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Kooki U Review. Makeup Especially For Kids And Tweens...

Have you ever had your child use your expensive cosmetics? Never a great idea! Kids can very quickly ruin expensive makeup with their inexperience, heavy-handedness or just plain clumsiness. If you've spent hundreds of dollars on the contents of your cosmetics bag, then chances are you're not going to enjoy it when your kids decide they need to 'have a go' with your designer brands!

Fret no more mamas! There's finally a brand of cosmetics for kids that's here to fill the niche for young dancers and performers, or just for good old-fashioned child's play. It's called Kooki U and it's an Aussie business founded on the 'please don't use mum's expensive cosmetics ever again!' philosophy.

Kooki U has been developed especially with children's, tweens and teens' needs in mind. Not only are they Australian owned, they're also manufactured here too. Their cosmetic range are mineral based, ensuring no nasties go onto your child's precious skin. Kooki U are also cruelty-free making them an ideal starter brand for your child.

Kids are naturally drawn to products developed especially for them. Having their own makeup brand to enjoy is a genuine pleasure, whether it's for play only, or strictly for performance. Kooki U ensure the colours of their products are sensitive to the needs of kids. Colours are based on natural shades - not the often bold hues of adult cosmetics. The packaging is also attractive and mature-minded so that kids can feel all grown-up and independent. (Just how they like to feel!)

Nail polish in Twistie Orange RRP $7.95. Mineral Mascara RRP $12.95.
Palest Pink Shimmer RRP $14.95. Body Shimmer Cream RRP $14.95.
Silicone Blender RRP $4.95. Nail Stickers RRP $2.95.
Kooki U makeup storage tin RRP $8.95.

Kooki U are definitely a worthwhile investment for young starlets or those just wanting to experiment with cosmetics. The price range is pocket-friendly and on-par with budget-priced cosmetics available at chemists and supermarkets. The Kooki U brand is by far a superior product though for all of the reasons already mentioned above.

Our youngest child has been having an absolute ball with her Kooki U makeup collection! Our five year old daughter is no longer getting into my own cosmetics bag or that of her teenage sister. A huge relief to us both! We think Kooki U has a strong appeal and place in a market otherwise filled with more mature needs when it comes to skincare. 
What a gorgeous gift Kooki U would make for any child who has the performing streak!

Visit the Kooki U website to view the full range available. 

Australian owned and manufactured cosmetics especially for kids, tweens and teens.

*Disclosure: Products were gifted in exchange for this feature.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. This is fab! My girls do Physie but they also just love playing around with my make up for fun (as does my three year old son). I'll be checking this out, thanks!

  2. I do not necessarily like little girls using or wearing make up but when it's like this it seems fine. I am glad there is a safe range for kids. And that your make-up stays kiddie-free.
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 23/52.
    Next Week’s Optional Prompt: 24/52. The M-Z of Me. 11/6/18.
    Denyse x

  3. My niece would love these.


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