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LeapFrog New Releases For Kids Review and Win LeapFrog LeapPad Games!

Children learn through play and there's so much more to learn when kids play with LeapFrog educational devices. We've trusted LeapFrog to entertain and educate our own kids from the get-go, and these toys have well and truly proven their worth over the years within our family. They remain popular still, and with thanks to regular releases and updates from LeapFrog, they have remained current too. 

You may recall we recently reviewed the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate here on Six Little Hearts. This device especially for kids is not only extremely fun to engage with, it's also highly educational. A LeapPad is kid safe from the moment it's un-boxed and always offers children content that's age appropriate and packed with learning fun. 

Children can access over 1000 learning games, activities, videos, e-books and more via their LeapPad Ultimate tablet, ensuring the fun never stops. They're built tough to withstand the rigours of childhood and are able to stand up to hard knocks and drops, unlike fragile tablet PCs. With content that's been pre-approved by LeapFrog's learning experts, there's little for parents to worry about besides purchasing games. It's one of the best investments I think parents can make for their kids from the preschool years and beyond. 

The LeapPad Ultimate features kid-safe, protected web browsing and content approved by learning experts.
Kids can enjoy personalised learning with the Just For Me feature that records progress
and automatically adjusts learning levels.

For times when you're offline, it's always good to have a few game cartridges about to keep kids happy. The Disney Pixar Finding Dory: Mathmatical Memories game is one example of a fun, learning-oriented game for kids. Kids can use maths to help Dory find her home and assist her to put puzzle pieces together along the way. The game teaches addition, subtraction, counting, patterns, 2D and 3D shapes but kids won't notice the learning side!

 To insert a game cartridge, just load it into the dock on the side of the LeapPad.
Protect your LeapFrog LeapPad investment with a sturdy, purpose-designed case. Purchasing a case is essential to keep your child's LeapPad protected when not in use. This is designed to make travel easy and comes with a wrist strap attached. Normally these are sold separately but for a limited time at Big W and select toy retailers right now, (from June 18, 2018), you can score the LeapPad Ultimate tablet and case bundle for RRP $199! Available in Green or Pink.
The LeapFrog LeapPad is recommended for children aged 3-9 years.

Read our review of the amazing LeapFrog LeapStart here.
Remember our review of the LeapFrog LeapStart device recently? If you have a child who is just starting out learning to read, then this learning device comes highly recommended. You can find out more about this educational must-have by visiting our LeapStart review here.

Kids will love the new release books that work in conjunction with the LeapStart. The LeapStart Trolls Solve It All With Poppy and Branch Activity Book is a new hit around these parts with our youngest child. There are over 30 interactive activities to enjoy including dress-ups, music and art. There's stickers to play with too. Use with the LeapStart device to enjoy touch and talk features that enhance learning fun. 

Use the electronic pen inside the LeapFrog LeapStart to hear words, music and sound effects 
within this book.

For further information on these educational toys, please visit the LeapFrog website. 
Be sure to enter our giveaway below!


'Use gadgets, teamwork and problem-solving skills to help the PAW Patrol respond to a yelp for help.  Pick the right pup and tool to get past obstacles. Use Marshall’s ladder to climb or Chase’s net to move rocks. Choose the right pup and tool so each pup can use their special talents to get past the obstacles.   Join the pups on an adventure and learn basic words with regular short vowel and long vowel spelling patterns. Learn about short vowels, long vowels and sight words like 'are, have, also' and 'the.'  Learn to recognise and remember sight words as PAW Patrol finds and fixes Robo Dog.' 

'Get creative with Poppy, Brand and their Trolls friends and explore a variety of activities including scrapbooking, mixing colours, decorating cupcakes and more. 

Colour Mixing! Mix two colours to create new ones and go from primary to secondary to tertiary colours. Then use them in the colouring pages! Spend the day with the Trolls and use your imagination to scrapbook, create dress patterns, decorate cupcakes and more.
Patterns and Shapes! Use different shapes to create patterns to make dresses for Poppy to wear during a photo shoot.
Scrapbooking! Use your design skills to create scrapbook pages using stickers, borders and more, just like Poppy. The more you create, the more stickers you unlock!
Cupcake Decorating! Decorate cupcakes by completing the pictures at the Cupcakery. Then, deliver the cupcakes while learning to sort by shape and colour.'

WIN 1 of 2 LeapFrog LeapPad 
Game Packs* valued at $70 each!
Prize packs contain one each of the games listed above:
DreamWorks Trolls Learning Game and Paw Patrol. 
*Games work with most LeapPad models.
Please visit the links on the games above to check if they will work with yours.
Total prize pool: $139.80.
Promotion ends 14th July, 2018.

Complete the short entry form below to enter.
Entrants must leave a comment and their name within their comment box to enter this promotion.
Game of skill. Entries without names or comments will be disqualified.
Good luck!

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*Disclosure: Items featured in this review were gifted for our consideration.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.

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  1. My grandson turns 4 next month and will be a big brother in September, so this will keep him occupied and get him ready for school. He thinks he's going to grow a moustache when he becomes a big brother - such a little cutie :)

  2. I love that this is fun and educational which makes it so much easier to get my son excited about learning. This would give hours of entertainment for my little guy.
    Samara McRae

  3. My outdoorsy son would definitely still with this great device. It would make him feel proud as punch as he works out the activities.

  4. Miss 5 gets sooo upset when she can't read or add or draw what she can think to the point I have to send her to her room to calm down. The teacher and I have had discussions. We decided to trick her. She does NOT get upset when nobody is watching so by carefully planned teaching from a distance and getting her to be proud of her work we hope she will work through it. These look so fun and I bet she would adore one and hopefully learn along the way.

