Tuesday, 29 May 2018

ZURU Toy Review. The Latest Fun Stuff For Kids From ZURU And A $117 Toy Giveaway!

When it comes to extreme fun and gimmicky toys for kids, ZURU are the leaders in their field! For young fans of the quirky and collectable, this brand have wants and needs well and truly covered. How do I know? Just ask my kids!

When a chunky box of ZURU goodies arrived recently, the attraction was instant, especially with my youngest three kids aged 5, 10 and 11. Read on because not only are our kids continuing to have a ball with the latest from Zuru - one of our lucky readers also has a chance to grab some fun of their own with our bumper ZURU prize pack giveaway worth $117! 

Parents know only too well how much kids love toy blaster guns and shooting stuff. Our kids are enamoured with the ZURU X-Shot Bug Attack Rapid Fire. (Pictured above.) Inside, find two wall-crawling bugs and a Rapid Fire blaster with rotating barrel that holds six foam bullets. Just load, aim and shoot the creepy bugs as they wobble their way down your walls. The foam darts fire an impressive 17 metres from the multi-load barrel. It's already a hit in our home with the kids and grown-ups. RRP $14.99.

Zuru Smashers have been a fun new introduction to our household too. Sold in packs of eight, discover a whole new world of fun collectable characters. Smashers arrive concealed inside breakable balls - hence the name Smashers.

Kids can enjoy throwing these small balls against the ground to break-out the figurines inside. 
There are over 100 Smashers to collect. Play fun games with these pocket-friendly toys which are priced well at RRP $14.99 for each 8 pack. (Fab party-pleasers!)

ZURU Smashers.

ZURU Mayka Toy Block Tape RRP $14.99. ZURU Tangle puzzle and movable sculpture RRP $4 each.
ZURU Fidget Cube by Antsy Labs helps focus concentration and calm the stressed. RRP $14.99.
Read our previous reviews of these items in this ZURU review.

Our five year old just loves her new ZURU Shnooks! These cute toys arrive vacuum-packed inside a bubble which kids can pop. With a vigorous shake, watch as your new Shnooks softie re-inflates and puffs up to eight times its original size. There's crazy-colourful hair to tame with the included comb and hair accessories. These are lots of fun to play with according to our girl, and collect. RRP just $10 each. There are six to covet in the series, all with unique personalities.

If you want to really impress your kids then a new ZURU 5 Surprise should do it. Each ball opens to reveal sealed segments containing five surprise toys. (It's a bit like a sliced orange when unwrapped.) Open each sealed segment to unveil the fun collectables within.

Inside ZURU 5 Surprises are lots of little treats for kids to collect and trade. Find stickers, beading kits, key chains and fun character toys. Our son was thrilled with his boy version of the 5 Surprise, especially the cute and squishy rubber poo character he received! These toys are lots of fun and come in a range for girls and boys. Well priced at RRP $9 each.

We love the latest range of toys from ZURU and they're ideally priced for collectors and gifting. You can find these ZURU playthings now in toy stores and department stores as well as online. To learn more about these items and others in the ZURU range, visit their website.

WIN a ZURU Toy Pack valued at $117!
1 x Smashers 8 Pack 
1 x Boy 5 SURPRISE 
1 x Girl 5 SURPRISE 
1 x Original Mayka Block Tape (2 stud, 2 metre roll)
1 x Shnook
1 x Tangle
1 x Fidget Cube
1 x Robo Alive (Not shown here)
1 x X-SHOT Bug Attack Rapid Fire
Promotion ends 30th June, 2018.

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Good luck!

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*Disclosure: Featured items were gifted.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. My grandson would love these (the fiddlier, the better haha) especially with a new baby brother due any day :)

  2. That one that grows looks super cute!

  3. I would love these for my kids. We are quite modest with the amout of toys we get them, which means they get bored of theirs quite easiely. I would love some great new goodies to excite them with.

    Samara McRae

  4. My family is doing Christmas in July this year as we can never get together come Christmas time, due to other commitments such as work, or visiting extending family of our loved ones. I would love to win the prize pack for all of my nieces and nephews. I can see them playing with Zuru toys for hours on end. TANIA KARNER

  5. What a fantastic prize. The kids would love, love, love these.

  6. Perfect for making cold, rainy days loads more colourful and fun!

  7. My daughters would have oodles of fun with this Zuru haul! What a treat just in time for the school holidays! I can imagine them creating, laughing and just having some plain old goid fun! No screens in sight! Love it! Amanda Giffard (Ree)

  8. This looks great my girls would love these and a birthday for one very soon those snooks look super cute Shannon discombe

  9. my grand kids would go nuts for this

  10. Something to keep Miss S and Master H occupied when they are stuck inside on a cold, rainy winter's day - Maree Gray

  11. Moving interstate soon and with everything being put into storage for a few months... I hope just a few months. I'm putting together a pack for each made from old and new to keep them going till we find a house, school, jobs and then time to return and get everything. A few surprises would make their year.

