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Jasnor Bush Baby World Blossoms Review and A Bush Baby World Giveaway!

We couldn't resist sharing the fact that the delightful world of the Bush Babies has just expanded! Regular readers will know exactly what we're talking about - those endearing characters of the Bush Baby World which we have featured here previously, (also here). The BB's are back with a new and exciting range of characters and plots from the Bush Baby World YouTube sensation, Bush Baby World. 

If you have not yet checked out Bush Baby World on YouTube with your child, you're really missing out. Kids simply love these happy little characters and their bright and colourful world. Watching the Bush Babies and playing with these furry little characters in real life is a great way to spend a long winter indoors this season. Just ask our youngest who is totally wild for these babies!

The newest regions that young collectors and fans can collect, are the folk of Blossom Meadow and Blue Rock. As the name suggests, Blossom Meadow is home to the Bush Baby Blossoms who are brightly coloured and beautiful with their flowery designs, coloured hair and shimmering golden paws.

Scented Blossom Rosi comes with her own brush to keep her hair spesh.
Collect her best friend Lili too. (Not shown.) RRP $24.95 each.
Some of the newest Blossom Meadow Bush Babies are scented and they smell so good! Their lovely floral patterns are bright and attractive and mixed with the scents too cannot resist loving them.

For super-fun interactive play, all of the Bush Babies feature a special ability to more their eyes and waggle their ears. Just insert a finger into the special pocket at the back of their heads to operate. No batteries are required which is a real breather for parents. This feature gives them an almost puppet-like ability which can really enhance your child's imaginative play.

Adorable yellow Blossom called Butterlee. She's a shy little daydreamer who likes big
hugs and sometimes finds herself in a tangle with worries. Butterlee is shown here in Princess Blossom's
Bush Baby Tree Pod, imagining she's a princess too! RRP $16.95.

Meet everybody's friend, Bluebelle who loves to cook for her friends and is always smiling.
RRP $16.95.There are six new Blossoms in this series.
You can't have a new Bush Baby realm without a princess to reign over it. Princess Blossom is so pretty with her star crown and royal regalia. She also has lovely sparkly, copper-coloured eyes and comes with her royal pod (pictured above), to keep her comfortable in the Dream Tree. (Read our previous feature on this collector's must-have here.)

Princess Blossom is one of Princess Melina's cousins. Her royal duty is to look after the flowers and plants of Bush Baby World. Comes packaged with her comb, flower wand and golden pod. RRP $49.95.
In addition to the range shown here, there are also new Shimmer Mountain characters to love. We can't wait to collect the new, evil and naughty Bush Baby, Princess Izzabeth, who is purported to be extremely jealous of her sister, Princess Melina. (Our daughter is soooo desperate for this one!)

The Bush Babies are available from leading toy retailers.
Follow the Bush Baby World on Facebook here.
Visit Bush Baby World for more information, activities and to view episodes.

WIN 1 of 2 Bush Babies Prize Packs
worth $51 each!
Each prize pack contains two new Blossoms Dreamstars
plus one original Dreamstars Bush Baby.
(Randomly selected.)
Total prize pool $102.
Promotion ends 11th of July 2018.
Winners will be announced in the comments below.

Fill out the short competition form below.
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Good luck!

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*Disclosure: Featured items were gifted for our consideration.
All opinions expressed are genuine and our own. PS: We had so much fun producing these images!


  1. They're super cute! I saw them in the toy shop the other day!

  2. My youngest would instantly fall in love with one of these, as if we didn't have enough cute little creature toys laying around. To tell the truth both my girls would love them. Will get them onto YouTube straight away! Then the nagging will begin!

  3. My daughter sleeps with these she said there her cute little animals and she has to protect them she love animals and Bush baby are just way too adorable Jessica Ashbrooke

  4. Very cute. If my daughter was little she would've gone nuts over them.
    stopped by via #openslather

  5. Bush Babies for my little 'Bush Baby'.....both enjoy getting dirty and hanging in trees...dressing in sparkles and bright colours and are just so damn cute. (Juanita)

  6. My own blue eyed, blonde bush baby would adore these.
    Perfect for a naturalist in her own right.

  7. They are so cute I would absolutely love them

  8. My daughter loves to carry around her furry friends. She pretends she is breastfeeding her toy monkeys. I know she would mother these bush baby’s if she won.
    Alexandra Kennedy

  9. They are so cute, my daughter would love them

  10. They are utterly adorable just like my two adorable little ones. My son and daughter would get so much joy from playing with them and hugging them.
    Samara McRae

  11. oooh I would love to win these for my niece Ava, of course I do want to be THAT Auntie!
    Tracy Monahan [FB]

  12. These bush babies are so cute - my daughter and I love placing them around the gardens and hanging them off the trees. We sometimes even play hide-n-seek with them. She loves to give them a little cuddle and they keep her very happy for hours.

