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New Learning Fun For Kids From VTech and A Toy Giveaway!

Kids and artistic pursuits just go together don't they? All children like to scribble and write from the time they can manage to grasp a pen or paint brush and it continues from there. Our daughter is a fine example of the hours of fun to be had participating in the leisurely art of drawing. One only needs to take a look at the floors in our home on any particular day when she's been at the task for just a few minutes. There's a perpetual mess of paper, markers, scissors and colouring books strewn everywhere by our young artist in our home. That scene alone speaks volumes on the topic! 

Having a tidier home (from my perspective alone), is just one reason why I am very appreciative of this latest toy from Vtech! The VTech DigiArt Creative Easel has just been released today (the 18th of June) at all Big W stores and leading retailers. If you're also a parent battling piles of paper art and craft around your home, you're going to be thrilled with the VTech DigiArt Creative Easel too. 
No more kid-mess - yeeHAH!

As the name suggests, the VTech DigiArt Creative Easel provides kids with endless hours of fun with either markers, chalk or the built-in digital pen which works like magic with the easel. Unlike a standard easel, the VTech DigiArt Creative Easel has tech working within to enhance your child's learning potential. Children can not only learn to draw but also master letters, numbers, phonics and shapes. (And not a single piece of paper shall be wasted in the process!)

While they're drawing, kids can enjoy the gentle classical music that flows from the easel to enhance the creative atmosphere.

The easy to use and eye-catching colourful panel invites kids to choose
which individual letters or numbers they would like to practice and then shows them how.

The VTech DigiArt Creative Easel used in conjunction with the included magic pen instructs young children
in the art of letter and number formation, stroke by stroke.
It teaches where and how to start and end both letters and numbers while also providing clear pronunciation.

The light-up whiteboard is a truly fun feature that kids will love. Don't forget you can actually draw on the whiteboard too! (We didn't have a suitable marker at the time these images were taken.) Have your child choose a letter to learn with the VTech technology on the easel, then invite them to illustrate their penmanship by drawing a series of objects that begin with their chosen letter. Just one of the endless fun ways to work with the technology embedded within this toy.

When your child wants something else to entertain them, there's a blackboard on the rear of the easel to instigate further play. Just slide the easel up and flip the surface over. It all transforms easily to keep busy minds and fingers, occupied. There's a tray at the base of the easel for holding chalk, markers and a duster. (Only chalk is included.) A damp cloth is really all you need to clean the easel after use.

The VTech DigiArt Creative Easel stands at over 100cm in height and is pictured here with our five year old. This is a 3-in-1 toy. For the very young, start-out by setting up the easel as a drawing table. (feature not shown here.) Whether your child prefers to draw at a table or easel, this toy is designed to be sturdy and fun for kids aged from three, up to the age of six.

The toy takes 4, AA batteries to operate and adult assembly is required. Please note the easel is recommended for indoor use only due to its technology and is featured here outdoors for illustration purposes only. Full instructions are included.
The VTech DigiArt Creative Easel is RRP $89.95 and it's available at Big W and all good toy retailers right now. A hit prediction with all kids!

...And yes, you can control the volume and enjoy peace of mind with the automatic battery shut-off!

For kids aged 1-5 years, the new VTech Toot-Toot Animals, Animal Boat will bring smiles to cute little faces. This boat is part of a larger series of play sets which all connect together to create a world. Playing with the Toot-Toot Animals, Animal Boat will give your child plenty of practice in language development, motor skills and imaginative play.

Included are six roly-poly animals who together with Smart Point technology, work to bring about different phrases, music or sound effects as your child plays. There are over 50 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases, as well as light up buttons to teach colour and weather concepts included in this toy.

There are lots of fun features to explore like the animal counting tunnel and the push button observation deck which scatters the animals via the trapdoor. For younger kids, there's motor skill building features including turning life rings, an open and close window, spinning rudder and turning star. There is also a motion sensor which plays fun sounds when the toy is pushed along.

Light-up buttons introduce your child to weather, colours and music.
The Toot-Toot Animals, Animal Boat requires 3, AA batteries to operate. It also features volume control and an automatic switch-off function. All parts store neatly within the boat to keep them safe and tidy. The Toot-Toot Animal Boat is available now at BIG W and leading toy retailers for RRP $39.95. Suitable for kids aged 1-5 years. Find out more about VTech toys on their website.

WIN a VTech Toot-Toot Animals Boat 
worth $39.95
and 3 Toot-Toot Animals 
valued at $11.95 each.
Total prize pool $76
Promotion ends July 13th, 2018.