  12. To keep the kids entertained on those rainy days, because Mummy is hopeless and doesn't have her licence so no one can go anywhere!

    1. Oh NO! No license must be frustrating with kids about. Hope this pack of ZURU goodies makes the load easier. Will be in touch.

  13. What an amazing prize will keep the kids entertained for hours
    thanks for the opportunity

  14. My little one would adore the Shnook! These are unique and fun toys, which would make a nice change up in our household.
    Sarah ellwood

  15. Love to win this prize as a reward for my little one. We are starting to learn to read and when he is learning new words he receives a gift as an incentive to continue to want to learn. Surprising with a zuru toy would be the perfect new collection and would also add excitement as until he opens the reward he wont know what it is. Perhaps he may want to learn to read more books to receive more rewards. Linda Pepper

  16. Perfect for that little someone. Whether its a gift for my nieces and nephews when they come to visit or for when my little one has friends over and are looking for something new to play with. What little boys and girls dont like getting surprises. And ZURU surprises at that. The lastest trending toy on the market. Kayla Williams

  17. It looks like so much fun for the kids.Julie Riley

  18. Zuru smashers are for me,
    To keep the littlies very busy;
    They can smash them, They can shoot them,
    They can even cuddle, fidget and display them:
    Happy children they would be.

  19. With two little ones that I enjoy.
    Who wouldn’t want to win them some Zuru toys.
    Things to smash, to fidget and shoot.
    These Zuru toys are sure to be a hoot.
    To keep them busy is all I need,
    So let’s hope that I can succeed.

    Elizabeth Denholm

  20. Zuru is the Guru of fun toys for kids,
    so much variety, they'll go off their lids,
    shooting, smashing, fidget, tangle,
    Shnooks to grow, surprises to wrangle,
    and Robo Alive at our home will thrive,
    (though dad might put it in overdrive...)
    plus clever treats to collect and trade,
    my boy and girl will have it made,
    new ways their creativity can be expressed,
    leaving us parents gratefully impressed!
    Lorna/Jason Williams

  21. With 3 kids that love to explore and work out challenges these toys would give them great delight, each and everyone them look exciting, they could show me how to make them work. Cheerie Murnane

  22. I'd love to win as I have a granddaughter on the way in the very near future plus I already have one amazing niece, who I love to spoil and who would get hours of entertainment with these toys....and I want to be the favourite Auntie.....I know you shouldn't buy love....but hey, she's an absolute Princess and I'd give her the World (Juanita)

  23. I would love to win the ZURU Toys Prize Pack as they would be a great surprise to pull out on the next school holidays. Vanessa Ahern

  24. ZURU are the only toys that delight and entertain children as young as 3 all the way up to ... well forever really! I love gathering my children, nieces and nephews together and watching them bond and play with ageless ZURU toys! This amazing prize would provide priceless cousin bonding experiences!

  25. My little boys Saxon and Arlo would love to win this prize! The block tape and smashers are sure to be a hit! Thanks six little hearts and Zuru Toys for the amazing opportunity ��
    Natasha Garland

  26. My children are MAD for teeny tiny collectible toys - they pour over the enclosed paper guides, looking at all the possible variants, and socialise the tiny toys across different collections. Tiny toys always buy me a few hours peace on a rainy day

  27. My girls love to get creative. these toys are so colourful and fun it is a perfect fit for them and ideal for the upcoming school holidays to keep them occupied. (Charlotte B)

  28. I would have so much fun playing with these amazing toys, the kids might even get a turn

  29. Zuru!! Little treats to trade, share and collect.
    Opening them in awe, waiting for the affect.
    Surprise, surprise, yes please! I want one,
    Zuru, the best, kids having fun, even mum :D

    Blake Haugen

  30. surprises as you get older get less and less so why not give your children as many as possible

  31. To make me the most loved Auntie in the family :) my nieces and nephews would love these. My children would to but i would be sharing these toys around. Teresa Clark.