  13. I would love to win this for my niece Miss S who adores Bush Babies. I would be her favourite Aunty if I won this for her. Maree Gray

  14. The bush babies are super cute. Would love to win for my niece. There adorable. Thank you for the chance to win

  15. These are so cute! I've not seen them before but I can tell my kids will be keen on them once they discover them!

  16. My younger granddaughters would love these for sure. You do get some cute products to review!!
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt is Share Your Snaps 5. A 'show off your photos' post! Denyse

  17. My niece has been begging for one of these for her upcoming birthday, I've heard so many great things about them

    1. Winner 1: congrats Jade. I hope the Birthday has not passed as it has taken me forever to draw this comp! Either way, I know these are going to a good home. Will be in touch. :D

  18. It would come to no surprise that my daughter would love to win this prize. A cute Bush baby to call her own, to cherish and cuddle at night so she will never feel alone :)

  19. My two daughters adore Bush Babies. I think its their bright colours that attract them most and that they can move their eyes. They spend hours playing with them and save up their dollars to buy more on a shopping trip with me.(Charlotte B)

  20. I'd love to win this as my son loves animals and hiding them in the garden and then going on safari

  21. My Grand daughter would go nuts for these and that would mean lots of hugs for grand ma

  22. You had her at Shimmering!! She love sparkles and to have them on a new favourite toy would be her dream come true. She loves to make paper versions on sticks and constantly draws them on everything but hers all have belly buttons drawn as flowers.

  23. Her favourite colour is pink and purple next, she loves rainbows, and little soft huggable babies would make her really happy, she loves the bright pink Scented Blossom Rosi

  24. These Bush Baby Princesses would be perfect in my granddaughters fairy garden to help look after the fairies at night and play with them of a day. My Princess Hayley would spread the fairy dust on Princess Izzabeth and Princess Melina to protect them and give them magical powers.

  25. claire evans
    so sweet, just something to hug and love

  26. My daughter seen these in the shops and absolutely fell in love with them. There cute and cuddly, and when you look into there eyes you cant help but fall in love and think of all the magical places that my daughter could take them too. My daughters fairy garden would be brought to life with these bush baby blossoms and with names that are like flowers im sure they will feel right at home amoungst the fairies

  27. My little niece who I hardly get to see will alway's rememner her Aunty Nikki with her own Bush baby with her at all times please ~Nichole McKee~

  28. i would love these to hang in my daughters room they are so cute and fluffy and i love how you can wiggle there eyes julie r

  29. So so daughter would adore these.
    Simone Kohli

  30. I would love that for my niece! She would love them so much.

  31. Blossom Babies in our magical garden,
    a magical place to see, a magical place to play
    With flowers in bloom and plenty of room
    For my daughter and her babies to play
    Rain or sun shining brightly our magical garden will always blossom

  32. We have just moved to the bush! My nieces and nephew who live in another state ring us most days to see what animals we have spotted. So far we've been able to surprise them with snake stories and wow them with photos of green tree frogs and echidnas. I'd love to be able to send them a bush baby each to keep the magic alive and let them know that we miss them. I'm sure we'd receive plenty of photos of them with their bush babies having a great time hanging out in the city.
    Kirsty Polujan

    1. I hope you win. The best aunty I'm sure...liz

  33. I'd love to give my kids a little something that will melt their hearts, put a smile on their dial and make their day. Bright colours are a wonderful thing. These bush babies are certainly colourful and mood lifting. Just the thing we need x

  34. I’m trying so hard to win some gorgeous bush babies as I was born in the outback and I’d love to have my kids and grandkids remember our beautiful heritage with something so beautiful as these cuties

  35. These BUSH BABIES are so cute and sweet, and smell a treat,
    Perfect for my twin girls to cuddle and sleep,
    And with two BLOSSOM DREAMSTARS in the prize booty,
    Mummy wins too as there’s no fighting between my two cuties!
    Leisa Sandles

  36. I'd love to win this prize,
    To hide them round the house as a surprise.
    Each one wrapped up with a clue,
    To lead to another somewhere new.
    My daughters about to turn seven,
    I'm stocking up so she can be in Bush Baby heaven.
    An amazing birthday gift,
    To add to a day not to be missed.
    Lynnette Bull

  37. Beautiful bush babies
    for my lucky young granddaughters,
    I’d love to win them for an exciting reveal.

  38. Miss 2 deserves a little treat
    Nana winning her ,her own bush baby couldn't be beat!
    Tracy Andreatta

  39. These Bush babies would melt my little blossoms heart, Unicorn colours & magical sents, My baby girl would have the same cute big eyes!

    Nichole henry


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