Sunday, 1 July 2018

The Aussie Giveaway Linkup July 2018. Greetings From London!

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Currently I am holidaying in London! 

After 18 long years of raising six children, I felt it was time to break-free of the mummy shackles and spend some time fulfilling a lifelong desire - to visit the UK. If things have been quiet around here, now you know why! I will be back in the seat after the first week of July. Obviously I will be checking in here and there, but there may be a small delay drawing recent comps that end within this time frame. Please be patient while I get back on track once I arrive home.

In the meantime, do visit our Six Little Hearts Facebook page as there will be several scheduled flash giveaways for our readers there. Also pop over to our Instagram account to check out our UK pictures too! In the meantime, feel free to comment as usual on our website or social accounts. 
Collaboration and media enquiries are more than welcome as always. 

Have you been to London? Are you planning a trip to the UK? Here's a sweet post with special 'London feels' we ran here back in 2015. If you have young kids who travel frequently, this lovely toy will certainly be cherished!

Stay tuned for some great giveaways planned here this month, as well as reviews of products we love.

Australian bloggers are welcome (and encouraged!) to link up their giveaway posts and readers can enjoy the spoils - feel free to enter whatever you please and best of luck!

All links added here will display across our websites for maximum exposure. Do make sure you return every few days to see what's been added to the exciting list of prizes below as it grows daily.

Please pop over to Agent Mystery Case to meet your hosts and familiarise yourself with the guidelines for linking and entering. Plus, make sure you stay on top of your game by following the Aussie Giveaway Club on Facebook.

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Have a great month! 


  1. Enjoy your well deserved holiday in the UK. I have been checking out your photos on Instagram and it all looks so amazing!


    1. We had wonderful time thank you! Sorry to say I am home again now. Planning a return trip next June!

  2. It made me very happy to see your photos and how much you enjoyed visiting England.
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt is What Is Courage? 29/52 Denyse

  3. With all you've been through lately, I can't keep up with you! How fantastic it was to follow you on holiday! I would love to travel overseas, Spain is in my sights.


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