  32. I just found out that I'm going to be a grandmother for the first time. I'm so excited I'd love to win for my new grandchild.
    Michelle Budge

  33. These toys would be amazing for my 4 and 8 year old second-cousins. They are age appropriate and definitely something they would enjoy. I bet it would also make me the favourite cousin for sure! - Shae Pryke

  34. Would love to win this prize, to add hours of fun to our lives. The joy on my kids faces would be a delight, lots of playing and a lot less fights. Surprises galore, when they open the mail, definitely worth telling the tale, of the day mum won a zuru pack from six little hearts website. -Tanya Applfrd

  35. so many surprise in one littlw ball, how seet and so fun claire evans

  36. Now that winters really set in,
    This is a prize I NEED to win,
    Too cold and wet to get outside to play,
    These funky toys might save the day,
    When boredom sets in and the arguments start,
    My sanity could be saved,
    By Zuru toys and Six Little Hearts :)

    Cassy N

  37. I have 3 amazing kids who would go bonkers for these. Especially my nearly 7 year old who's on the spectrum and would have a ball playing with the fidget toys. New toys save Mummy's sanity. :P Rebecca Blackmore

  38. Fingers crossed I'll be saying Woohoo Zuru with this awesome prize pack. Christmas may be six months off but I'm already trying to plan my shopping list as last year I struggled to buy for my middle son. Any boy would love an X-Shot and we own nothing like it in our home. Robo alive would be a clear winner too, how realistic looking and the block tape would be so handy as he's just getting in to building. The tangle and fidget cube would be great for building concentration levels now he's in kinder. With an older sister he has no fear of pink and would love the shnook too although we might let her have that since sharing is caring. His fav items would probably be the smashers and 5 surprise balls though as he's becoming increasingly fond of his sisters blind-packaged collectables so it would be great for him to have some his own. Hopefully it's hooroo hassle and hello Zuru this year.
    Catherine Augunas

  39. What's not to love about bugs? Jack who's 5 in 2 weeks LOVES bugs except for the bitty ones. But, that has never stopped him from picking them up, collecting them and playing with them. I so love the idea the X-Shot bug attack rapid fire. With 5 birthdays in July plus the unseen birthday invites from pre-school and primary school in the making. I am sure this prize will surprise more than 1 little person both inside and outside our home. Including our neighbours, Ann Marie is turning 4 in July and her big brother is turning 7. Zuru our kids will LOVE you ;-)

  40. with birthdays coming up and money being tight for sure
    this would bring big birthday smiles galore
    this prize would also be shared with cousins birthdays too
    as spreading zuru love around is the best thing to do :)

  41. Our kids have missed out on a lot lately due to hardship in the family and as a single mum of four everything helps and this is a very generous prize that all kids would love

  42. Something for everyone in this prize. Would be the perfect start to Christmas presents. Lots of fun.

  43. Perfect to entertain little miss while waiting for daddy at airports for work

  44. I would love to win this prize as I would share it among my nieces and son so it would be shared around

  45. Always looking for great things to keep the kids quiet for at least 5 minutes I think they’d have some awesome fun with these

  46. My little boy Hudson would love and appreciate this prize pack. Thankyou 😁

  47. Bocks are better on the block roll than under my feet, poo is better to stand on when it’s rubber, I rather smashers hit the brick wall than bang my head against it and the Xshot would be beneficial to get hubby off the couch. This prize will save this mummies sanity.. and I love my kids. MONIKA WEHRLE

  48. A toy loving boy,
    friend's parties galore,
    something for everyone,
    has this ZURU pack for sure!

    Perfect for gifts,
    to share with our friends,
    the magic of ZURU,
    where the fun never ends!

    Kylie Embury

  49. Rural living is fun but miss 8 misses many toys, we dont get to city often to browse, this would make her year
    Melanie otto

  50. My kids would love this as then i will not hear im bored throughout the holidays
    Kathy Clark

  51. Dee Susan JT:

    ZURU toys are perfect fof my children who are always enjoying having fun playing with their toys together.

  52. My girls would love this! I love surprising them with little things, just to see their reactions, it's beautiful. They would have so much holiday fun with this pack!

    Naomi Kelly

  53. I would donate this awesome prize pack to the childcare centre across the road from me. So many little boys and girls there to play with these toys. I'm sure the childcare centre would absolutely love to add these amazing Zuru toys to their collection.

    Helen Russell


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