Birthday items here.

Lip Balm - Cake Flavoured RRP $4.95. 15th Birthday Sneaker with Wings key ring RRP $12.95
and the 15th Birthday Charm Bracelet RRP $22.95.
We never tire of the Smiggle line of backpacks. They are perfectly unique plus full of character and quality. If you're currently in need of a newbie for your kiddo, you've just got to grab one from the Smiggle 15th Birthday selection! How adorbs is this super-limited gold and pink Birthday edition? There's glitz and glam all over. Show off your style, good and proper, with this sequin-embossed design. (Looks sensational in the sunshine!)

A bit of bling to carry your things-in! Backpack RRP $64.95. Also available in classy black.
All Smiggle's 15th Birthday range is available in store and online now, until the 22nd of May
or until stock runs out... Or you can WIN a little bit of Smiggle history below...

Prize pack consists of a Smiggle Lip Balm, Smiggle Winged Boot Key Ring 
and a limited edition Smiggle 15th Birthday Charm Bracelet.
Total prize pool: $41.
Game of skill.
Promotion ends at 11am, May 23rd, 2018.

and enter quickly and easily via the pinned post.*
Just leave your name and a comment on the Facebook post and you're in it to win it!

*Disclosure: Featured items were gifted.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. Such a great giveaway. Ever since I first discovered Smiggle when my children were toddlers I have been obsessed by it! My whole office is kitted out with Smiggle stuff as are my children's pencil cases and desks!


  2. Smiggle turns 15!! Wow. We've been there since the beginning pretty much. Happy birthday Smiggle!

  3. Entering Smiggle is like stepping into a dream! So many cool things to ooh and aah over. This stationery fan loves it :)

  4. Oh Smiggle. What a tempting and lovely place that is. I am glad in some ways that I missed the craze with the older grandkids...

    Thank you so much for linking up for #lifethisweek 20/52. Next week's optional prompt is My Biggest Fear. 21/52. #LifeThisWeek. Denyse

  5. Smiggle truly is the place where a "smile meets a giggle"!


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