Just fill out the short competition form below.
Entrants must leave a comment and their name within their comment box to enter this giveaway. Game of skill. Entries without names or comments will be disqualified.
Good luck!

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*Disclosure: Featured items were gifted for our consideration.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. These toys would provide hours and hours of creative educational entertainment!


  2. With a new bub due in September, this would keep my eldest grandson amused for hours while Mumzee is busy with a newborn

  3. My daughter is really into her creative play at the moment . Making voices for different characters and creating different situations . These toys would be perfect for her to expand her creativity and have lots of fun doing so.

  4. With buttons, music and gadgets galore,
    This will keep my son busy until he turns four!,
    It’s educational and promotes imaginative play too,
    It’s sounds like so much fun...Mummy wants one too!
    Leisa Sandles

  5. So we can Toot Toot the day away!

  6. My youngest, Felix is OBSESSED with drawing, learning, buttons and anything that makes noise. This would be a perfect prize for him to continue his 'school' game with his siblings and I - where he's the teacher and we're all students.
    Becky Hopkins

  7. I would love to win for my nephew they are expecting their first child in August, the prize would provide hours of educational and creative fun

  8. My outdoorsy son would actually be interested in sitting still for a while with these great toys. Jody Smith

  9. Our little Rockstar is starting to have play dates with his little cousin's..toy's that are interactive and fun would be ahhhmazing for them to play with please and keep us parent's amused too

  10. Think mr 2 and miss 4 would get so much enjoyment from this along with my nieces and nephews

  11. Mine are out of this age group, but they look like awesome toys.

  12. to see smiles a mile wide on my grand kids faces

  13. This would bring hours and hours of fun for both my kiddies with different features to suit different ages. So much fun learning.
    Samara McRae

  14. this looks like great fun and not much mess

  15. You are on your way to London now...and I for one am excited for you. Happy holiday.

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt 26/52 is Thank a Teacher.

  16. I would love to win this for my daughter so she may let out home be a Wiggle Free zone for at least 24 hours...we are all wiggled out!!
    Simone Kohli

  17. Even though my girls are a little older, they would still enjoy playing with this, and backing up their learning too. If i won it though I'd probably put it in the toy area at the gym so the kids there could use it while their older siblings did gymnastics :)

  18. What a fantastic prize. Both my kids are starting to learn to read and write. Vtech have great interactive toys for the kids to keep them entertained for hours as well as teaching them to learn at the same time. I would dare say if i won i would have to buy another for the other one. But having the boat vtech toy as well, may just be the winner for my massive boaty fan. Loves fishing and boating and dont forget the camping. Kinda like BCF. Being so functionally be perfect to take away camping, to keep the kids entertained.

  19. My almost 1 year old and 5 year old are both massive vtech fans. Their toys are so education but fun at the same time which is win win for kids and parents. This prize would be an awesome addition for my kids thanks for the opportunity.
    Shayne Greening

  20. Miss 3, who so fiercely wants to be both independent and entertained, is a little put out by her newborn brother. More specifically, the amount of time mum is stuck on the lounge feeding and unable to do things that require two hands. I love the look of this toy because it seems highly interactive and (a bonus) gender neutral... meaning I could convince Miss 3 to show her brother how it operates while I'm actually occupied with feeding. A trick, sure, but an educational and rewarding one - right?! :-)

    1. Congrats Amelia! Hope this makes breastfeeding easier. Your kids will have a ball with this! Will be in touch with prize details shortly.
      Thank you to all who entered.

  21. Dee Susan JT:
    I'd love to win this amazing prize just in time for the one of my children's birthday in August to hift it as a present. Thank you.

  22. What an awesomoe prize. V-Tech really know how to make kids toys that are bright, colourful and noises. Just what all kids love. My little man loves boats. The V-Tech boat is a winner with my little man. Its educational and bright.

  23. Just the other day my two year old started to recite numbers. Hearing her little voice learning is magic! We'd love to play with the Vtech boats counting slide and explore every others feature. I looking forward to seeing what my development my kids can amaze me with each and everyday.

  24. Animal mad in our household, this prize pack would be fantastic for entertaining the kids with creative learning play
    Sarah Ellwood

  25. V-Tech is the key to children's inner creativity, giving an avenue to explore with colour, with sound, with FUN! Sound to DANCE to, COLOUR to DRAW with, numbers to LEARN! You hit two birds with one stone, a prize that would be put to great use in my household!

  26. My 2-year-old is a little sponge, spouting numbers, letter, shapes & colours and loves drawing. He'd love it!

  27. Hello Jodi, Thanks for sharing an excellent post. I really really love it. It's true that educational toys for toddlers are so much important for the kid's mental development.


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