    1. Congratulations Natalie you're our first winner! Hope these games help.
      We'll be in touch shortly with details of your prize. :D

  5. Master 2 and miss 4 would love this they love learning and telling mum about it

  6. While Little Miss 5 watches her brothers play on their game machines, she loves to be included by sitting with a little Leap Frog Game she was given a few years ago and still plays with, this would really help her while they are all playing together

  7. my grandson cant go to school at the moment due to a medical issue so this would help keep him up to date with his peers

  8. great learning for little minds

  9. This clever leap frog leap pads are so tough, interactive and an ingenious way to teach kids without them even realising because they are having so much fun, that’s what I love when it comes to my kids
    Michelle Fay

  10. It would be so beneficial for them to be learn and develop their skills. Plus its's hours of entertainment when they're bored. Christina L

  11. Miss 3 has been disrupted by the arrival of her new brother and only wants help with her alphabet when I've got my hands full of newborn (or, worse, full of baby vomit). This Leap Frog Pad would be a great novelty for a girl who so fiercely wants to be independent, but still wants attention. I could watch over her shoulder as we sit on the lounge feeding her brother, and provide encouragement with the application without needing my hands.

  12. My grandson would love this prize, he is always asking his nanny for a leapfrog pad. Its a great game and educational as well.

  13. I'd love to win this for my son who watches useless things on his iPad at least Leapfrog makes screen time educational

  14. My 3 year old daughter loves her leappad. She is also a huge fan of paw patrol. What a great reward these games would be, and they are secretly educating her... a parents great dream!

  15. LeapFrog offers the best in learning for young children, I'd love to give this to my niece so she can learn in a fun, enjoyable way with LeapFrog.

  16. Mo son struggles with his concentration at school and gets bored easily, especially when working with pen and paper. A prize like this would be ideal for him as it would make fun learning and something that he could really get his teeth into. (Charlotte B)

  17. I would love this for my son. He really struggles with numbers, but he loves all things Paw Patrol, Dory & Trolls, so no doubt he'll do so much better when learning becomes this fun! (Melissa N)

  18. I love how LeapFrog LeapPad offers my child a fun interactive educational way to learn without easily getting bored.
    Kasey Evans

  19. Miss 6 already has a leap pad,
    But not many games does she have.
    I'd love to win and fill her wish,
    Of playing with Nemo, the cute little fish.
    Miss 6 earns her screen time doing chores,
    So these new games would be a treat she adores.
    Lynnette Bull

    1. Congratulations Lynette - our second winner. Your girl will love these games.
      Thanks for entering to everybody and keep watch as there's always more from this great brand in the pipeline. x

  20. Would help my children learn to read. Ij could get programs that focus on exactly what my children are struggling with. Being portable, its greaf to be able to take everywhere with us.

  21. Dee Susan JT:
    I'd love to win this amazing prize just in time for the one of my children's birthday in September to gift it as a present. Thank you.

  22. Like it or not technology is a big part of our world. Used correctly it can be a great learning tool, especially for those that can be difficult to engage. I work in a kindergarten room so I see it daily.

  23. My child loves her little leap pad and needs the extra help with Steven for a dad

  24. It would help me create a genius out of my granddaughter, or at the least, a happy, creative kid who thinks outside the square and enjoys thinking for herself. (Juanita Torr)

  25. This sounds like it would be perfect for both my kids. They love leap-frog products the ABC sounds on the fridge is a firm favourite with both of them.

  26. Technology is a huge part of kids learning in todays society. Leap-frog products are a world leading interactive product with a variety of ways of interacting with children of all age levels. Winning this prize would give my children a great start with there technology learning. With both my children at the stage of learning to read and write, Leap-frog leappad games would encourage my children to learn while having fun. With all there favourite characters, learning will be there new best friend.

  27. I love Leap Frog because they teach my son things while he plays and he doesn't realise it ;)

  28. My 2 yr old is learning numbers and alphabet and this would make his learning experience fun, exciting and very enjoyable.

    Veronica Christensen

  29. I'd love my children to have these. When my kids achieve something or have a win they are so proud. I love seeing that. My son has struggled with reading and I think the characters in these products are perfect for engagement, along with my constant encouragement and trying to make the experience fun and positive.

  30. My little Miss 3 is so independent and loves to copy her older siblings and other adults but when she's handed any other device I find she is just mindlessly watching videos. This would allow her to feel special having fun on a device of her own while I can have peace of mind knowing she's learning and safe at the same time. Such a perfect idea while her brain is so curious to learn about the world and take everything in.

    lexy H

  31. Master 3 is a busy bee
    always wondering why
    with a LeapPad Ultimate
    He can discover who, what, where, when & why
    and I can have a little shut eye

  32. This would be awesome for the long road trips for my little one. Educational and fun, what's not to love
    Sarah Ellwood

  33. My little man's in kindy, he is learning so, so much. I know he'd love these games, he is like a learning sponge!!

  34. I'm a little teacher
    short and stout (this is true!)
    Here is my leap frog (wishing)
    Here is my son.
    When it comes to learning
    it should be fun.
    So help this mum out,
    she wants one!

  35. These games sound fantastic for my miss nearly 5. It's become very clear recently that she WANTS to learn more, and learning through play is the best type of learning. She's a clever girl and I'd love for her to have these to keep her entertained and stimulated because I can see she's often bored at home and it makes me sad to see her not learning as much as she'd like to. Belinda Robins/Moxey

  36. It so important for children to learn and enjoy it. We leapfrog they learn and have fun at the same time. It makes learning enjoyable.


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